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Easy-To-Install Inflatable Dams Can Protect Your Home Against Flooding

Easy-To-Install Inflatable Dams Can Protect Your Home Against Flooding 1

By Mayuk Saha

Whenever there is a huge storm or flood, we all hear statistics of deaths, loss of property and whatnot. But at the end of the day, the regular man who has survived has to worry about one basic thing: the damned water inside his house.

There is no way you can stop that water from seeping inside your house and causing not only a mess, but also cause risky situations like electric outages and short circuits.

And given the state of climate nowadays, these things are getting more and more common.

Only a few days ago America faced hurricane Harvey, which left quite the wake after itself.

Also, another bigger storm hit the west coast of the US and showed its fury all over the Philippines, the Marshall Islands, Guam and Hong Kong. It was christened Mangkhut, which also entered the Merriam Webster dictionary.

So, what can one do, as an affordable, convenient, easy-to-use solution?

Well, the Irish seem to have made some progress in this matter. The solution they have come up with, is an easy-to-use, small, affordable, inflatable, portable dam.

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This will guard your doors, not allowing the flood water to enter in and cause the damages that we mentioned above. You can order this handy device online exclusively on their website.

So, now that we have piqued your curiosity, let’s see how it works:

First, the dam has to be appropriately positioned right at your doorway, so that it fits. It comes with a ratchet lever on the side, to help you do it. If your door is bigger than it, you can use this ratchet lever to extend it to a to-fit size.

It has a seal and an air gauge, which you need to be careful about. After fitting the installation on your doorway, you need to make sure the seal is fixed till the air gauge is in the green zone, as shown in its indicator, which is much like a barometer.

This will cause quite the amount of air to be trapped inside the dam. This can potentially cause explosions in the dam and must be released. This is also arranged for in the small nifty contraption.

This Dam comes with an air-retention valve, much like a swim bladder of a fish. After the air gauge has been made to get into the green, closing the air retention valve will ensure the form of the dam is retained and the extra air inside it is securely held in the valve.

This will cause the system to be watertight.

The company also provides extensions, for the dams to be fitted together in a chain-like system for bigger entrances and gateways to be protected.

Security panels can also be added to the dam system for it to be a better contraption against water. These also makes the dams totally immovable and secure, making them safe against vandals.

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This device which will give you much needed peace of mind comes at a price of $800, and is portable, which is always something handy.

Will you buy it if there was a flood forecast in your locality?

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