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“Doomsday” fish was caught off the coast of Mexico: it is considered a harbinger of earthquakes

"Doomsday" fish was caught off the coast of Mexico: it is considered a harbinger of earthquakes 1

In Japanese mythology, the fish is called a harbinger of underwater earthquakes. These deep-sea inhabitants of the oceans appeared off the coast of Japan before the Fukushima-1 nuclear power plant disaster.

Off the coast of Mexico, fishermen caught a rare deep-sea fish, which, according to Japanese mythology, is considered a harbinger of earthquakes and tsunamis. The caught inhabitant of the deep sea is called Regalecus glesne (herring king) and is considered the largest bony fish, as it can grow up to 17 meters. This is reported by journalists of The New York Post.

For fishermen, catching the “herring king” is a rare success, since the fish lives at a depth of 200 to 975 meters. On the other hand, the fact that the fish was within reach suggests strong sea currents that can occur during underwater earthquakes. 

What is especially gloomy is that it was on the coast of the state of Sinaloa, looking at the Gulf of California.

The bay has no depths where such creatures live, therefore, either the fish was drawn into it by the current, or there is some kind of through hole under California. 

Another extraordinary phenomenon is the eruption of the Stromboli volcano, which began in the last days of September:

The eruption itself is not a geological marvel, the island has been constantly steaming for the last 10 years, but against the general background of global volcanic and seismic activity, this is already another matter entirely. 

Finally, the most important thing that attracts attention is the M6.2 quake along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, which took place on October 9th:

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"Doomsday" fish was caught off the coast of Mexico: it is considered a harbinger of earthquakes 2

The almost complete coincidence of the epicenter with the earthquake of September 4th 2022 is noteworthy, after which a whole wave went to the Middle East, China and further to the Pacific Ocean. It is very strange that unloading takes place in the same place, at the same time at the junction of two giant plates, for which even the M5.0 is something out of the ordinary. And here both earthquakes tend to seven points.

Perhaps that is why in Japanese mythology there is a belief that the appearance of a “king” portends disastrous disasters. According to legend, these fish rise to the surface and swim to shore whenever a tsunami approaches.

These fears were also “confirmed” by the events of 2011, when a terrible tragedy struck Japan in the form of an earthquake and tsunami, which caused an accident at the Fukushima-1 nuclear power plant. For two years before the tragedy, many such fish were found near the coast of the islands.

However, scientists are trying to dispel ancient myths and claim that the appearance of “herring kings” on the surface is only due to the animal’s poor health.

“There’s been a link with reports of seismic activity for years, but there’s no scientific evidence for a link, so I don’t think people should worry. I believe these fish rise to the surface when their physical condition is poor, rising behind by the current of water. That’s why they’re so often dead when they’re found,” explained Kagoshima University ichthyology professor Hiroyuki Motomura.

Despite what scientists say, judging by the above geological signs, the lithosphere and our small world in between are waiting for many geological upheavals in the near future. 


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