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Do Aliens Really Exist? Check Out These Supernatural Hotspots

Do Aliens Really Exist? Check Out These Supernatural Hotspots 1

It doesn’t take a serious conspiracy theory skeptic to realize that just because there isn’t a clear-cut explanation for why a huge structure, mural or other such impressive region exists, that doesn’t mean that it was formed by aliens.

When cross-referencing the locations mentioned above to Betway’s list of global superstitions and beliefs, you’ll notice some commonalities.

In particular, the people of the United States are very superstitious, believing in things such as Hoppin’ John, a luck-bringing dish that’s eaten on New Year’s Day, Barnstars which are five-pointed stars painted on barns to bring different benefits, and the gilded, financial power-offering grasshopper of Faneuil Hall.

With this in mind, it’s not difficult to see why so many other places in the United States, Area 51-included, have superstitious and even alien beliefs connected to them; people in the region already appear to be of a superstitious mindset.

Likewise, in the United Kingdom, superstitions include not wanting to walk under ladders, lucky numbers, and wearing certain pieces of clothing in order to bring good fortune. As such, headlines in newspapers like The Mirror confirming that UK police forces have had to investigate UFO sightings begin to become a little less surprising.

Most places around the world have their own superstitions – a blog hosted by computer-giants Microsoft allowed people from around the world to share their cultures’, with South Korea’s belief that a fan in an enclosed room can be fatal kicking things off.

And, it’s not just the most outlandish things that become superstitions, Yahoo published a list of the most popular, based on a survey by Ranker, which listed blessing someone after a sneeze ninth.

Whether that means a strong attachment to particular lucky charms, some sort of connection to the calendar (e.g China’s year of-), or a belief in a particular creature.

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But do these places and the beliefs held by their citizens come down to alien involvement?

Or are they based on some sort of ancient science?

It’s difficult to say, and this is why so many continue to believe they’re connected to aliens.


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