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Apocalypse & Armageddon

Embracing “Abyss”: Prospect of a nuclear strike, doomsday bunkers and the “New California”

Embracing "Abyss": Prospect of a nuclear strike, doomsday bunkers and the "New California" 1

World powers are now “embracing” the abyss and the current position of the Kremlin leaves no doubt as to what will happen if Sweden (and Finland at present seems certain) joins NATO. Russia’s attack on the latter, at best with conventional forces and at worst with regular nuclear weapons with NATO probably responding in the same way.

And then there will be a second Russian nuclear strike on the countries that will drop nuclear weapons on Russia, within minutes of the launch of NATO nuclear weapons.

After decades, Finland is expected to relinquish its status of “strategic neutrality”, join NATO and of course, its weapons. As a Russian neighbor, this makes it a No. 1 target. Finland’s accession to NATO is not a “red line” for Russia, as it was for Ukraine: They claim it is a casus belli. 

As Russia does not have the necessary human resources, the answer may come with regular nuclear weapons. What will be the format of this answer? Nobody knows.

They may use nuclear explosions near the ground and cause human losses, or at a great height from the ground to destroy with electromagnetic pulses any electrical device or installation, thus fast backward any city such as Helsinki to the 19th century.

But what is certain, as it is now transmitted from Moscow, is that they will respond.

Can they launch an initial conventional military operation? Not likely.

Russia does not have large conventional forces on the vast Russian-Finnish border.

A second front can not be opened after Ukraine, against the NATO forces.

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A week ago and according to the Russian Ministry of Defense, a nuclear strike was simulated by Iskander-M ballistic systems stationed in Kaliningrad.

From there, Russia could hit Poland, Sweden, the Baltic states and Berlin. The Russian Ministry of Defense announced for the first time tests of nuclear attack by NATO countries:

“Russia launches virtual Iskander mobile ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads near Russia’s borders with EU members Lithuania and Poland,” the statement said.

“Russian forces have been trained in single and multiple strikes against targets such as missile systems, airports, defense infrastructure, military equipment and command posts.

The units involved also carried out “operations in conditions of high radioactivity and chemical contamination”.

Never before has Russia announced that it is considering carrying out a nuclear strike in the heart of Europe.

In 2000, Russia developed the doctrine of “limited nuclear use” into a large-scale non-nuclear attack.

In the new military doctrine of the Russian Federation, there are now four cases of use of nuclear weapons:

  • a similar intensity to the war in Chechnya,
  • local, such as the 2008 campaign in Georgia,
  • regional, such as Finland
  • global

Moscow has now included the limited use of nuclear weapons not only in the fourth but also in the third level of the conflict.

Its aim is to force the adversary to stop hostilities that have already begun with the threat of further nuclear escalation.

Such a conflict always runs the risk of turning into a full-fledged nuclear war. This will be a catastrophic scenario for everyone.

Finland’s doomsday bunkers

In case of war the Russians could initiate overwhelming strikes, most likely with nuclear weapons, which could flatten much of the Nordic country.

Contrary to the misconception of many, in these cases the first target is the large administrative decision-making centers, ie the capitals.

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The Finnish government seems to have been preparing its citizens psychologically for some time now for the possibility of their country being hit by nuclear missiles.

This is how a nuclear shelter that has existed for years has been “advertised”.

“City under the city” , the journalist states very aptly in the following report.

And indeed the large shelter below Helsinki is able to accommodate for a long time a population that even surpasses that of the Finnish capital, even providing some modern comforts.

The question is whether Russia which is only a few hundred kilometers east of them will be able to use nuclear weapons.

Golden passports and Portugal

The elite will use their “golden passports” to flee their countries and leave us all in the face of a nuclear war. Especially for this, special programs have been created and even entire underground cities – “doomsday bomb shelters”.

Did you think that the super rich would just sit and get covered in radioactive ash along with everyone else? Of course not, like you, they see where things are going. Many of them are feverishly developing contingency plans.

Before everything finally blows to pieces, they will simply get on private jets and fly to well-prepared complexes in wealthy enclaves on the other side of the planet. Needless to say, the vast majority of the world’s inhabitants will not have this opportunity.

If you have enough money, you can literally buy a residence permit in a remote country with a luxury asylum assigned. If you’re willing to shell out enough money, there are over a dozen countries that will allow you to purchase a “golden passport”.

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More than a dozen countries offer so-called “golden passports” that allow wealthy foreigners to get all the “essential services” in exchange for a “round” sum. The most expensive programs range from $1.1 million in Malta to $9.5 million in Austria, according to Forbes.

Such things are not for ordinary millionaires. According to one CEO interviewed by Insider, those looking for a “golden passport” typically have a net worth of at least $50 million:

Reaz Jafri, CEO of Dasein Advisors, said he has received more inquiries from Americans and Russians in the past three years than in the previous 20 years combined. Jafri says his American and Russian clients are often in tech, real estate, cryptocurrencies, or high-ranking officials, and are worth between $50 million and $20 billion.

Can you guess which “golden passport” is the most popular? It is surprising, but Portugal is the leader in this “business”:

Two firms interviewed by Insider said Portugal’s “special program” is the most sought-after program among US and Russian investors. The Portuguese Golden Passport is valid for a year and requires a minimum investment of just over $200,000.

Because of the great weather, the beaches and all the rich people who move there, Portugal is called the “new California”. Thus, while tens of millions of ordinary citizens will face war in the coming years, members of the super-rich elite will enjoy the sun in Lisbon.

Since the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine, Vladimir Putin has threatened the UK and its allies with a “lightning” response. It remains to see whether Moscow will ever use its nuclear arsenal.


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