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Does Fenbendazole help in the treatment of cancer?

Does Fenbendazole help in the treatment of cancer? 5

A few months ago, information appeared on the web that Fenbendazole not only cleansed dogs from worms, but also cured people of cancer!

The interesting news is that an Oklahoma resident was cured of cancer using Fenbendazole, an anti-worm drug used in veterinary medicine, mainly to disinfect dogs.This news spread all over the world and, as it turned out, gave hope to many people suffering from cancer.

Fenbendazole is a cheap medicine. The package costs only $ 5 and is usually available at every pharmacy.

Does Fenbendazole help in the treatment of cancer? 6

This “discovery” made a particularly strong impression on the people of South Korea. There, this news goes “viral” and thousands of Koreans start buying Fenbendazole. Within a few weeks, they bought all of Fenbendazole’s stock in the country.

Korean doctors and government members vainly warn the public that self-medication with unproven means can lead to many unpleasant side effects, but no one listens to them.

A representative of the Association of Doctors in South Korea said:

“We cannot recommend this medicine in any way, as human clinical trials have never been conducted and its safety for human health has not been confirmed.”

His words were received with enthusiasm, but in a completely different way. People rushed to sign the petition to start clinical trials of Fenbendazole with humans.

Pharmacy salespeople report that they are being contacted by relatives of people with cancer, who consider this drug a last chance for a loved one to be saved. And more of them have to refuse, because it is necessary to take Fenbendazole in the required amounts.

One pharmacist complains:

“Our patients are already very dependent on what they read on the Internet. In recent weeks, we have begun to experience serious difficulties in delivering Fenbendazole. “

Several people in South Korea have already suffered from Fenbendazole overdose, and it’s not just an allergy or a rash. As it turns out, this medicine, without strict dosage, can cause intestinal necrosis.

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However, for most cancer patients in South Korea, it is better to “gain” gut necrosis than to die from a deadly tumor. Therefore, the Fenbendazole obsession there doesn’t seem to go away.

Does Fenbendazole help in the treatment of cancer? 7

Popular Korean comedian Kim Chul Min, suffering from lung cancer, recently denied the words of the authorities and said he was using Fenbendazole and was really feeling better. His pains were halved, and his tests began to show much better results.

Kim Chul Min said:

“I want to completely cure my cancer with Fenbendazole and become a” signal” to all cancer patients. The words of the government were very negative. “

In addition, reports from other people appear on the network stating that soon after taking Fenbendazole, their cancers began to shrink.

One user writes:

“Even if this medicine is toxic, I think it is no more toxic than chemotherapy and radiation therapy. And instead of intimidating people, it would be better for our government to carry out official tests. “


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