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Egregors of past? The first catalog of entities from hyperspace is being compiled by scientists with the help of AI

Egregors of past? The first catalog of entities from hyperspace is being compiled by scientists with the help of AI 1
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Back in 2020, an online survey of 2,561 people who had ever used DMT found that the sensations during the “session” and its effects on the psyche are similar to those of religious revelations and the impressions of alien abduction, according to the Journal of Psychopharmacology. DMT’s use often causes visions of “entities” – elves, dwarves, gods and other animated beings, which are often difficult to describe. 

“Entities” often resemble characters in stories of religious revelations or alien abductions (perhaps even from other universes and dimensions), and reactions to their appearance include a feeling of enlightenment. Numerous descriptions of DMT “trips” testify to this, but they were practically not systematized before.

And now veteran psychedelic researcher affiliated with the Interdisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), David Jay Brown, has teamed up with artist Sarah Finn to catalog these entities in a new field guide, a similar guide to interdimensional cryptozoology.

As interest in the once obscure drug grows among scientists and becomes more accessible due to its popularity, Brown and Finn set about collecting user reports of their sightings of various extradimensional entities. Some of these DMT entity reports have come from such serious and respectable places as the University of New Mexico, Johns Hopkins University, Imperial College London.

A new report from the Center for Psychedelic Research at Imperial College London on ‘enhanced’ DMT travel says that the new drug technology allows you to stay ‘in hyperspace’ for up to 10 minutes of real time, although people who have used DMT have personally felt their experience lasted years and even centuries. 

Historically, the first psychedelics were rediscovered in the 1930s with the synthesis of LSD and then, a few years later, DMT. In reality, people have been using these and similar substances for centuries, if not millennia, but the officials traditionally considered everything seen by psychedelic travelers as “hallucinations” and did not attach much importance to them. 

Unlike the US military and adherents from the Third Reich, who treated the issue in an adult way, the boom in these studies of the military was in the 1960s, after which the topic was officially covered up and they began to actively fight against citizens who took psychedelics in private. Some were even put in shackles so that they would not drag magic pills into their mouths. Although now, as we see, the fad is returning and the topic will be actively explored again. 

There is really a lot to explore there. So, if you take any decent Hollywood movie like The Matrix, Aliens or Predator, it turns out that the concepts for digital scenery were drawn by people who were high, the authors of the script and even computer graphics specialists have nothing to do with these wonderful landscapes.

The biggest problem for psychedelic travel virtuosos is to draw or retell what they saw, because during the moments of taking psychedelics, the brain works to its fullest and upon returning back with 2% of the base brain activity, it is quite difficult to interpret experiences. Sarah Finn, mentioned in the article, uses Artificial Intelligence for interpretation, which more or less correctly draws the worlds visited by the artist. 

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Most likely, these worlds really exist somewhere, since the same hallucinations cannot be experienced by different people. And this is a topic, of course, for research, which in the future will allow us to try to drag a lot of things into our familiar world. David Brown, in an interview with, expresses a timid hope that maybe these fabulous creatures from hyperspace will prompt an incredible level of technology to humanity. 

The US military, having taken up the topic of LSD in the 1950s, officially closed the topic, they probably didn’t really stop research, and most likely extraterrestrials from the warp gave them some cool devices. 

It is even more likely that various secret societies sent messengers into the immaterium a thousand or more years ago, and each time they brought something interesting. Therefore, the general knowledge base of Vatican may be larger than the knowledge base in the Pentagon itself. 


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