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Donald Trump knows what the famous UFO from USS Nimitz is, according to a US Air Force intelligence expert

Donald Trump knows what the famous UFO from USS Nimitz is, according to a US Air Force intelligence expert 3

An expert from the USAF’s intelligence services even said that Donald Trump had “ticked” at the gates of North Korea in a show of force.

Donald Trump knows what the famous UFO from USS Nimitz is, according to a US Air Force intelligence expert 4

An infamous device dubbed the “tic-tac” previously observed by fighter pilots of the USS Nimitz has been deployed by Donald Trump in North Korea, said a former intelligence expert of the army of the US Air Force.

Since the leak of footage from the 2004 UFO sighting off the coast of San Diego, witnesses and experts have debated what it could be.

Pilots who saw the object claimed it was flying at astronomical speeds never seen before, which has led many to believe it was extraterrestrial.

But Mike Turber – who once worked as an intelligence expert in the Air Force – thinks that the UFO actually belongs to the army.

He has now told the Daily Star Online that not only is President Trump aware of the existence of the top secret plane, but that he has also deployed it.

Mike – who was the first to share his views on the Hidden Truth Show with Jim Breslo – says that Trump did deploy it in North Korea in November 2017.

The alleged deployment took place at the height of tension with Kim Jong-un, who repeatedly conducted missile tests.

“At the time, he wanted to show Kim that he had the ability to do anything, so he sent it over there.”, he said on this site.

“The exact details are super-classified, but he[Kim] has been informed that the spacecraft will show up where it is. “

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“I don’t know if he was able to see it or not, or what his reaction was. “

“A phone call was made from the White House to North Korea, so maybe he received a warning in advance”  Mike continued.

He said “Hey, look out of the window, I want to show you something”.

Just days after the apparent use of the Nimitz UFO, Trump designated North Korea as a state supporting terrorism.

And, according to Mike, the incident had a short-term effect on Kim who decided to temporarily stop the missile tests.

“My personal opinion is that it was silly to do this because you are showing the technology to someone you don’t want”, he continued.

“As far as I know, it made discussions with Trump more successful and there were no more rocket tests during that time.”


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