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Metaphysics & Psychology

Don’t You Remember?

Don't You Remember? 81

Do you remember how you felt when you first arrived in this place;

In a brand new body,
Was there a faint, half remembered memory of having been here before?
Don't You Remember? 82
Do you remember the intangible lightness of childhood?
The thrill of discovery, and the promise of each new day?
Don't You Remember? 83
Do you remember feeling more alive outside rather than indoors?
Do you recall the feeling of seeing something new for the very first time?
Don't You Remember? 84
Do you remember finding that very first true blue friend?
And how you felt like you’d known each other forever?
Do you remember the sensation of finding ‘another you’?
Don't You Remember? 85
Do you remember anything from before you came here?
Did you bring any memories of that other place with you?
Do you remember why you are here, or what you came to do?
Don't You Remember? 86
Do you remember that the rules in this place are different?
Do you remember the little pieces of yourself you had to hide to thrive here?
Don't You Remember? 87
Do you remember the day you first found your courage?
And how utterly awesome a feeling that was?
No matter how many times you feel it in your life,
It’s never as good as the first time!
Don't You Remember? 88
Do you recall how courage made you feel indestructible ?
How the confidence it bestowed was so liberating to your soul?
Do you remember when you thought you could do anything?
Do you remember how empowering it is to face your fear?
Don't You Remember? 89
Do you remember when you saw all creatures as equals?
Do you remember how they don’t need words to communicate?
Don't You Remember? 90
Do you remember those endless summers we hoped would never end?
When the responsibilities of adulthood seemed a million years away?
Don't You Remember? 91
Do you remember the pure joy of flying weightless thru the air?
Always searching for a newer more dangerous way to feel alive?
Don't You Remember? 92
Do you remember hunting fireflies on warm summer nights
Then putting the jar full of fireflies in your room as a night light?
Don't You Remember? 93
Don’t you remember the sense of awe & wonder you get from being in nature?
and wondering why it always seems to be destroyed by greed, money and progress?
Don't You Remember? 94
Do you remember the door which was never locked?
The door of your Imagination, and the places it took you?
Don't You Remember? 95
Do you remember Mermaids,
and how such beliefs are called childish by those who fear truth?
Don't You Remember? 96
Do you remember them poisoning your imagination with fear?
Trying to make you afraid to go thru that unlocked door.
Don't You Remember? 97
Do you remember when you were first afraid to grow up?
Did you fear becoming like ‘them’ because of what it cost?
Don't You Remember? 98
Do you remember when you first fell into the trap of Television?
Remember how slow & gradual the box began changing you?
Don’t you recall TV teaching you to Fear life instead of embracing it?
Don't You Remember? 99
Do you remember how school was a place which sucked your soul out
just a little more each day until you could recite dates & stats?
Do you remember how school only teaches conformity
and how to be a proper consumer?
Don't You Remember? 100
Do you remember “Cruising the Vard” as a way of rebelling from school & rules?
Acting out all the silly little rituals seen on TV, trying to figure it all out
instead of just being told?
Don't You Remember? 101
Do you remember finally becoming an adult, and taking your place in society?
Remember how very far away all this is from what you wanted for yourself?
Don't You Remember? 102
Do you remember when, for a while there was finally one leader worthy of the title?
Do you remember how he inspired a generation as never before.
Do you remember the day they killed him for doing it?
Don't You Remember? 103
Do you recall when so many of us broke free from conformity, and once again
took to the streets in rebellion, on a new journey of discovery
across this great land of ours?
Don't You Remember? 104
Do you recall the tears of those who lost the great love of their life
to selfish wars of greed and conquest?
And are we now not swimming in a flood of such tears as each day
still more good, young people are shoved into the meat grinder of war.
Don't You Remember? 105
Do you remember how so many now disillusioned, returned again to reconnect with Earth
as they tried to find their way back to something right and true?
Don't You Remember? 106
Do you remember the empty horror upon discovering
what greed, & lust & power have done to the good Earth?
Don't You Remember? 107
Do you remember any of the many messages we sent out for you to find?
Messages of hope for those drowning in the illusion of despair.
Messages seeking your help in the fighting of the good fight.
Don't You Remember? 108
Do you remember when the responsibilities of adulthood seemed a million years away?
Do you wonder whatever became of all those years
and the things you were going to do with them?
Don't You Remember? 109
Do you recall the other voices down thru your life~
 trying to call you back from the matrix?
Do you remember how you started to listen more closely to those voices
the worse things became here in this place?
Don't You Remember? 110
Do you remember the first time you thought your head would explode
from all the cognitive dissonance in this place?
Don't You Remember? 111
Do you recall the feeling when you first realized humanity is drowning in lies?
Don't You Remember? 112
And that you are drowning right along with it?
Don't You Remember? 113
Do you remember that jar full of fireflies?
Don't You Remember? 114
Do you remember finally understanding how those fireflies felt years ago?
Having their light captured for use by others within an invisible prison?
Don't You Remember? 115
Do you remember wondering what the future holds for your children, and theirs?
Or is that on the growing list of things you dislike thinking about?
Don't You Remember? 116
Do you remember Fukushima, the worlds first nuclear volcano?
You do remember how it is still spewing out its poison
into the air we breathe and the water we harvest food from?
Are you really OK with that?
Don't You Remember? 117
Do you remember the things we came to this place to learn?
Do you remember that death is just an illusion, exactly like life is an illusion?
Don't You Remember? 118
Do you remember how it felt seeing the first signs of hope in this desolate place?
Don't You Remember? 119
Does remembering that you still believe in hope make you want to escape the matrix?
Does that hope also make you want to help awaken others to what you see around you?
Strength in numbers, a mass exit from the world of deception!
Don't You Remember? 120
Don’t you remember we all came here on a soul migration?
The grand experiment to see if we would remember
after being dropped off here with no memories of before?
Don’t you remember we all came here together to empower
humanities evolution?
Don't You Remember? 121
Do you remember the place we all come from, and how life is supposed to be?
I Do!


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