“Disk of Death”: what could be the origin of the mysterious artifact from Teotihuacan?

One of the most mysterious artifacts of the “city of the Gods”, the so-called “Disk of Death”, has been generating a lot of unanswered questions for many years. Various researchers are building hypotheses, from the prosaic that this is part of a ritual structure, to the most alternative, confirming the theory of the encounter of our distant ancestors with extraterrestrial intelligence.

Researchers discovered the artifact near the Great Pyramid of the Sun, in an ancient settlement back in 1963. It would seem that the easiest option is to connect the find with the cult of worship of our sun but its appearance does not fit with the Sun totems. In the center of the ribbed circle, there is no bright face, but something terrible, as if a warning. Moreover, there is not a single image on the great pyramid itself that even slightly resembles the “Disk”.

However, it is difficult to make concrete conclusions as time has washed away all the plaster and paint from the pyramid of the Sun. It is quite possible that the Disc of Death was originally a logical part of the complex and moreover, the general style of stone carving is quite consistent with this.

The image of a skull sticking out its tongue led researchers to the theory that the “Disk” is associated with Mictlāntēcutli, the cult of the Aztec god of death. It is believed that the item was used during rituals, being a symbol of the deity.

Scientists are still arguing about its purpose – the skull in the middle of this circle led them to the idea that this is an image of Miktlantekuhtli – as the Aztecs called the god of death.

Researchers are amazed by the artifact’s filigree execution. The “skull” has been framed with completely smooth, perfectly even teeth which create a kind of halo around it reminiscent of saints on ancient icons. Moreover, the rock piece is processed so accurately and efficiently that it suggests the use of high-tech tools.

However, if you look even more closely, you can understand that the “nimbus” of the artifact is nothing more than a gear. Apparently, the creators of the disc at one time partially copied some high-tech detail. A creepy image in the middle was placed as a warning: “Do not enter, or else you will be killed!”. The protruding tongue, in the Mexican version, is in parallel with similar findings in ancient Sumer and ancient India. There are suggestions about the grandiose upheavals that occur in a certain period, the changes of the zodiacal constellations at the point of sunrise. So, it is likely that this very “somersault” brings big trouble.

Nothing prevented this item from becoming a cult item and being used in some rituals. So scientists who claim that this is evidence of the religiosity of the Aztec predecessors may well be right.

The name of the city organically fits into this hypothesis. Teotihuacan translates as “the place where people became gods” or “the place where the gods descended to Earth” or “the place where the gods were born.”

The Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan is found along the Avenue of the Dead, between the Temple of Quetzalcoatl and the Pyramid of the Moon.

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There are many variations for the name translation. Moreover, the author of each defends only its correctness, citing reinforced concrete arguments. We will not get stuck on this, any translation fits well into the hypothesis put forward.

It turns out that the “Disk of Death” is direct evidence that the ancient builders of Teotihuacan had direct contact with some highly developed civilization.

Moreover, the city itself could have been built as a ground base for the aliens, some sort of spaceport. The layout of the city itself also leads to this scenario.

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If we imagine that it was built like all ordinary human cities, for the protection and comfort of the inhabitants, then many questions arise. And if we accept that this is not a city, but a kind of transhipment base, with a minimum of necessary facilities, then everything falls into place.

To save resources, it was built from local resources using labor by lightly trained sentients, only occasionally utilizing some form of technology. The layout and geometry of structures, gives out the array of knowledge that the builders owned which does not fit in with the level of the Stone Age man.

Perhaps even, aliens flown through space to our planet were limed to the extend of knowledge they could transfer to locals to build anything implicit or symbolic to them. Although they could have a whole ship in orbit as a base as well descent shuttles, the “alien tech” print left for future civilizations is just cobblestones and rock formations.

Hundreds, and perhaps thousands of years after the departure of highly developed aliens, the newly feral humans deified everything, even the most prosaic detail of this place. Their true purpose has been forgotten. Only the memory remains that they were used by the “gods”.


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