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Downing unidentified objects and bright aerial vehicles in formation: New narrative horror, plan expansion or the creepiest harvesting scenario?

Downing unidentified objects and bright aerial vehicles in formation: New narrative horror, plan expansion or the creepiest harvesting scenario? 1

Conspiracists have known for a long time that one of the Plans of the New Order of Things would be the arrival of an external global danger, such as aliens. There are ten-year-old videos with all this information. This scenario would be implemented if they didn’t manage to convince the world with their means.

There is a huge topic on the hidden history of the earth, the topic of the Old Gods, the topic of the Anunnaki and there are numerous signs that exist all over the world.

If we talk about harvesting, there is cyclical local harvest – the one that humanity creates according to orders and global harvest which is the most terrifying scenario for humanity.

For the last two years, in the closed circles of the research world, a rumor has been heard that inside the congress they are talking in whispers about a subject that should remain hidden from the masses, the return of the old gods.

No matter how you handle this information, real process or not, real facts or not, the danger from an external to earth force is one of the worst, since our own civilization can disguise itself as the same danger to justify whatever actions is ordered to execute.

A viewpoint suggests the Blue Beam project is either already inclusive in the agenda or still being tested:

That’s why all researchers are advised to expand their field of research on the subject and start collecting everything informative that may be related to this new narrative, it will be of great importance to our defense if we manage to have evidence of how this can happen, if it happens and if it will be real. At the end of the day, its a different story to mess up with human robots or else with Enki’s descendants.

UFOs also appeared in the southern hemisphere

The latest news have the Uruguayan Air Force being on alert as stated in a statement due to the existence of flashes of unknown origin in the sky, in the area of ​​Termas de Almirón.

How the Uruguayan Air Force will investigate these flashes is a question, since the only aircraft it has that could theoretically carry a weapons load are 7 A-37 Cessna equipped versions of the T-37 trainer.

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In the last 48 hours, two UFOs were shot down in Alaska and Canada by an equal number of F-22s of the US Air Force, with a latest, third such incident taking place over Lake Huron.

“They do not originate from any specific country on Earth”

The head of US Air Defense, General Glenn Van Herck said that the Pentagon has not been able, so far, to gather more information about the origin, purposes and the mechanism of operation of the unidentified objects that were destroyed in the previous three days.

He also clarified that these UFOs have nothing to do with the Chinese balloon that was shot down last week.

Even more impressive is his statement that “We are not able to classify them, regarding how they move, from a mechanical point of view. However, they clearly have the potential to stay in the air for a long time.”

This was also said by the first pilot who approached the octagon shaped objects and saw no engine of any kind anywhere and yet the objects moved at great speed and remained in the air for many hours.

What does all this mean?

They mean exactly what the head of US air defense said: “I would be very careful with these reports (that they were Chinese balloons) and would not attribute their origin to any particular country.”

If they can’t be attributed to an earthly maker, then that means they were made by someone outside of planet Earth, as scary as that is.

After all, based on the Drake equation, intelligent life outside planet Earth is mathematically highly possible.

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The well-known equation is expressed as: N = R∗ × fp × ne × fl × fi × fc × L

where N is the resulting number of alien civilizations.

The variables in the equation are:

  1.  , the average rate of new star formation in the Galaxy,
  2. p , the percentage of formed stars that have planets,
  3. e for stars that have planets, the average number of planets that can possibly support life,
  4. l , the percentage of planets on which life successfully develops,
  5. i , the percentage of planets that have intelligent life with its own civilization,
  6. c , the percentage of these cultures that have the technical capabilities of remote communication
  7. L , the length of time that these cultures emit detectable signals.

In any case, the final number of acts at the local circus, which conspiracists are discussing about for a long time now, seems to be starting and the green clowns are already running around the arena. But whether they will start with magic tricks, with acrobatic stunts or with juggling fireworks – that is something we will have to wait to witness.


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