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Elon Musk said the Americans did not fly to the moon in 1969

To this day, many people in the world doubt that American astronauts visited the lunar surface in 1969. Scientists and researchers of different directions tried to draw public attention to various inconsistencies in the mission, but all this did not rise to an official level. But, if their idle speculation does not go beyond ordinary conversations, then Elon Musk recently publicly announced his doubts.

The billionaire provides some evidence that seems logical at first glance. First, a record one and a half hundred billion dollars were needed to fly the Moon. Musk assures that even today it is incredibly difficult to find this amount of money for the space program.

The second reason was the technical side of the matter. Musk still cannot understand how exactly the specialists managed to take astronauts not only into space, but also to land them on the lunar surface. There are still no technologies to do this.

The fact is that the Apollo mission in a simplified form proceeded as follows: a heavy rocket delivered a descent module with astronauts to the moon, then the same module was launched from the lunar surface, docked with the spacecraft and returned to Earth. Elon Musk draws attention to the fact that even the presence of modern technologies does not allow SpaceX to create normal flying vehicles.

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It can, of course, be assumed that the specialists of the past were more successful and quick-witted than the modern ones. On the other hand, the designers of the last century could not destroy all their fantastically successful developments, which are of strategic importance for the country. 

If it is hard to believe in this then, where is the truth? Is Elon Musk right?


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