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Elon Musk promised to start microchipping people in a year

Elon Musk promised to start microchipping people in a year 1

Entrepreneur Ilon Musk said that his company Neuralink is ready to introduce a chip in the human brain in the near future. He talked about this during a podcast on the YouTube channel of Joe Rogan.

According to him, work on creating an implant will be completed within a year, which will allow patients to restore their vision, hearing or mobility of their extremities lost due to brain damage. “In principle, the chip can fix everything that’s wrong with the brain,” he said, noting that there is still a lot of work in this direction.

The billionaire explained that the implant is placed under the bones of the skull, connected to the brain using electrodes and begins to perform the functions of the human organ.

The founder of SpaceX and Tesla Motors, Elon Musk, created Neuralink in 2016. The company is developing the technology of “neural lace”, which involves the implantation of electrodes in the brain. It is assumed that this method will allow to treat some diseases, including epilepsy or paralysis, and in the future, people will be able to upload and download their thoughts from a computer.


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Science & Technology

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