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Earth UFO Crash Cases

Earth UFO Crash Cases 13
Cases of catastrophes with unidentified flying objects on Earth …
There is ample evidence to support incidents and catastrophes related to unidentified flying objects.

Almost every day, the media reports on various accidents, incidents, crashes and deaths. And, of course, this also happens to UFOs who are creatures from other planets.

Earth’s inhabitants have repeatedly witnessed UFO catastrophes. It happened that even the bodies of the alien crew fell into the hands of the Earthlings. But where are they? Are they hiding? Are they disappearing in the CIA or FSB underground laboratories? At this time, it is unlikely that any ordinary citizen will give an accurate answer to this question, although there are many conspiracy theories.

UFO Battle over St. Petersburg

One of the oldest UFO accident records is the Strange Event Report, which happened on April 2, 1716, in the sky above St. Petersburg. The description was made at the behest of Vice-Admiral Croys, by the Dutch envoy Baron DeB, to Peter I. The document is stored in the archives of the Russian Navy.

The Baron reports:

“At nine o’clock in the night, in a clear sky, a strange dense dark “cloud” appeared from the northeast. With a pointed tip and a wide base. It passed through the sky at high speed, reaching the zenith in half minutes.

At the same time, a second dark “cloud” Heading east. It flew to the first “cloud” on the west side. As these objects approach one another, a light column forms in a few minutes. Then “the clouds” were confronted with terrible force, a loud blow was heard, and a large flame appeared in the place of the collision, accompanied by smoke, which penetrated in all directions. Beams of flame also appeared.

Earth UFO Crash Cases 14

Very small “clouds” that were moving at extraordinary speed and glowing bright flames. In addition, there were very bright lights that reached an altitude of 80 m above the horizon. “

According to eyewitness accounts, the incident looked like a battle with fleets or armies, and it looked very scary. The description also mentions that, at that time, a huge shining comet appeared in the northwest, rising 12 meters above the horizon. The whole phenomenon lasted about a quarter of an hour. Around 10 pm, the sky cleared again.

Fireball Crash

No less striking is the case in the annals of the French city of Alanson. In June 1790, a burning ball fell from the sky near the city and was seen by many people. Then an unknown creature escaped from the ball and disappeared into the forest.

Earth UFO Crash Cases 15

Police records drawn up by eyewitnesses are still kept today. According to the documents, people working in the field suddenly noticed a huge fireball in the sky, which, as it rotated, flew to the ground. The ball fell on top of a hill not far from the field. A fire broke out of it, which the peasants extinguished. Soon the flame that surrounded the ball also went out.

The ball lay on the hill for a long time. People were afraid to approach the strange “fabrication”. On the evening of the same day, a hole suddenly appeared in the ball, from which a human-like creature appeared in incredible silver clothing. Seeing the humans, the strange creature rushed to escape and hid in the forest. A few minutes later, the ball erupted silently and evaporated, leaving no trace that it existed …

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Heavenly Flying Dutchman

A special place in the UFO crash stories on Earth is the Aurora, Texas (Aurora, Texas), which happened at the very end of last century. In this small town, an “airship” crashes, appearing in the sky over the United States and Canada for five months (1896-1897). This mysterious silver apparatus and powerful searchlights on board seemed to be circling America.

The incident with the Heavenly Flying Dutchman was a major event in the United States at the end of the 19th century.

For the first time, this famous UFO appears on the night of November 17, 1896, above Sacramento (Sacramento). Balloons were already commonplace in those days, but the apparatus the Californians saw in the sky above the city was unlike anything known before. People only used balloons in the sky. Before the advent of airplanes and airships, it was still ten years.

Five days later, the strange apparatus appeared again over Sacramento. This time, the UFO was overseen by the sheriff and the district attorney. The following week, “Heavenly Flying Dutchman” was seen in Washington State and over Canada. He reappeared in February 1897, flying over Texas, Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri.

Earth UFO Crash Cases 16

The apparatus looked like a cigar or a spindle. It was about twenty feet long in silver, with powerful light in front of the hull. The only photo of the “ghost of heaven” was taken in Chicago, but still nothing can be said about the authenticity of the image. Shortly after, the UFO crashes.

The newspaper reported the crash on April 17, 1897, and the news came from Aurora, Texas.

Hieroglyph coffin

It happens one April morning, near a rural Texas town. According to eyewitnesses, the ship seemed to have lost control, touched a windmill, exploded and burned. The dead pilot, taken out of the rubble, is buried in the city cemetery.

This is probably the first alien buried on Earth. The body, according to news reports of the incident, was severely maimed. But it was impossible not to notice that he belonged to a being from another world.

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The alien’s tomb is under a large oak tree at the southern end of the cemetery. A hieroglyphic sign found on one of the ship’s fragments is carved on the tombstone as a name.

Earth UFO Crash Cases 17

In those days, people were unaware of UFOs and Americans offered the most contradictory explanations for the phenomenon. For example, they talked about hoaxes. Many believed that the ship was the experience of some mysterious inventive genius.

Not everyone believed in the death of the alien pilot. The Americans did not stop to look at the sky in anticipation of another “ghost ship,” but saw no one else.

Download UFO

Also known in history are cases where earthlings take down alien ships. One of the first such incidents occurred in the late 1930s. Probably in 1937, an unidentified flying object was taken down in northern Germany, which was subjected to scrutiny in military laboratories.

Obviously, this particular device was the prototype of the classic flying saucers that the Nazis designed before the end of World War II.

Disproportionate heads

Visits to unidentified flying objects on Earth have increased sharply since the end of World War II. It was during these years that the science of ufology appeared. The appearance is linked to the famous Roswell incident. On July 3, 1947, the UFO crash in New Mexico. The remains of the ship, along with the remains of the crew, fell into the hands of US intelligence.

Earth UFO Crash Cases 18

The Roswell event records contain a description of the ship, a metal ellipsoid about nine meters in diameter. Navigation equipment not found. It was apparently completely destroyed by the explosion.

Earth UFO Crash Cases 19

According to some reports, the remains of aliens were found three days after the discovery of the ship, several kilometers from the place of its fall. The bodies were already in a severe decomposition stage and were damaged by predators. It is generally accepted that Roswell aliens resembled humans, but had disproportionately large heads, without hair, and had holes in the nose and mouth,…

Explosion over Sao Paulo

The UFO incident is also described in one of the most respected directories in the world – the British Encyclopedia. The article is about an explosion of an unidentified flying object over Ubatuba (Ubatuba), a suburb of Sao Paulo.

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It happened in 1957. On that day, a group of fishermen preparing to sail out to sea saw a shiny disk flying at high speed in the sky. Suddenly, the disc began to fall into the ocean. But, at the last moment, before he touched the water, he wrapped himself in flames and exploded.

Some of the UFO fragments flew ashore and were then collected. The metal was light as paper, and the spectral analysis showed that it was magnesium with a special crystalline structure that was almost impossible to obtain on Earth.


There is credible information about UFO crashes in Russia. One such case is a fallen UFO. It happened in January 1986, in the vicinity of the village of Dalnegorsk, Primorsky Krai. A UFO, in the shape of a ball, crashes into a hill.

Two explosions followed and a bright flame. Witnesses compare it to “welding.” The ball was burning for about an hour. This fire completely destroyed the UFO.

The fall of the UFO in Dalnegorsk causes the emergence of “magnetization” of silicon schists in the disaster area, although silicon, as generally thought, cannot be magnetized …


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