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Ebola Virus; Hegelian Dialectic for the New World Order

Ebola Virus; Hegelian Dialectic for the New World Order 5


Is the Ebola virus outbreak being used as a tool for the New World Order? It would seem so. If Ebola was created in a lab (manufactured problem), to create a reaction (viral outbreak in targeted areas), and now the US is sending thousands of military troops to swoop in as the saviors (solution), then the agenda is becoming clear.

Doesn’t it seem obvious where this is leading? If you examine all the examples in the past of how they have used crisis as an opportunity for their agendas then this situation is another clear example in the making.

“You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” – Rahm Emanuel

Problem – Reaction – Solution

Let’s examine some of where this has come from and what’s currently happening.



US to send 3,000 troops to Africa to fight… Ebola crisis

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Ebola Virus; Hegelian Dialectic for the New World Order 6

Out of 5,000 people infected by Ebola in West Africa, 2,500 have died of the virus, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Tuesday. To combat the situation, the US announced it would send thousands of military personnel to the region.

In a short speech given at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), President Barack Obama announced what he called “the largest international response in the history of the CDC.” The president said that although the possibility of an Ebola outbreak in the United States is “extremely low,” the epidemic is “spiraling out of control” in West Africa and requires a strong response.

“If outbreak doesn’t stop now, we could be looking at hundreds of thousands of people being infected,” Obama said.

The president’s statement echoed that of WHO Assistant Director General Bruce Aylward, who earlier in the day said, “Quite frankly, ladies and gentlemen, this health crisis were facing is unparalleled in modern times.” Announcing the number of deaths and people threatened by the virus, Aylward said, “we don’t know where the numbers are going on this.”

Speaking at a news conference in Geneva, the WHO official said a previous forecast of up to 20,000 cases “does not seem like a lot today,” adding that numbers can be kept in the “tens of thousands” if there is a much faster response to the outbreak.

The US, meanwhile, has announced it is aiming to get the situation under control in West Africa, and is sending troops to the area.


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Obama: U.S. ready to take the lead in Ebola fight

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After an in-person briefing from the staff at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, President Barack Obama on Tuesday announced a “major increase” in the U.S. response to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

The United States will send troops, material to build field hospitals, additional health care workers, community care kits and badly needed medical supplies.

Countless taxis filled with families worried they’ve become infected with Ebola currently crisscross Monrovia in search of help.

“Today, there is not one single bed available for the treatment of an Ebola patient in the entire country of Liberia,” said Margaret Chan, the World Health Organization’s director-general.

“As soon as a new Ebola treatment facility is opened, it immediately fills to overflowing with patients,” the WHO said.

Hospitals and clinics in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone — the countries hit hardest by the outbreak — are overwhelmed by what the WHO is calling the deadliest Ebola outbreak in history.

The virus has killed at least 2,400 people, and thousands more are infected. And there are now cases in Nigeria and Senegal.

“The number of new cases is increasing exponentially,” the WHO said, calling the situation a “dire emergency with … unprecedented dimensions of human suffering.”

“Men and women and children are just sitting, waiting to die right now,” Obama said.

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US Department of Defence (USAMRIID) & Tulane University Released This Bioengineered Airborne Ebola/Lassa Hybrid in Sierra Leone

The primary Ebola strain being spread right now (as their are 2) was bioengineered by the US Department of Defense (via USAMRIID) & Tulane University with the knowledge/help from pharma/biotech giants such as Monsanto, Alnylam, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Merck, Pfizer and a much smaller pharma company based out of Canada called Tekmira. A known Ebola strain from Central-Africa was used as the base, and was bioengeneered to become a new hybrid respiratory illness (a combination of Ebola Virus & Lassa Hemorrhagic Fever, weaponized via Tulane University & USAMRIID at Fort Detrick) making it become a genetic variant of the original strain. This bioengineered hybrid allowed for airborne human-to-human transmission, an extended incubation period (to increase spread/threat), and a slightly toned down virility (to have the ideal initial wanted mortality rate (~40%)).

Ebola (EBOV) – Human-to-human transmission occurs via direct contact with blood or bodily fluids from an infected person (including embalming of an infected dead person) or by contact with contaminated medical equipment, particularly needles and syringes.

[link to]

Lassa (LASV) – Inhalation of tiny particles of infective material (aerosol) is believed to be the most significant means of exposure.

[link to]

Ebola/Lassa (EBOV/LASV) – Human-to-human transmission occurs via direct contact with blood or bodily fluids AND/ORInhalation of tiny particles of infective material (aerosol) from an infected person (including embalming of an infected dead person) or by contact with contaminated medical equipment, particularly needles and syringes.

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Ebola Virus was chosen as the base virus for the hybrid due to its high mortality rate and other ideal bio-warfare properties.


(Note: There are a ton of links to explore)

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Ebola Virus; Hegelian Dialectic for the New World Order 7

Is Ebola Airborne? You Bet It Is!

Hello, Jeff – I was reading the article below and had to comment. So, I picked out the first part and it IS airborne…in the same manner as is TB. The pathogen iS in the fluids and gets expelled into the air when an infected person coughs, sneezes etc.

It will probably mutate and be able to live outside the body. This too, in the same manner as TB. Just as the police got infected with TB in their cruisers after those who were arrested and rode in the cruiser were taken to the police station. We see this spread in police stations, cars, school classrooms etc.

Now the $64,000 question. Why are the politicians and policy makers not talking about an airborne mutation? That is easy and it is not so much not wanting to yell ’Fire’ in a crowded movie as it is to keep the economy going and the money coming in. The politicians are hoping the virus doesn’t get “found out” aka go obviously airborne which anyone watching the situation in Africa knows it already is in the air. In short, greed, keep the secret a little longer and rake in money.

I also notice that 4th doctor (Nebraska) has been getting better (miraculously) and I think and am quite sure that he was given ZMapp. They are not saying as the people in Africa would be insulted by such double standards.

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We have the 5th one, doctor from WHO in Emory, Atlanta, Ga. Bet the farm we will hear he or she is miraculously getting better. If you go by the percentages we should have had at least one maybe two deaths among the 5. So, it appears they are beating the odds or they are getting ZMapp. I don’t put any faith in vaccines. A vaccine won’t cure Ebola. What a vaccine may do is make it worse, i.e. spread it further.

If we cannot stop this outbreak in Africa it will infect the world. If it ever gets to China or IndoChina and India we are doomed. We know that Reston Ebola is now in the Philippines and had proven to infected pigs. The experiment in which macaques were infected and kept in cages across the room from pigs and then all of the pigs got infected is proof positive 1. it can go airborne and 2 transmit quite readily between species.

We still don’t know what animal is the true reservoir. It is not primates as they die when infected. It is an animal, probably one that lives near and on rivers as the Ebola outbreaks seem to start near a river. This last outbreak started near the Moa river in Guinea. The virus gets its name from the Ebola river where it first emerged in 1976. I was hoping to go to africa as a volunteer and help with the animal work and research. We must stop it in its tracks in Africa. Imagine if it gets into crowded slums in Brazil? India (India has very little sanitation aka indoor plumbing in many areas of the country. This is why we still have cases of Polio there, and in Pakistan, parts of Africa. Jeff, this is really bad and I don’t have a good feeling i.e. that this will end anytime soon.

Virologists may not be publicly talking about the possibility that the Ebola virus could someday mutate into an airborne strain, writes Michael T Osterholm in the New York Times, but it’s something they are “definitely considering in private.”

The director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota says that the virus – which currently can only be transmitted through contact with bodily fluids – has proven to be “notoriously sloppy in replicating”, which increases the chances that it could turn into something more contagious.

“Why are public officials afraid to discuss this?” he asks. “They don’t want to be accused of screaming ’fire!’ in a crowded theatre – as I’m sure some will accuse me of doing. But the risk is real, and until we consider it, the world will not be prepared to do what is necessary to end the epidemic.”


Virologist: ‘It’s Too Late, Ebola Will Kill 5 Million’

A top German virologist has caused shockwaves by asserting that it’s too late to halt the spread of Ebola in Sierra Leone and Liberia and that five million people will die, noting that efforts should now be focused on stopping the transmission of the virus to other countries.

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Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit of the Bernhard Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine in Hamburg told Germany’s Deutsche Welle that hope is all but lost for the inhabitants of Sierra Leone and Liberia and that the virus will only “burn itself out” when it has infected the entire population and killed five million people.

“The right time to get this epidemic under control in these countries has been missed,” said Schmidt-Chanasit. “That time was May and June. “Now it is too late.”

The current Ebola outbreak in West Africa has killed over 2200 people, with Liberia and Sierra Leone accounting for over 1700 of those fatalities.

While calling for “massive help” from the international community to prevent Ebola appearing in other countries like Nigeria and Senegal, Schmidt-Chanasit warns that getting a grip on the epidemic in Liberia and Sierra Leone is a departure from reality.

German aid organization Welthungerhilfe blasted Schmidt-Chanasit for his comments, with Sierra Leone based coordinator Jochen Moninger labeling his statements, “dangerous and moreover, not correct.” However, Moninger acknowledged that Schmidt-Chanasit’s assessment may be accurate in the case of Liberia.



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Mathematical Model Shows How Ebola Will Spread: “Worse Case Scenario… An Extinction Event”

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NY Times: What We’re Afraid to Say About Ebola

The Ebola epidemic in West Africa has the potential to alter history as much as any plague has ever done.

There have been more than 4,300 cases and 2,300 deaths over the past six months. Last week, the World Health Organization warned that, by early October, there may be thousands of new cases per week in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea and Nigeria. What is not getting said publicly, despite briefings and discussions in the inner circles of the world’s public health agencies, is that we are in totally uncharted waters and that Mother Nature is the only force in charge of the crisis at this time.

There are two possible future chapters to this story that should keep us up at night.

The first possibility is that the Ebola virus spreads from West Africa to megacities in other regions of the developing world. This outbreak is very different from the 19 that have occurred in Africa over the past 40 years. It is much easier to control Ebola infections in isolated villages. But there has been a 300 percent increase in Africa’s population over the last four decades, much of it in large city slums. What happens when an infected person yet to become ill travels by plane to Lagos, Nairobi, Kinshasa or Mogadishu — or even Karachi, Jakarta, Mexico City or Dhaka?

The second possibility is one that virologists are loath to discuss openly but are definitely considering in private: that an Ebola virus could mutate to become transmissible through the air. You can now get Ebola only through direct contact with bodily fluids. But viruses like Ebola are notoriously sloppy in replicating, meaning the virus entering one person may be genetically different from the virus entering the next. The current Ebola virus’s hyper-evolution is unprecedented; there has been more human-to-human transmission in the past four months than most likely occurred in the last 500 to 1,000 years. Each new infection represents trillions of throws of the genetic dice.

If certain mutations occurred, it would mean that just breathing would put one at risk of contracting Ebola. Infections could spread quickly to every part of the globe, as the H1N1 influenza virus did in 2009, after its birth in Mexico.

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Why are public officials afraid to discuss this? They don’t want to be accused of screaming “Fire!” in a crowded theater — as I’m sure some will accuse me of doing. But the risk is real, and until we consider it, the world will not be prepared to do what is necessary to end the epidemic.

In 2012, a team of Canadian researchers proved that Ebola Zaire, the same virus that is causing the West Africa outbreak, could be transmitted by the respiratory route from pigs to monkeys, both of whose lungs are very similar to those of humans. Richard Preston’s 1994 best seller “The Hot Zone” chronicled a 1989 outbreak of a different strain, Ebola Reston virus, among monkeys at a quarantine station near Washington. The virus was transmitted through breathing, and the outbreak ended only when all the monkeys were euthanized. We must consider that such transmissions could happen between humans, if the virus mutates.

Long before Ebola infects or kills any significant number of people, it will destroy the world’s economies.

First, we need someone to take over the position of “command and control.” The United Nations is the only international organization that can direct the immense amount of medical, public health and humanitarian aid that must come from many different countries and nongovernmental groups to smother this epidemic. Thus far it has played at best a collaborating role, and with everyone in charge, no one is in charge.

A Security Council resolution could give the United Nations total responsibility for controlling the outbreak, while respecting West African nations’ sovereignty as much as possible. The United Nations could, for instance, secure aircraft and landing rights. Many private airlines are refusing to fly into the affected countries, making it very difficult to deploy critical supplies and personnel. The Group of 7 countries’ military air and ground support must be brought in to ensure supply chains for medical and infection-control products, as well as food and water for quarantined areas.

The United Nations should provide whatever number of beds are needed; the World Health Organization has recommended 1,500, but we may need thousands more. It should also coordinate the recruitment and training around the world of medical and nursing staff, in particular by bringing in local residents who have survived Ebola, and are no longer at risk of infection. Many countries are pledging medical resources, but donations will not result in an effective treatment system if no single group is responsible for coordinating them.

Finally, we have to remember that Ebola isn’t West Africa’s only problem. Tens of thousands die there each year from diseases like AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis. Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea have among the highest maternal mortality rates in the world. Because people are now too afraid of contracting Ebola to go to the hospital, very few are getting basic medical care. In addition, many health care workers have been infected with Ebola, and more than 120 have died. Liberia has only 250 doctors left, for a population of four million.

This is about humanitarianism and self-interest. If we wait for vaccines and new drugs to arrive to end the Ebola epidemic, instead of taking major action now, we risk the disease’s reaching from West Africa to our own backyards.


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