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Documentary maker states: “Alien Implants” deserve a thorough study!

His name is Jeremy Corbell and he is a documentary maker of paranormal phenomena. Some time ago Jeremy became interested in UFOs, Aliens but more exactly in Abductions and Alien Implants. He believed that documenting scheduled surgery to remove an alien implant was a way of showing people the truth that was too crude but out of his documentary style.

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But after numerous requests it was decided to do so, focusing on one of the main characters of his documentary, namely the famous surgeon Roger Leir who passed away on March 14, 2014. Leir was a prestigious and prominent figure in scientific research, as well as the evidence irrefutable on the Extraterrestrial presence, but above all on the cases of Abductions. Documentary filmmaker Corbell said that Leir died while he was putting his documentary together (during editing).

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Roger Leir was the pioneer, one of the most important leaders in the search for concrete evidence at an international level, involved in the field of extraterrestrial phenomena. (credit: OpenMindsTV)

Leir and his team of surgeons performed 17 operations on alleged alien kidnapping victims, resulting in thirteen different objects believed to be “implants“. These have been scientifically studied in some of the most prestigious laboratories in the world, including the Los Alamos National Labs, New Mexico Tech and the University of California in San Diego. The discoveries were amazing and some comparisons were made with meteorite samples.

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At the center of the image Prof. Roger Leir while performing an removal operation of an Alien Plant (below)

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Dr Leir has also been involved in research into other areas related to concrete evidence of ET attendance. He also traveled to Brazil and carried out extensive research into the Brazilian case of the extraterrestrial of Varginha. In 2003, Dr. Leir, in collaboration with the National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS) and other world scientists, completed a study on DNA contained in an alien implant in a famous California alien abduction case. The professor, since childhood, has shown interest in extraterrestrial phenomena and has sighted several unidentified flying objects.

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Above: an enlargement made through an electron microscope of a small alien implant

He also experienced two NDE’s (near death experiences). For this reason, his cousin Kenneth Ring ph.D., illustrious author of numerous books including the Omega Project, has given all his personal research concerning Ufology to Dr. Leir. Over the past 15 years, he has followed research on the topic with great intensity. Later, he worked as a medical consultant at MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) and got the position of State Section Director for Ventura County and Santa Barbara.

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Finally. the documentary filmmaker Corbell, aware of the alien implant phenomenon, even if it seems very sci-fi, is convinced that it deserves a more in-depth study with research and tests that should be done very seriously after also the research and scientific analysis carried out by Prof. Roger Leir in the laboratories of Los Alamos National Labs.


Aliens & UFO's

Photos of UFO debris collected from a UFO crash site in Canada

Interesting information, including photographs of UFO debris collected after its crash in Canada, was found among declassified documents.

While the US has officially denied that any UFO crashes have ever occurred on their land, Canada has already revealed several previously top secret documents.

Thanks to their declassification, we have three different reports on the crash of a UFO, including two that describe the debris collected at the crash site of a UFO.

One file even shows that the U.S. Air Force wanted access to the wreckage in Canada, which is not surprising given the deep ties of both countries to UFO investigations and reporting procedures known as CIRVIS.

The UFO debris shown in the photo above, especially by its unusual surface shape, it can be assumed that technology was used to create electromagnetic fields that dynamically compress or expand space-time locally around the aircraft, probably no more than a few millimeters or even less than that .

If you want to understand why these objects are compressed or expand on all sides or are modified, you can give the example of the concept of “Lorentz contraction” and controlled gravitational lensing – the closest explanation that is currently clear.

The Lorentz contraction, also called the relativistic contraction of the length of a moving body or scale, is the effect predicted by relativistic kinematics, which means that from the point of view of the observer, objects moving relative to him have a shorter length (linear dimensions in the direction of motion) than their own length. 

The factor expressing the apparent compression of sizes, the more different from 1, the greater the speed of the object. The effect is significant only if the speed of the object relative to the observer is comparable to the speed of light.

A gravitational lens is a massive body that changes its direction of propagation of electromagnetic radiation with its gravitational field, just as a conventional lens changes the direction of a light beam. 

Gravity lenses can significantly distort the image of a background object.

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Aliens & UFO's

Vatican translator: Alien god is the creator of Homo Sapiens

The Vatican translator and Italian religious scholar Mauro Biglino shares the view that the original Jewish Bible and the Old Testament is not a religious document, but rather a historical text about the origin of homo sapiens. 

– He claims that the original text explains that human beings were genetically modified and created by a developed race, using their genetics and the genetics of other primates already on Earth

– The Bible clearly says that God dies just like all people

– the bible explains that we were formed with the DNA of our creators

– The Bible tells us that our creators traveled on flying objects

– The Bible quotes a direct link between UFOs and Sumerians

– The glory of God was actually … UFO

– The Bible refers to giants and tells where to find their testimonies

– Angels mentioned in the Old Testament, where they are perceived as spiritual beings, but do not exist.

“The ten commandments written in stone were not the ones previously reported.”

– John the Theologian drew his mystical teachings from the Hellenistic literature of his time

– and much more, for example, the fact that the Church recognizes that the Old Testament knew about aliens.

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Aliens & UFO's

In Michigan, a surveillance camera recorded the one who mutilated hens. It turned out to be a UFO

In the US state of Michigan, one resident was worried that he found mutilated chickens in a fenced-in chicken coop every morning. Moreover, something cut out the back of the birds and their bodies were bled.

The owner of the chicken house installed a camera aimed at the house. When looking through it’s recordings, he found out that on July 1 of this year at 1.44 a small UFO flew up from the chicken coop.

This small luminous thing looks like a toy drone with flashlights, but it’s not a drone, because it takes off from the thick grass, which is impossible for a drone. Moreover: as the author of the video suspects – this thing dismembers his farm chickens, which he often finds with surgically removed fragments of the body. 

Now he wonders what is going on. They live in a rural area in Michigan, and of course they didn’t add optimism to such incidents … Nobody launches any drones there. This is a farm, private land.

So, what is this glowing UFO that flies into the chicken coop and mutilates chickens, cutting out their internal organs.

UFO’s are just all over the place

Mexico, July 3:

Latin America, July 5th:

To believe that this is not a fake is very difficult, but this “flying wing” was first seen in Cuba a couple of years ago and has been appearing regularly since then: 

And here is not just a UFO, but aliens jumping out of a portal or from a mother ship, hidden by a cloud:

It is not indicated where this video was recored, since the owner of the channel simply collects such things, finding them on social networks. Judging by the architecture of the building that got into the frame, it is somewhere in Southeast Asia.

Another cloud shot in Milan on June 15:

Russia, June 20:

As the author of the video writes in the comments, this thing flew in May, but no one managed to take tape it then, but now the camera was at hand. Moreover, the place of filming is noteworthy – the city of Sestroretsk, near St. Petersburg. Just at that moment, the media wrote about the incomprehensible movement of military equipment in the area and the cancellation of train traffic “because of a fallen tree”.

Egypt, July 8th:

And this is China:

We could not trace the final source of the video, but it is now being circulated on Chinese social networks and it doesnt look like a fake:

The video was shot in Guangdong (this is where Hong Kong goes further to the sea). On the eve of China has already been in the top of the paranormal news, because there was something wildly roaring in the mountains and no one could explain what it is. And here, it seems, a possible reason for such sounds hung over the earth – a hefty UFO with aliens. 

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