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Planet Earth

Earth is rapidly killing itself: Nature goes crazy and no one knows how it will end

Earth is rapidly killing itself: Nature goes crazy and no one knows how it will end 1

According to the UN, our entire topsoil could be gone within 60 years. But, as we all understand, this is a very optimistic tale. The problem with soils loomed back in the 1930s of the last century, when the demographic pressure on the planet was not comparable to the current one. Each country fed itself and only a very small part of the food was exported.

One of the horror stories of the New World Order, which conspiracy theorists have been scaring each other for a long time, is the transition of humanity to feeding on insects, bacteria and other strange synthetic products. One of the supposed reasons for this is global warming, but in reality everything is much more serious, they just don’t tell people about it. The problem is in the soil, which the planet is losing at some accelerated pace, and the day is not far off when there will be no fertile soil layer in the fields. 

Currently, countries with a good climate and developed agriculture feed billions of people in China, Africa and India. For the soil, it works like a grader, and therefore the world has not 60 years left, but much less. Maybe it all started already now, but the sharp drop in yields is explained to us by climate metamorphoses. 

According to Time magazine, “soil is being lost 10 to 40 times faster than it can be replenished naturally,” and the outlook for the future is grim.

Unfortunately, this is true even here in the United States. When early Americans first began to settle in the Midwest, they were greeted by a very thick layer of extremely dark topsoil. But now that topsoil is rapidly disappearing, leaving behind soil that is “often much lighter in color.”

Since farmers began farming in the Midwest 160 years ago, 57.6 billion metric tons of topsoil have been eroded, according to a study recently published in Earth’s Future. The damage occurred despite conservation efforts made in the 1930s after the Dust Bowl, and the rate of erosion is estimated to be twice what the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) believes is sustainable. Future crop production could be severely limited if it continues, reports Rachel Crowell for Science News.

“Crop production may be severely limited in the future” is a good way of saying that everyone will starve to death if things don’t change. And it could happen much sooner than many think.

Naturally, this cannot continue indefinitely and the population of the Earth will be reduced, otherwise the Earth will reduce it on its own. 

Nature continues going crazy

On July 20, 2022, an unprecedented sandstorm hit the northern provinces of China, lasting several hours and plunging dozens of cities into complete darkness:

For Mongolia and the northern regions of China, sandstorms are not something out of the ordinary, but it somehow coincided that the storm hit the Chinese coast at the same time with an unprecedented strength:

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Earth, historic flooding continues in Yellowstone National Park:

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Moreover, one of the features of this long lasting flood was the destruction of many mountain terraces along which roads pass through the park and by the end of the rampant elements, the park will most likely be inaccessible to the public by 2/3:

While flooding in Montana may not be frequent or prolonged, what is happening is complicated by the strange fact that other parts of the US are experiencing historic droughts. Until July, it tormented mostly the western states, and now it has reached the east. The great Rio Grande that separates Mexico from the United States looks something like this today:

Earth is rapidly killing itself: Nature goes crazy and no one knows how it will end 2

At the same time, almost the same thing happens with other huge rivers around which civilizations were built. This is what the Po River in Italy looks like now, in one of its widest places:

Earth is rapidly killing itself: Nature goes crazy and no one knows how it will end 3

And this is the main tributary of the Po:

Earth is rapidly killing itself: Nature goes crazy and no one knows how it will end 4

Probably, by winter, water will still appear in Po and it is unlikely that Po will disappear right now, however, the trend of disappearance of fresh water in the world has already been clearly outlined, and if earlier all wars were mostly for oil, then soon countries will fight for water. 

In addition to strange natural quirks on land, no less strange things happen at sea. So, a few days ago, the whole world was discussing an inexplicable wave that came from the Ocean and almost washed away the Hawaiian Islands:

No less catastrophic things are happening in other parts of the world. The process of transition of the world to a new track is already underway. 


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