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Dispatchers at a Canadian airport: “Two aircraft reported seeing UFOs almost at the same time!”

Dispatchers at a Canadian airport: "Two aircraft reported seeing UFOs almost at the same time!" 1

According to a report posted Aug. 11 to the Canadian government’s aviation incident database, which collects information about incidents with aircraft, a message has appeared about a UFO encounter. It was reported by the dispatch service of the airport of the Canadian city of Gander, after it received reports from the crews of two separate aircrafts — one military and one commercial, following parallel courses. A Canadian military aircraft was heading from Canada to Germany, a civilian KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (Airbus A330-300) from the United States to Amsterdam.

As noted in a special form, employees of the control center located on the island of Newfoundland, the object was bright, glowed green and moved. It flew into the cloud and disappeared. They did not provide any other details. They only assured that there was no tangible external influence from the UFO and no one was hurt.

From the same form, it followed that the crews observed a UFO at night (0155Z) on July 30, 2021 over the Gulf of St. Lawrence near the coast of the Canadian island of Newfoundland.

The UFO encounter took place over the Gulf of St. Lawrence.
The UFO encounter took place over the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

The facts given by the air traffic controllers were checked by renowned aviation expert Steffan Watkins – he found both flights on radars. They really followed parallel courses – the crews could well see the same object. The distance between the military and civilian aircraft was approximately 40 kilometers, that is, it was large enough, from which we can conclude: either the object was shining very brightly, or it was of an impressive size.

Watkins noticed:

At the time indicated in the form, the military plane, traveling at an altitude of about 9 thousand meters, slightly changed course and climbed 300 meters. Apparently, as the expert decided, the crew decided to take a closer look at the UFO. But did the pilots see anything other than the bright green light? Unknown.

The planes from which the UFO was visible followed parallel courses.
The planes from which the UFO was visible followed parallel courses.

The civil liner, which was at an altitude of 11 thousand meters, did not perform maneuvers.

According to the dispatchers, the crews of both aircraft reported a UFO that was moving in front of them, almost simultaneously and they passed almost the same coordinates of the object.

The operators did not see UFOs on radar. But the fact that the object did not appear there at all, they do not undertake to assert. Now all the recordings have been transferred, as they put it, to another department, which is conducting in-depth processing of radar readings, exploring a wider period of time and a larger radius. The results of this examination will be announced, it is believed, in Gander.

According to dispatchers, it is not surprising that the crews reported UFOs. They are obliged to report all the oddities happening around, because these oddities – can threaten the safety of flights, including all those nearby.

UFO incidents are often reported by pilots. But this does not mean that they come across aliens every now and then. An analysis of documented and properly researched observations shows that in 99 percent of cases, objects turn out to be something terrestrial – meteors, thunderclouds, volcanic dust emissions, ball lightning and even aurora flashes.

NVYa: a snapshot from the board of an American destroyer.
A snapshot from the board of a US destroyer.

One percent of encounters still remain unexplained, as did the recent one with a green UFO, which also attracted attention by the fact that the object was reported by the crews of two planes, independently of each other.

Passengers of the KLM liner would probably tell about the sighting of UFOs – for example, in social networks. But nothing of the kind ever appeared for an understandable reason: the UFO flew in front, not from the side. That is, it was only visible from the cockpit.

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The encounter over Canada was the first after a series of similar reports from US naval pilots, who also observed UFOs mainly in coastal areas. As if objects disappeared somewhere and now they have returned.

US pilots – especially military ones – were also obliged to report UFO sightings – unidentified aerial phenomena – as they have recently been called and the crews are required to fill out the appropriate forms – in much more detail than is customary in Canada.

The US military department, which has recently been very closely engaged in unidentified air phenomena , cannot explain their nature. But they do not want to admit that aliens are somehow involved.

The nature of UFOs was no secret to former Canadian Defense Secretary Paul Hellier. He had no doubt that UFOs are “flying saucers”, repeatedly and publicly declaring that representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations are on Earth.


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