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Do NOT grow crops: It looks like the globalists are preparing a global famine?

Do NOT grow crops: It looks like the globalists are preparing a global famine? 1

USDA INTENTIONALLY creates a FOOD CRISIS. They send “Letters of Destruction” to American farmers informing them that they have “X” days to DESTROY THEIR HARVEST, for which they will be paid 1.5 times the value of the crop. Otherwise, farmers will face the loss of agricultural subsidies, leading to bankruptcy! covered this story a few months ago, but few believed it. They now have a few more videos from several more farmers showing the USDA eradication letters and confirming that the government is actually paying farmers to destroy crops on the land.

Worse, they also talk about this business, that is, Drain all supplies of fuel and oils onto the roads or into the ground. The command is given under the pretext of stabilizing oil prices. If the owners of the fuel refuse to throw away the oil they own, they risk tens of thousands of dollars in fines!

Take a look at what our tax money is being used for: creating food shortages and driving up oil prices. By controlling food, they will have absolute control over people. You will complain – they will cut off your food and fuel supplies. If you vote against them, you get the same thing. 

Our own civil servants, whose jobs exist to serve us, spend our money to deprive us of food!

In the video above, the farmer talks about how the government buys agricultural land to NOT grow crops, “fighting the climate crisis at home and abroad.” In another excerpt, farmers drain their stocks of oils to “stabilize the oil market,” in a third, containers arrive at the port, but workers are not allowed to unload them. And then we are surprised that components and spare parts have disappeared from the warehouses.  

In general, watch how our own government prepares to deliberately starve us.

The video above is more than a month old and while it was such of great importance, few people paid attention to it, but now there are a lot of videos, borrowed mainly from HERE. Thus, the problem is real.

However, in this case, it is not just a single great supreme leader that is being merged, but the entire world economy. And ahead of the rest of the world so far, Australia, where troops overtook the cities and announced that until 70% of the population were vaccinated, the soldiers would not leave. And New South Wales Prime Minister Berejiklyan, added that even when the soldiers leave, the unvaccinated residents should be prepared for the fact that they will not be able to enjoy their freedoms.

In response to these measures, truckers have announced an indefinite strike since August 31st and asked fellow citizens to buy the latest groceries in stores:

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In general, each country has its own nuances, but the final link in the chain of actions of the authorities is a total disruption of supplies, food and commodity shortages, perhaps even a complete collapse of infrastructure. Naturally, people will have enough reserves for some time, but in the future, the world is preparing something like a global massive blockade.


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