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Aliens & UFO's

Documentary to feature claims of back-engineered UFO technology

Documentary to feature claims of back-engineered UFO technology 1

A new documentary is in the works about the discoveries of aerospace illustrator, Mark McCandlish. He says information has been shared with him about an Alien Reproduction Vehicle built by the military using technology that has been back engineered from alien technology.

McCandlish says that in 1988 he and a friend were planning on attending an air show at Norton Air Force Base. McCandlish ended up having to cancel due to a last minute illustration needed by Popular Mechanics. However, his friend went and through a well connected acquaintance, was able to gain entrance to a secured area of the base with a special display for politicians and military personnel with high level security clearances.

His friend told him that in this display were three flying saucers floating above the ground. They made no sound. One of them had the side panels removed so that you could see inside. There was also a monitor showing a video of these craft being test-flown. They made “hopping” maneuvers, and then could shoot straight up at incredible speeds. All while making no sound.

The craft were referred to as Alien Reproduction Vehicles (ARVs), and also had the nickname, the “Flux Liner.” McCandlish says he believes these are part of a secret program that has been around for decades.

Using his friend’s description, McCandlish sketched the vehicle. He has since done research on how he believes the technology works. He says they use zero-point energy, a concept originally theorized by Albert Einstein.

The feature length documentary on McCandlish’s research is titled Zero-Point: The Story of Mark McCandlish and the Flux Liner. It is being made by James Allen, a filmmaker, photographer and 3D designer from Savannah, Georgia.

He recently told Savannah Now, “I found it amazing that Mark has never had another project of this scope done about him. His personal story and the topics around it have never been given this sort of attention.”

Allen says the film is nearly complete, but he does need some help with funding to finish it off. He is planning on launching a Kickstarter campaign, but first he is holding a local screening to get viewer feedback. He wants to get input on what changes to make before going into his final edit.

ARV Model

Open Minds Production’s ARV model. (Credit: Open Minds Production)

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The screening is being sponsored by the Psychotronic Film Society of Savannah, a group that gets together weekly to watch indie movies. The screening of Zero-Point: The Story of Mark McCandlish and the Flux Liner will be at the Sentient Bean Coffeehouse and Vegetarian Restaurant on June 2 at 8 pm. The entry is $7, and Allen will be present to talk about his movie and answer questions.


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