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Do people live inside the hollow earth? Inner Earth has over 4 billion inhabitants?

Do people live inside the hollow earth? Inner Earth has over 4 billion inhabitants? 1

Every day, more and more information appears in the media about our Earth, and in particular, that our planet has a hollow internal structure, which could also be inhabited by an intelligent race. Lets take a look at the information received from the former US Air Force Colonel, Bailey Woodward, who served in a secret facility called “Area 51”.

In his notes on this subject, Woodward says that he served there from 1971 to 1982 and during this period of time, he descended six times to a depth of 308 miles. He learned that under “Area 51”, at a great depth, there are mysterious tunnels. These tunnels were built by the highly evolved beings who live there. 

Their height is from 11.4 to 13 feet. They told him that the first 15 floors were built by human hands, and the rest, from the 16th to the 27th floor, belong to the most ancient underground civilizations and were built by them. So Woodward began working in Area 51, Nevada, also known as Area S4.

Bailey Woodward while serving at the Area 51 facility.
Bailey Woodward while serving at the Area 51 facility.

After three weeks at the site, Woodward had a new job ahead of him and was given the rank of colonel because his rank of first lieutenant was not suitable for a position at the site. Thus began his work in this “institution”, in which there were more than 150 thousand employees, 85 percent of whom were military personnel and only 15 civilians. 

Woodward writes:

“On arrival at the site, I was taken underground and did not see the light for eleven and a half years.”

Hollow Earth

What are these tunnels?

The walls of the tunnels are very smooth, they resemble marble finishes and are made of impenetrable metal material. The surface of these walls cannot be cut even with a laser drill. Laser is unable to penetrate this surface. These tunnels are wide enough for vehicles with 6.5 – 10 feet wheels to pass freely and are used to move equipment and people anywhere in the world.

The inhabitants of the Inner Earth use machines, huge ships, craft to quickly move a large number of people and these creatures anywhere. The length of the large shuttlecraft is approximately 1300 feet. The smaller shuttle has a length of about 1000 feet, it was in such a shuttle that Bailey Woodward was. 

The speed of these shuttles is faster than the speed of sound, and they can travel from Area 51 to the main interior of the Earth in less than 10 Earth minutes, approximately 5-6 minutes and you are there. The material from which they are made is the same substance as the skin of the spacecraft in Roswell. The shuttles run on electromagnetic energy using the earth’s grid.

What do these representatives of the Inner Earth look like?

Woodward calls them operators, and this is what he says about them:

“The operators I mentioned earlier are from 11.4 to 13 feet tall. They look like us, but are much more highly developed and communicate through telepathy. Men have beards, and women have flawless skin, amazingly clear complexions, their attitude towards people makes us anxious, they see where we humans are going.

The Inner Earth is home to seven civilizations that are governed by the Principles of Harmony. They understand and speak all the languages ​​of the Earth. Their knowledge of medicine is phenomenal. Diseases do not enter their bodies, it is forbidden, they know how to control it.

The inhabitants of the Hollow Earth have the ability to split the ocean floor and create a whirlwind, like in the Bermuda Triangle. These vortices have seven different levels. And equipment and creatures are introduced and placed according to these different levels. The vortices act as doorways to enter or exit the hollow interior of the Earth.”

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Further, Bailey Woodward writes:

“The inner people were very free and showed me everything, very clearly showing and explaining exactly what was happening around. They did not hold back anything and did not hide anything.”

“They always ask permission when they work with nature. They always ask permission from plants before they eat them or cut them down. They ask Mother Earth before they build on her. They build in such a way that the landscapes of the Earth best suit their environment. They have a desire to always be with nature, they are more spiritually advanced than surface dwellers, and have great respect for Mother Earth.”

Their atmosphere is crystal clear, usually there are clouds at times, but nothing like rain clouds. The temperature is constant at 73 degrees Fahrenheit, which is about 23 degrees Celsius. The inner people communicate directly with the animals, and the animals directly “talk” to them. They don’t have to save because everything is free. There are no people who are richer, there are no people who are poorer.

Hollow Earth

There are airships, on the surface we call them flying saucers, in which there is a part of them. Parts of their personality are involved in the creation of the airbox, through the thought process, due to their very powerful minds. This makes their airships perfect in design and use in motion.

It’s even hard for us to imagine such a level of development and only a few people on the surface have such abilities to create, due to the suppression of childhood abilities by religion, education, family fears. The Inner Earth people are allowed to enter the space of their imagination, and they create there.

Hollow Earth

When humanity on the surface of the Earth enters the first phase of the fourth dimension, the people of the Inner Earth will make contact with us. The people of the Surface of the Earth are so carried away by their egos that they cannot live in harmony with each other and the world around them. People who practice meditation can get in touch with representatives of the Hollow Earth

There is a network of tunnels that lead to Europe, South America and several other continents. And there is an interweaving of this huge network of tunnels around the globe that many governments use. They don’t want to tell us anything but believe it or not, they still exist, regardless of our opinion or judgment. It’s time for us to wake up from a thousand-year hibernation.

Do people live inside the hollow earth? Inner Earth has over 4 billion inhabitants? 2

Bailey Woodward left the Air Force as a result of government scrutiny and in order not to disseminate such information, as he really wanted to share this with humanity. And he succeeded. 

Following his revelations, he was deprived of all social and pension benefits, etc. They thought that no one would believe him and the public would consider him crazy. But he still does not remain silent.

Latest scientific theories on the earth’s core

According to the latest data obtained from scanning the earth’s crust, there are two oceans there (it was previously thought that there was only one) and mountain ranges, whose peaks grow towards the center, towards the Earth’s core. 

Moreover, they are gigantic and their height (lower) reaches hundreds of miles in the lower layers of the mantle. This is the data from the scan results of Chinese scientists. The scans also showed that the temperature of the mantle rises and then falls.

hell according to Homer
Hell according to Homer.

US geophysicists Steve Jacobson and Brand Shamant from Princeton University argue, based on their research, that the core of the planet is a small thermonuclear reactor (analogue to a small star) and conclude that life exists both on the surface of the planet and in its depths.

Hell according to Dante
Hell according to Dante.

According to data of an international geophysicist consortium, it is established that there are abnormally large cavities inside the planet and they contain 8-10 times more oxygen than on the surface of the planet. That is, there may also be life.


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