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“Earth is not an eternal world, it is only a school.” William Stead’s messages from afterlife’s next plane, transmitted by automatic writing

“I left earthly life several years ago. And although all this time my connection with earthly life and with those who are dear to me has not been interrupted, I still do not want to go back. The only thing I want is to convey to people the knowledge that I received here, in the true world“.

This message was conveyed to his daughter by automatic writing by the English publicist and public figure William Stead, who died in 1912 during the shipwreck of the Titanic.

William Stead started to become interested in the question of life after death long before this tragic event. He collected and published evidence that the existence of a person’s identity never ends. Publicist William Stead, in one of his stories, was also able to predict his death, and after its occurrence, wrote another book.

“Death is a door from one room to another”

William Stead called death a door from one room to another. The publicist said that the atmosphere that reigns in these rooms is very similar in many ways, and one hand rules in each of them.

Even during his lifetime, William Stead believed that afterlife was not at all a wonderful invention but according to the publicist, if you carefully study this problem, this can be proven.

In his book True Ghost Stories, he collected evidence that confirms the existence of the disembodied human nature. For example, he once published a letter from one sailor in which the sailor spoke about an event that happened to his friend who served with him. One day the sailor saw his friend sad and worried.

The cause of alarm was a dream in which the sailor saw, his little son dying of croup. The sailor’s friend was able to describe some of the details of this dream. For example, the fact that his child was on a red blanket.

“Later this man received confirmation of his dream. His wife, who was in France at the time, reported in a letter about the death of their son. He died of croup. Later, the sailor learned some details of what happened. In the last minutes of his life, his son actually lay on a red blanket”, William Stead reported in his book.

Another letter was received by the publicist from the French monk Hubert Blanc. Every day Hubert Blanc visited his brother monk, who was terminally ill. The dying man was so grateful for this that one day he said to his guest:

“Rest assured that I will not leave this life without saying goodbye to you. Even if you are not around at the critical moment, I will come to you to say goodbye.”

Late one evening, Hubert Blanc was getting ready to go to bed. From his room, he heard someone’s footsteps in the corridor. The monk walked around the house and made sure that there was no one in it. Hubert Blanc was about to go to sleep when he heard a knock on the door. They came to him to inform him that the monk was dying. Hubert Blanc got to him just before he took his last breath.

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“Either the “heroes” of my articles will destroy me, or I will drown”

In the book mentioned above, William Stead said that a person can anticipate his own imminent departure or the passing of people close to him. The life of the publicist himself became a confirmation of this. William Stead often liked to say that he would not die a natural death.

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“I will either be destroyed by the “heroes” of my expose articles (William Stead was a pioneer author of investigative journalism), or I will drown, said William Stead.

William Stead’s story, “Through the Eyes of a Survivor, About the Sinking of a Ship in the Mid-Atlantic,” is also called visionary. It was published a quarter of a century before the sinking of the Titanic.

The main character of this story is the sailor Thompson. He is sailing on a mail streamer across the Atlantic. During this voyage, he comes up with the idea that the number of lifeboats on passenger ships does not correspond to the actual number of passengers and in the event of a shipwreck, many of those sailing will not be able to escape.

A shipwreck occurs in this story too as two ships collide and the passengers of one of them die. This is exactly what was destined for William Stead himself. During the sinking of the Titanic, he helped women and children escape, while he remained on deck to wait for the inevitable.

A few weeks after the incident, William Stead’s daughter Ethel was able to establish contact with her departed father. To achieve this, she was helped by Pardo Woodman, who had the psychography ability, to write automatically. All of William Stead’s messages received in this way were published in the book The Blue Island.

“We had many conversations. The messages received from my father contain clear evidence of his continued existence“, writes Ethel Stead in the foreword to this book.

What do these messages say? They, for example, contain descriptions of the events that happened to William Stead immediately after his death.

According to William Stead, first he, along with other souls, watched as the Titanic disappeared under water, and then all the dead set off. They soon found themselves at a place that Stead called “Blue Island.”

Here he was met by his father, who died before the events described. Stead noted that his father looked much younger at the time of their meeting than at the end of his earthly life. Now they looked not like father and son, but like two brothers.

In his messages, William Stead says that the Earth is not an eternal world, it is only a school. Living here, a person is only preparing himself for new living conditions.

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“These conditions are created by your current life. If you act wisely in it, then in the true world many grandiose and bright things await you. The rest will experience many difficulties and sorrows. Earthly life is not given to us in order to accumulate wealth and enjoy pleasures. You are here to discover, control and improve your character“, said William Stead.


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