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Disney released the first animated series about the adventure of the Antichrist

Disney released the first animated series about the adventure of the Antichrist 1
Little Demon. (c) FXX

As Baron John Maynard Keynes noted more than a hundred years ago, demand creates supply. Therefore, if many people are terribly interested in the topic of demons, vampires, and so on, Hollywood will make films to meet this demand. 

However, the problem is that Hollywood dedicates at least 25% of its production to various kinds of demons and demonic hybrids. Over twenty hyped and expensive series on this topic have been released recently which is rather strange, as 50 years ago, movies about demons or vampires they were a rarity and all fans of the topic were happy. But now this is clearly overkill.

And so, now we see something new – the adventures of the Antichrist as a kids series which does not clearly fit into the law of supply and demand. Children have no demand at all – they either watch what their parents allow them, or what the TV shows. 

Disney has released its new animated series called Little Demon from Danny DeVito and Dan Harmon, who gave the world Rick and Morty and Community, and from the looks of it, the level of insanity is going to go through the roof.

In the center of the plot will be a reluctant mother, who was impregnated 13 years ago by Satan himself. Now, together with her daughter, the Antichrist, she is trying to live a normal life, but this is constantly interfered with by unclean forces, including, in fact, Satan, who is eager to take possession of the soul of his offspring.

Satan really wants to actively participate in the life and upbringing of his 13-year-old daughter called Chrissy, so her mother has to swing hard in order to fend off overly annoying demons if something happens. Well, Chrissy remains unsuccessfully looking for a balance between two parents and two realities.

They say that in the series there is demonic witchcraft, pagan rituals, a sea of ​​​​blood and sex.

All this looks very strange and one might think that children are already being prepared in advance for cohabitation with demons on planet Earth. So far, of course, it is not very clear when the demons will drop their masks and shine with scales and horns in the news releases, but, apparently, this moment will not be long in coming. 


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