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Fact or fiction

Earth as a battlefield for reptilians and insectoids and humanity’s “Golden Age”. Do we have another choice?

Earth as a battlefield for reptilians and insectoids and humanity's "Golden Age". Do we have another choice? 1

According to the theory of paleocontact, the earth has been visited by alien creatures since ancient times – guests from different parts of the galaxy. And there are many types of them.

Since ancient times, people have taken these “guests” either for gods, and they were worshiped and served, or for demons, and then they tried to resist. Apparently, representatives of different space races had and are having disassemblies among themselves as well as different views on us, people.

Golden age – The most ancient era of people

Here we do not yet consider the so-called alien theory of the origin of mankind and the first contacts, we only note that there was an era when we were left alone, in a way which is convenient for us. There are many people around the world today, more or less preserving the tribal structure of society. It is also called “Golden Age” or “lullaby of civilization”.

By looking at the traditional life of some small tribes scattered over the globe, these people never built hierarchical structures for organizing their society according to the type of monarchies, etc. but preferred to live in a flock. And therefore, the natural way of human existence is life in a flock (clan, tribe) of up to 100 people.

That is, in a community where everyone knows everyone, the tribal way of life has been preserved for thousands of years among African tribes, among Indians and Australian aborigines, etc.

The leader in this team is chosen by something like a vote, when everyone understands that his survival depends on the choice of the leader.

But at some historical moment, a strange “phase transition” occurred – and people began to unite into much larger structures, the tribal system was replaced by the slave-owning, and then the feudal system, the first cities appeared, usually around temples – the houses of one or another god, patron of the people. 

Often these “gods”, “guests from heaven” built these cities and often they were represented in the form of dragons, or “dragon lords”. And so the 2nd era came.

Monarchies – Time of the dragon gods

So, the first, after a long break, apparently, it was the “reptilians” who intervened in our history, who were often represented in myths and fairy tales as devils or magical dragons turning into people (both good and not so good). Often at that time they also had “romantic relations” with representatives of the ruling families.

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There are many such stories all over the world, and until now many aristocratic families (blue-blooded) revere, or even are proud of the fact that their ancestor was a dragon or, say, a succubus (like the ruling clans in Great Britain, revering the Melusine dragon as their ancestor).

It turns out that in the era of feudalism, “dragon dynasties” began to rule us and so it was all over the world. Moreover, the dragon gods were not always considered evil, there were also golden, solar dragons, ancient and wise patrons of the human race, who wanted to raise people to the heights of civilization.

In fact, that ancient world, built by the “dragons” and their descendants, had many features that made it similar to the structure of society of the reptiles.

What is the difference between flocks of cold-blooded reptiles, snakes, etc. from communities of warm-blooded animals? First of all, their abundance. Scientists believe that the most developed communities of dinosaurs (when they owned the Earth) often lived in huge “collectives”, like birds, which have much in common with reptiles. 

Compare a pack of, say, wolves (a few dozen individuals), and a “bird flock”, where there may be hundreds of thousands. And it also has its own hierarchical structure. Doesn’t this remind us of the idea of ​​the structure of feudal society?

And it is no coincidence that the castles of feudal lords were often called “eagle’s nests” or even “dragon nests”.

Earth as a battlefield for reptilians and insectoids and humanity's "Golden Age". Do we have another choice? 2
Wawel dragon in Sebastian Münster’s “Universal Cosmography” (1544)

Insectoid time

The result of the insectoid invasion, according to a theory, was a change in the socio-political formation, with monstrous cities built up by “humans” began to appear all over the earth, having this process evoking bad thoughts about insectoids.

For such collective behavior, life in unimaginably huge agglomerations, is completely uncharacteristic of people, this is inherent precisely in insects – bees, ants. There is the same division of labor, there is also a class of drones, and so on. And the very fact that people have chosen this path speaks of external influence.

It is clearly seen that someone has concentrated people in a certain area, preventing us from settling. Why are suggestion, advertising, drug culture, and non-economic methods of management used – all food is taken out of the villages (surplus appropriation), people lose their jobs, and then some resources are allocated, and then only in cities.

Even until now, there are plenty of territories where no one lives, and quite good territories at that but still, everyone is being driven to the cities.

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That is, people were deliberately concentrated, and then they began to build this concentration camp out of them – a metropolis-anthill.

And thus there is every reason to believe that at present the insectoids are increasingly getting involved in the confrontation with reptilians (or hybrids: reptilian-insectoids). And all this threatens us with a World War, which will be an echo of the intergalactic showdown between reptilians and insectoids. In this, according to this theory, there is a hidden meaning of the current geopolitics.

Future perspective

Mankind has long been trying to throw off the yoke of reptilians (or at least limit their power), and now a new yoke – insectoids. Of course, all of the above can be taken as a metaphor for our lives, or a plot for a blockbuster movie.

So far, a return to the “Golden Age” is seen as a utopia, which is what attracted people to the ancient ideas of a ‘return to basics’ reorganization of society. Someone calls to the past – to the torch and tribal life. Someone even lives like this and is happy. And someone wants to build a humane and just society, using the achievements of past eras.


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