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Do animals walk in circles to protect against predators? Or something big is coming which threatens us all?

What is the logic behind the animals moving in circles in different regions of the planet? Some believe these phenomena have to do with large earthquakes that have occurred in the last few days but perhaps also with larger ones to come.

The great mystery of the sheep! Hundreds of sheep walked in a circle for over 10 days in Inner Mongolia, Northern China. The sheep are healthy and the reason for the strange behavior remains a mystery.

Sheep have been filmed walking in a circle ‘for 12 days’ in Mongolia. So what’s the deal?

The news that sheep began to walk in circles in China very quickly spread around the world and, as a result, many people began to share videos with similar observed anomalies.

Meanwhile, the problem is growing and has already spread to horses in Mongolia:

Some strange things happen also to birds:

Birds fly in circles:

25 Roosters circle around a dead cat. Why do they move around a dead animal and what are they trying to protect with their formation?

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In Mexico, a bunch of caterpillars went a little crazy:

Ants went also lunatic:

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In the next video of wild animals, they explain that the circle that the animals move in is to protect the small and weak animals from predators. Outside we see the healthy strong animals and inside the small and weak ones. 

The reason for movement in the circle is literally to protect the species from predators. And the predators are many, visible and invisible, but it can also be the survival instinct from something unprecedented. 

In general, something strange happens to animals and people with all sorts of explanations appearing online. The most popular are vaccinations and 5G:

However, we are not biased people, but objective ones, and therefore we see the following. 

In fact, the walking of animals in circles is not exactly an anomaly, since it occurs in nature and most often found in deer that see a wolf or a hunter. The phenomenon is also observed with birds detecting an eagle. Then the flock lines up in a ring and starts running or flying in circles, confusing the predator. However, there is a problem: there are no wolves, sharks, or eagles on all the videos currently being posted by users.

In other words, animals feel threatened and begin to defend themselves as if from some kind of predator, since there are no other threats in their neural program. But what kind of threat it is and where it comes from? 

Man, unlike animals, tends to walk in circles. Animals have something like a natural built-in navigator. Therefore, they usually do not go around in circles without intention. Apparently the “navigator” is failing. Or vice versa, the signals have changed, and their navigator is in order.

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Scientists have even studied this phenomenon on humans. It is especially manifested when a person gets lost in the forest, does not see the sun and begins to walk in circles. Previously, this was explained by the asymmetry of the body. But according to new research, it has to do with how the brain works. The research results can be read here.

Perhaps something very big is happening on the planet and the animals are sensing it. Or maybe it is the toppling of the planet that is coming due to the reduction of the earth’s magnetic field as we know from science itself.


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