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Does gravity exist? the most mysterious force in the universe and the main evidence of the earth’s sphericity

Not many people understand the nature of gravity, and probably no one does. The official definition says that any mass has gravity and attracts other masses. But how big does an object need to be in order to begin having gravity?

The Earth has gravity, the Moon is weaker, but also has, but do meteorites have gravity? It seems not, although they are huge, almost the size of the moon. Earth probes that tried to orbit the asteroids were hit due to the lack of gravity. But after all, following the logic, all objects that have mass must have the properties of attraction, even a mug on a table should attract a pen.

By the way, there is an alternative version which claims that it is not the Earth that attracts a person, but the mass of universal stars itself that pushes a person to the Earth, which has an inverse nature but the same result.

The nature of gravity is unknown, it is not clear what causes masses to attract to each other. But we know why gravity is so important as it is actually the main argument supporting the Earth’s spherical shape.

Only gravity explains the existence of spherical planets, stars, black holes, antimatter, and so on. Remove gravity and everything falls apart like a house of cards. All research by scientists in the field of space over the past 300 years will be meaningless.

But what is the cause of gravity? The usual answer to this is that this is a fundamental property of mass, which means that all masses in the universe must have this property. But as we see, not meteorites, nor the ISS station, nor terrestrial objects such as mountains or high-rise buildings do not have their own gravity, which means that the Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation, created by the way in the damned 1666, is violated or incomplete.

In the 18th century, Henry Cavendish performed an experiment where he fixed two small masses on a wire and they were allegedly attracted to large masses. But this simple experience over the centuries has not only not been repeated – but also refuted. You can repeat it yourself – after all, it is not the masses that matter, but the proportions.

Another strange property of gravity is that it has an incredible instantaneous speed of its gravitational field, faster than the speed of light. It is believed that the Sun, for example, attracts Jupiter without the slightest delay.

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There is also a big problem with the ebb and flow. We were always told that tides are dependable to the attraction of the Moon and the Sun. But if you yourself fix the position of the Moon and the Sun at low tide, you will see that they are not involved in this phenomenon. Any oceanographer knows this but children in schools continue to learn an outdated theory, claiming that the ebb and flow are proof of the moon’s gravity.

It is worth mentioning that if the Moon had an attraction with respect to the Earth, it would not revolve around the Earth, but we would spin together around the center of mass, which would be closer to the Earth but not in its center. We would move in a technically sinusoidal orbit around the Sun, a fact which is also not noticed.

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Now scientists can no longer explain the nature of gravity by simple attraction and they say that gravity bends space-time by pulling it into its curves. It feels like the scientists’ myths are taking them further and further. First black holes, then antimatter, then this. Although we know that the truth is simple.

In fact, there is no proof that masses have attraction. There is some evidence that 60 satellites of the Solar System have no attraction. It is believed that only the Moon has it but we cannot verify that.

As a result, we get that the theory that gravity is caused precisely by the attraction of masses is in a crumbling status, but we have no other theory. And the nature of gravity remains unknown.

We do not deny that there is a natural algorithm, that denser and more voluminous bodies are located closer to our planet, tend to occupy this place, and lighter ones are higher, but the true reason for this remains unknown.

Giant sequoias growing under a 30-story building on a Sierra Nevada slope, where, a decrease in gravity from 72mg to 232mg was recorded! Simply put, it is possible that a place with abnormally weak gravity allowed such giants to grow.

Researchers who are planning to deal with this topic could be warned on potential dangers. For example, a gravity researcher who made very loud conclusions, died under mysterious circumstances at 53 in good health. The cause of death has not been established.

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