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Earth’s climate is cyclical – a new ice age is approaching

Earth's climate is cyclical - a new ice age is approaching 1

This interview with Professor Plimer was in response to a study by the University of Cardiff that the melting of icebergs in Antarctica could actually trigger an ice age. Professor Plimer debunks alarmist rhetoric and exposes hypocrisy.

“There are cycles,” says Professor Plimer. “It’s okay to have cycles … we are approaching the end of the warm season. The peak heat has been around 5000 years and we are heading for the next inevitable ice age.”

“Now, I know it will be Tuesday, I just don’t know which Tuesday.”

“For you, the thought that you can really control what is happening on the planet means that you have an ego that is incommensurate with your knowledge.”

Each ice age began when we had more CO2 in our atmosphere than we do now. What about carbon dioxide?

According to Plimer, we had six major ice ages interspersed with warming, and “each ice age began when there was more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than there is now.”

When it comes to today’s warmth, “using the word ‘unprecedented’ means you have erased history and geology from your knowledge.”

“And using the word ‘climate emergency’ means you know absolutely nothing about the past.”

“Unprecedented now means it hasn’t happened in the last 20 years instead of the last 5,000 or 6,000 years,” the host says jokingly.

Bermuda and Guam break records for low temperatures

Bermuda and Guam are islands separated by more than 14,000 km, but both islands experienced record cold snaps over the last January 2021 weekend, another sign of the global cooling we are all experiencing.

The British Overseas Territory in Bermuda, located in the North Atlantic, set a record low temperature on Saturday.

Earth's climate is cyclical - a new ice age is approaching 2

The Bermuda Meteorological Service (BWS) confirmed the minimum on Saturday morning.

“The minimum temperature reached a very cold 9.5C this morning.” a BWS spokesman said.

“This sets a new all-time low to date, beating the previous record of 51.4F (10.8C) back in 2005. Our unofficial measurements of wind chill gave a ‘feel of temperature’ around 40F (4.4C). Brrrrr!”

A winter storm on Thursday caused gusts of wind at over 100 miles per hour to sweep across the island for nine hours, cutting off electricity to several thousand homes.

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Earth's climate is cyclical - a new ice age is approaching 3

When Orlen’s historic winter storm began to hit the east coast of the United States and snow poured in the Midwest, Guam – an unincorporated territory of the United States located in the Micronesian subregion of the western Pacific – suffered from extreme cold, at least by local standards.

The 71-year cold record was broken early Saturday morning when temperatures dropped to 20.5C.

This is the lowest temperature ever recorded in Guam.

“The 20.5 degrees recorded on Saturday was the lowest temperature in Guam in 71 years,” Landon Idlett said, a meteorological coordinator with the Bureau of Forecasts of Guam’s National Weather Service.

“We set a day record here in Guam … which broke the day record set back in 1950.”

The cold will last at least another one to two months, ” Idlett concluded. 

Something is happening to the climate and global cooling is just the tip of the iceberg of a more global problem.

Quite possibly, winter is really close, but we are looking not only at the climate, but also to other problems – volcanoes, earthquakes, earth sinkholes, some incomprehensible objects near the Sun and in space…

So far everything indicates that the anomalies will grow and one day, perhaps, the inhabitants of Guam and the Bermudans will skate in their bays. But then, what will happen in more northern latitudes? 

Will people fight over tickets for Mr. Wilford’s steam train to get even on the last carriage of Cleaving Snow?

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