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Does your body belong to society? Is it just an empty vessel and you can unload anything in it?

Does your body belong to society? Is it just an empty vessel and you can unload anything in it? 1

Those who did not inject themselves are almost equated with criminals. At the same time, we are assured that we have the right to choose. But, if you make the wrong choice, you are guaranteed defeat in rights and universal censure.

it doesn’t matter that the instructions for the drugs say that the choice must be approached carefully. “You have to choose between the risk and the benefit” of the drug and do it on your own. 

The body belongs to the person

Without the consent of a person, it is forbidden to invade his body. But in today’s realities, you can no longer dispose of your body. Now your body belongs to society. It turns out that you can fill in anything you want, put any plaques on it (barcodes, such proposals have already been received), implant chips with direct and feedback. In such a scenario, humanity runs the risk of becoming a resigned biomass.

The right to make an independent decision is gradually being taken away from us

You are part of the system and the system requires total control of consciousness.

In the future, it is assumed that a person is closely connected with neural networks. This requires a connection. Those who disagree are discarded. Consonants are subject to selection, social and physical selection. Modernized eugenics can await us.

If you want to live in a “new” society, get ready for complete dedication. Or society will reject you as a dissident, outcast, weirdo, ode. And “will move out behind the wall.” Will condemn or restrict rights, will not provide access to public goods and services. It’s even scary to think.

Meanwhile, free will is one of the three immutable laws of the Cosmos

Which is observed by the Higher Forces. But some people – politicians and officials, who are neither virologists nor doctors, decided to trample this law. Forcing everyone to sit down for an injection.

Do it every six months, because the duration of the drugs is limited. Those who have been injected, unlike those who have been ill, do not develop stable immunity to infection.

After the procedure, you can become infected and infect others. This makes no sense.

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The available drugs have not been completed. According to some statements, they only protect against severe forms of the development of the disease. Although a large number of people do not carry the infection in a severe form and develop a stable – herd immunity.

Endless waves

New outbreaks in treated and “sterilized” Israel.

Over the week (by July 15, 2021) in the UK, the number of people infected after an injection (one or two) increased by 40%, the growth continues (data from a study of King’s College London). In terms of the number of infected, the pricked ones can soon overtake the unpunched ones, as the authors of the study believe.

And that means again lockdowns and restrictions, blows to business and the population. Bankruptcy of small businesses and the strengthening of large corporations.

It turns out that herd immunity has not been developed through injections? This indicates the ineffectiveness of the proposed means of struggle.

New outbursts indicate that people are overdone and more than once, as with a regular ARVI.

So is it worth the risk and replacing human immunity with injections on an ongoing basis? And what are the consequences of this?

Why all countries look only in one direction – WHO guidelines.

We are stubbornly pushed into the abyss, where the injection will become a daily routine

People continue to walk in masks on the street, including children, even when the mandatory wearing of paraphernalia has been officially canceled. Example – Turkey, Spain. This is socialization. When the “global infection” has passed, the bandages on the mouth, a symbol of obedience, will remain (from other ARVIs or as an attribute of clothing, a tribute to tradition).

Could it be that our future is now – bandages on the mouth, hand gels, injections, social distance, restrictions and closed borders? A new culture of a “sterile society”?.

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