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This year in November, the next presidential election is due to take place. Usually at this time (the month of April) the election race of candidates for the highest position in the state becomes the top topic of the American media. This year, it was eclipsed by the theme of the viral economic crisis.

Last month, the media briefly reported that the current US President Donald Trump, following the results of the primaries in Florida and Illinois, secured the support of a sufficient number of delegates to guarantee the achievement of the presidential candidate in the 2020 elections. Thanks to the victory in the primaries in these two states, Trump gathered more than 1,276 delegates needed to run for the party congress in July. The rival of the Trump from the Democratic Party in the elections will most likely be former US Vice President Joe Biden.

Trump optimistically stated that the acute phase of the crisis would end by April 12, the day America will celebrate Easter. True, the statistics of an increasing number of coronavirus infected people make experts doubt such an optimistic scenario. The completion of the acute phase of the crisis by them refers to the beginning or even the middle of summer. Then the topic of the presidential election will definitely become the main one in the American media. Obviously, Donald Trump will become a key figure in the news feeds. Democratic candidates will not only show off their programs and show off their achievements in previous fields, but will criticize Trump’s current policies, including his efforts to extinguish the “fire”, code-named “COVID-19.”

But Trump’s supporters have hidden another powerful argument in favor of their idol. This argument is already being talked about, but so far not very loudly in the narrow circle of Donald Trump. In the last months before the election, tens of millions of Americans will find out about him and, as activists of Trump’s campaign headquarters reckon, they will think about it. This is one prediction that was made in the first half of the last century. Its author is the “sleeping prophet” Edgar Cayce. He is widely known in America among ordinary citizens, as well as among politicians and political scientists who often refer to Cayce to explain certain political events. So who is Edgar Cayce?

In biographical dictionaries and reference books he is represented as an American mystic, medium, and even “healer”. Years of life: 1877-1945. Without going into details, already at the very beginning of the twentieth century our hero had the ability to receive “revelations from above.” Gradually, the abilities showed more distinctly, and the number of “revelations” grew rapidly. From mid-1943 to mid-1944 alone, Cayce conducted more than one and a half thousand sessions with the mysterious “informants”.

Cayce left several thousand answers written by stenographers (called “readings”) to a wide variety of questions. Starting from diagnoses of illnesses and prescriptions for patients and ending with pictures of the history of ancient civilizations, as well as pictures of all kinds of cataclysms on a world or American scale. “Cayce received the revelations in a trance similar to a dream. For this reason he received the nickname “sleeping prophet.” The first biographer of the “sleeping prophet” was Thomas Sugru, who wrote the book “River of Life. The story of the great clairvoyant Edgar Cayce “(it was published during the life of Cayce in 1943).

Researchers still continue to sort the archives of the “sleeping prophet”, finding in it predictions related to events that have already occurred after the death of the seer, and those that still have to happen. However, a significant part of shorthand records is difficult to decipher, or have multivariate interpretations. But, we can say with confidence that Casey has become for many American political scientists and historians a very convenient support in building the theories they need.

Some experts are skeptical of Cacey’s “prophecies.” Some of them, in fact, came true. But others were not. Some examples of the “failures” of the “sleeping prophet”:

Hitler will unite all of Europe into a common democratic state.

In the second half of the 1940s, after the Civil War, supporters of American-style democracy will win in China.

In the late 1960s, Atlantis will rise again from the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Whatever the case, American politicians and the media today prefer not to notice the above and many other “failures” of the “sleeping prophet”: they needed the “prophet” to solve certain problems.

So the campaign headquarters of Trump Edgar Cayce will become very necessary in the near future. This is the next “prophecy” of our hero: the 44th president of America will be the last. Thomas Sugru and other biographers of the “sleeping prophet” describe this “revelation” like this: Cayce saw in a dream a long corridor in which there were many rooms. Each room signified the rule of a particular president of America. Cayce walked around 44 rooms, all of which contained reminders of successive presidents. When he looked into the last, 45th room, it was empty. And casey got information
It can be understood that after it there will be no America.

A similar prediction about the last 44th president of America was made by other seers – Vanga, Nemchin, Nostradamus, Rano Nero …

Experts and lovers of mysticism also know the fortuneteller Rano Nero, who lived nearly six centuries ago. A Catholic (Franciscan) monk, more often acting under the nickname “Black Spider”. They refer to the following mysterious text of the Black Spider: “A new state will appear between the two oceans. It will become the strongest and most powerful. It will be governed by four years. The 44th ruler of this state will be the last.” But according to official figures, number 44 in the line of American presidents was Barack Obama, who spent two terms at the White House (from January 20, 2009 to January 20, 2017). And Donald Trump who replaced him is already at number 45.

However, experts estimated that Trump is still the 44th president, since there was President Steven Grover Cleveland in the history of the United States, who was counted twice, which is wrong. He was elected at the end of the XIX century twice, but with a break. If correctly considered, then Donald Trump is the 44th president of America. Trump advisers are said to know the prediction of Edgar Cayce. And they will use it in the election campaign of their boss.

If he is re-elected, then he will still go under number 44. And if Trump’s rival wins, then this will definitely be the “end of America.” And it will come in November 2020.

American mysticism lovers recently made yet another discovery pertaining to Donald Trump’s persona and the 2020 presidential election. These are two books discovered in the Library of Congress. Both belong to the pen of a fairly well-known American lawyer and writer Ingersoll Lockwood, who is known for more than a century ago . Years of life: 1841-1913. He wrote the following two books:

“Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey”,
“The Last President”.
The first was published in 1896, the second in 1900.

The protagonist of both books is a certain Trump, able to move in time. He begins his life in Russia, where he is taught by many great wisdom the great master Don. After numerous movements in time and space, he finds himself in the United States, where he becomes president of the country. The books are full of striking literal coincidences with the current Trump. So, Trump Book lives in a hotel on Fifth Avenue (this is where the Trump Tower stands). The fictional Trump administration has an influential person named Pence (namely, the current US vice president has that name). And most importantly, the hero of the trump novels turns out to be the last president of America, which is clear from the title of the second book.

If we ignore cheap mysticism, to which the American layman is very indifferent, it should be said that the future of America is really very gloomy. Regardless of whether the 44th president (Donald Trump) or the 45th (any of his competitors) takes the chair, America will continue to plunge into the quagmire of the crisis. And for such conclusions one does not need to appeal to some “sleeping prophets.” Here, for example, is the fresh US economic forecast from Wall Street Bank Morgan Stanley: in 2020, US GDP will decline by 5.5%, which will be the sharpest drop in the country’s GDP since 1946.

By the middle of the year, the US unemployment rate will reach a record high of 15.7%, and the cumulative total loss of jobs in the US in the second quarter will be 21 million. In the headlines of many American newspapers and magazines, the words “apocalypse,” “end of the world,” “end of America.” Today in the New World, they are increasingly talking about the end of America. Scenarios are more than enough. From total physical destruction resulting from the eruption of a supervolcano in Yellowstone National Park, to disintegration into individual states or the loss of the status of the Pax Americana empire by the United States.


Fact or fiction

The date of the beginning of the Great War has become known?

As our readers and visitors to many other sites and forums have already noticed more than once, in the past few months people around the world have begun to see some alarming, sometimes even completely wild and crazy dreams – atomic war, rain from asteroids, zombie invasion etc. Is it connected with the approach of something like that, or is it someone is inspiring people?

It is impossible to unequivocally answer this question, nevertheless, it can be assumed that if the world is waiting for a war, it means that if not every person on Earth, then many people will be somehow informed about this by some prophetic dreams.

A couple of days ago, one of the participants in the discussion on shared a dream with interlocutors, which he rightly qualifies as prophetic. Since in this prophetic dream we are talking about the approximate date of the beginning of the Third World War, we offer it to the attention of our readers. So:

Good day all, I normally keep this stuff to myself as it’s usually along the lines of Deja Vu, but as most of it is lining up with current events I figured I’d throw it up here. Take it as you will.

About the beginning or middle of last year I had an unusual dream. It lasted the entire night. It ran in chronological order and after each set I woke up. After going back to sleep the dream picked back up at where it left off.

The dream:

I was leaving a vehicle and walking towards a large, long building. I was walking through the parking lot towards it. A woman walked up to me and showed me a box, or frame with something important on it that I needed to see. I could not make out what it was. The moment froze and it was explained to me that what was on the frame was not important. The moment was the image that I needed to remember. That moment of standing in this parking lot, outside this building, with this woman presenting a frame or box for me to observe, this was a marker for me to know that the events to follow were about to start. I woke up and then went back to sleep.

I will make a note that this event happened in Oct of last year, 2019. I was taking a Class A driving course and had pulled the rig into the DMV parking lot for the test. I got out and started walking towards the building when the female instructor came out and met me in the parking and presented a clip-box with paperwork on it for me to read. That moment popped and I remembered the dream and knew it was that moment I had seen.

Returning to the dream. I was shown a series of events in succession as I was led through the streets. People were roaming the streets in protest and bewilderment. The elderly had been removed from society and placed into homes that were now off limits to anyone younger. No one could go in and see them. Throngs of people gathered around these homes demanding access but were denied. Resources grew scarce and a conflict arose between the young and the old. The elderly argued that they should be provided some of the few resources as they could not obtain it themselves due to their predicament. The young argued that all resources should be given to them alone as they were the future and had to survive. This is the second time I woke up.

After falling back asleep a voice spoke to me and said that Cannabis would be decriminalized at the Federal level. I was told this was the second marker for me to watch for. When this happened it would signal the beginning of the great war. I was told that this war, unlike the others, was not going to be about land or money or religious ideologies, but the strife between the young and the old. After this I woke up.

Upon going back to sleep, I saw a figure of a woman like a warrior on a field of flame and strife. She said each night she would return to the battle grounds.

Given recent events I figured I’d share. I don’t completely get the whole strife between young and old causing a war, but who knows what tomorrow brings.

This dream is now being discussed in several forums, since in the summer of 2020 a bill was put to the vote in the US Senate to legalize marijuana at the federal level – now it can only be smoked in a few states. Voting was scheduled for September 18th, but when September 18th came, the Senate moved the vote to “post-election.” Thus, the third and most important part coincided with the prophecy from the dream.

Only the story about young and old is not very clear. Some see it as a fight against a pandemic, during which older people in many countries were indeed locked in their homes. There is also an opinion that this part of the dream is allegorical. That is, the elderly are conservatives, republicans, and the young are liberals and democrats or, the elderly are the West and the United States, and the young are the recently reared China.

The author of the post finds it difficult to interpret. Nevertheless, a 2/3 dream came true and its last third is the legalization of marijuana in America. As soon as the bill is voted on, will the Great War begin?

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Fact or fiction

Earth is threatened by asteroid collision a day before US elections

A refrigerator-sized asteroid could hit Earth a day before the US presidential election , which is scheduled for November 3. American astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson announced this on his Instagram page.

“Asteroid 2018VP1, a refrigerator-sized asteroid in space, is speeding towards us at over 25,000 miles per hour,” he wrote.

At the same time, the scientist assured that there would be no particular harm from such a collision, since the asteroid is relatively small in size. According to Tyson, if “the end of the world comes in 2020, it is not the fault of the universe.”

According to NASA, the probability that an asteroid will enter the Earth’s atmosphere is 0.41 percent. It is expected to flyby at 384 thousand kilometers.

Asteroid 2018 VP1 was discovered on November 3, 2018. It belongs to the “Apollo” group – these are asteroids whose paths cross the earth’s orbit.

No protection from dangerous asteroids

Humanity does not have the technical ability to prevent a large asteroid from falling to Earth. Currently, there are no such opportunities. The only means is to notify the population. However, we cannot predict where on Earth the asteroid will hit. The orbit and angles of entry into the atmosphere are determined with an error. It turns out that one asteroid can have a whole track from possible points of impact, which can stretch for half of the Earth.

The origin of life when an asteroid falls

Japanese scientists studying the origin of life on Earth simulated on an experimental setup the conditions that arise when an asteroid falls into the ocean. It turned out that with such an event complex organic compounds such as amino acids are formed in water.It turned out that the shock produces amino acids such as glycine and alanine, which serve as building blocks for proteins involved in many biological reactions.In the early stages of development on Mars, as on Earth, falls of meteorites and asteroids were common, and the formation of amino acids induced by impacts could well be the first step towards the origin of life, scientists say.

US presidential election

The US presidential election will be held on November 3. The current leader of the country, Donald Trump, is running for a second Republican term. His main rival is Democratic candidate Joe Biden. 

According to the data on the number of views in the past debate, Biden’s speech was watched by 600 thousand more people than Trump.

Most states vote in whole or in part by mail. Earlier, Trump called Biden “the worst presidential candidate in history” and jokingly promised to leave the United States if he loses the election.

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Fact or fiction

“Ummite Letters” of Aliens. KGB experiment or shocking truth?

Collage LIFE. Photo © Getty Images, © Shutterstock

Once upon a time, Europe was flooded with information from the alleged residents of the planet Ummo, and defectors from the USSR claimed that the KGB even managed to detain and study one of the aliens.

This story began in 1966, as usual, with devilry. Bored students at the University of Madrid organized an esoteric circle in which they practiced table-turning and talking with spirits – a rather strange activity for Catholic Spain.

Once, one of them came up with a “wonderful” idea – to try to call into conversation not the souls of long-dead ancestors and not demons, but aliens. And what was the surprise of young scientists when some “inhabitants of the planet Ummo” from the constellation Virgo responded to the call. Yes, they did not just respond, but began to actively talk with students, telling them about their own planet. They talked so much that one of the students, Fernando Sesma, even published a brochure on this topic.

Had he lived in the Middle Ages, he would have been burned at the stake for communicating with demons, but, unfortunately, the grain fell on fertilized soil. Here and there in the media, there were reports of flying saucers, and the book began to be bought. Sesma was already rubbing his hands in anticipation of profits, but one night, he received a phone call in his apartment.


Photo of the "Ummo Ship", published June 1, 1967.  Photo © Wikipedia

Photo of the “Ummo Ship”, published June 1, 1967. Photo © Wikipedia

A muffled voice on the phone told the student that a resident of the planet Ummo was talking to him, that aliens had been exploring Earth for 70 years and that the last resident troop was landed on the planet in 1956. In the Alps (in a mountainous region that belonged to France), six agents of the Ummite civilization landed from a space “saucer”: two women and four men. They had to not only study the flora and fauna of the planet, but also study the culture of people.

According to the ummit, the diversity of human relations, nationalities and cultures amazed the aliens so much that they decided to postpone official contact with earthlings for a while in order to get to know them better. Sesma’s interlocutor was outraged by the multiple inaccuracies that were present in the brochure, and demanded that the earthling fix the mistakes.

Already in the morning, Sesma considered the night conversation a good prank, but, to his surprise, a few days later he received in the mail a whole pile of documents describing life on the planet Ummo. Each of the sheets was marked with a special emblem. The documents claimed that planet Ummo revolves around the star of Yumma, its coordinates were given right there, and the civilization and culture of the Ummites were also described. It turned out that the structure of their society resembles the era of victorious communism. Each of the inhabitants of Ummo was a neuron of one huge brain, united by a “common soul”. The Ummites were very similar to earthlings, light-haired, light-eyed, and the average height was two meters.

Smells played an important role in the Ummo civilization, there were their own ideas about God, reminiscent of Kant’s ideas, there were also eschatological ideas about the end of the world. The arts never existed on the Ummo, but the Ummites were good engineers, and all important decisions were made together through some semblance of the Internet.

Men in Black

Photo © Getty Images

Photo © Getty Images

Since then, Sesma began to receive letters from the Ummites with enviable regularity – every second Tuesday of the month. Letters came to him from all over the world: from America, from Australia, from Africa and even from behind the “Iron Curtain” (from the territory of Eastern Europe and from the Soviet Union). A year later, in 1967, information began to be dictated by telephone, and at the beginning of the summer Sesme was told that the Spaniards should wait for guests: on July 1, 1967, an alien ship would land in the suburbs of Madrid.

An agitated Sesma warned the local police about this, but they only laughed at him.  On July 1, a flood of messages from local residents poured into the Madrid police and local newspapers. All of them saw UFOs in the sky over Madrid, and at the site of the announced landing they found several strange cylinders and ten strips of polyvinyl with the inscription “Ummo” in Latin.

Finally, journalists became interested in the aliens. They found that in Madrid alone, 65 people received letters from the Ummites. The contactees were not only in Spain, but also in France and in other European countries. Some have received letters since 1962. Obviously, the letters and information from the Ummites should have given humans a chance to get used to future alien intervention.

A letter in Spanish sent to a certain Enrique Villagras on November 28, 1966.  Noteworthy is the lilac seal with the Ummo symbol (bottom right).  Photo © Wikipedia

A letter in Spanish sent to a certain Enrique Villagras on November 28, 1966. Noteworthy is the lilac seal with the Ummo symbol (bottom right). Photo © Wikipedia

In the Spanish town of Burnet, they even recalled the appearance of strange, very tall, fair-haired people in black suits, who kept themselves apart, and then disappeared somewhere. The result of their appearance was the disappearance of a whole bus with tourists who were never found.

After covering the problem in the media, scientists got involved. The astrophysicist, head of the National Center for Scientific Research of France, Jean-Pierre Petit, was most interested in the question. At first he wanted to expose the invention, but in the process of studying the materials he changed his mind. The data about the science of Ummo were so interesting and difficult to understand that they baffled the scientist, and he began to lean towards the opinion about the authenticity of the documents.

Petyo even wrote once that more than 90% of his discoveries are the result of ideas suggested to him by the Ummites. For example, the scientist proposed to revise the Big Bang theory, since the speed of light is not always the same, and time under certain conditions can flow backwards.

What was it?

Modern researchers of the problem have several versions of the appearance of the Ummite letters. The first version says that the letters are authentic, the Ummites exist. In Russia, they were even associated with a whole series of deaths among ufologists. However, there is still no direct evidence of the existence of the Ummites, and the letters do not carry any fundamentally new information for humanity. Scientists have long scanned the space where the star of Humma should have been, but they did not find anything there.

The second version says that this story is an operation of the special services. For example, the Spanish special services at one time stated that the letters were a provocation by the KGB. Say, in such an intricate way, the Soviet Union wanted to change the political background in Spain, because the country remained practically the only place in Europe in which there was no communist party. Again, there was no evidence, except that the lilac emblem of the Ummites somehow very suspiciously resembled the Cyrillic letter “zh”.

Photo © Shutterstock

Photo © Shutterstock

After the fall of the USSR, there were people who allegedly saw the “blue folder” “leaked” to the West, into which the KGB put all documents related to the study of extraterrestrial intelligence. And supposedly it said not only about the authenticity of the letters, but also about the fact that in the USSR it was possible not only to catch, but also to study one of the Ummites. A former KGB officer P. Klimchenkov who fled to the West told about this to one of the American journalists. The third version was that the Europeans became the target of a prank by a leftist youth group, which thus spread their ideas.

But the most popular was the assumption that the Ummite letters were the fruit of a complex hoax, behind which stood a whole group of scholars who disliked the dictator Franco. In 1992, psychologist Jose Luis Peña admitted this, who said that in such an intricate way he wanted to test the readiness of humanity for contact. He was indeed among those who received the Ummite letters. And in 1966 he even claimed to have seen a spaceship with the emblem of the Ummites. By the time of recognition, the scientist had already suffered a stroke and completely lost his speech.

Wait and see

In the 21st century, Ummites communicate with people through tweets. They report that there are now 240 aliens on Earth, that 432 more Ummo agents will arrive in December 2020, and preparations for contact between civilizations will begin in three years – in 2023. Then a certain hierarch with powers will arrive on Earth.

The Ummites have already had their harmful influence on the earthlings. For example, in Bolivia, a sect has emerged whose followers call themselves the children of the Ummo. Perhaps a group of students engaged in table-turning really looked into the abyss somewhere. And the abyss, as it should be, looked at people in response.

Source: LIFE Magazine

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