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Digital slavery as a brain child of a perverted consciousness in the highest echelons of power. How to avoid consequences?

With the improvement of technology, the ability to control everything and everyone has increased incredibly. People are afraid of the consequences of such control. But how to reduce the negative impact of such control on human destiny?

Let’s imagine a distant or not-so-distant future, where every dark corner of every provincial village is already equipped with a video camera, every person has a social rating, a transparent financial history and a limited set of opportunities that they can dispose of.

With technology comes rapid globalization. Language barriers are being broken, corporations and people-brands are gaining power.

But it is very likely that when you become an adult, you will find yourself in debt to a bunch of people (or companies) you don’t even know, and the price of ransoming your identity will be so high that not everyone will be able to pay it.

Now let’s rewind the time a little back and think about what we should do now and what we should not do in order to come to this “new world” in the strongest position.

It is very important to understand that it is not the control itself that is dangerous, but the retribution for those actions that would not have been noticeable before. For example, we often see people coughing on the street and we think that the person doing this does not realize that he is doing something harmful due to the low level of culture. The retribution for such behavior is natural and is rather a plus of total control.

Also, before moving on to the description of actions, we want to mention the importance of financial well-being and independence. This is the most important issue of the “new world”, because the more financial opportunities you have, which you know how to protect and increase, the more benefits you can derive from the new situation.

What not to do:

1. Don’t waste your energy worrying. It is better to spend it on something that will bring you maximum protection and benefit. The information field is designed to exhaust people. Do not watch TV or other sources of noise.

2. Do not be under the illusion that the process of collecting data about you can be avoided. It should be understood that everything is already known about most of the people who in one way or another interacted with social networks, mobile phones and the banking system.

3. You should not accumulate financial liabilities of any kind: loans requiring servicing, physical liabilities. Luxury is a trap, even though it looks sweet. This is the main hook of our world, be a smart fish.

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4. Refuse augmentation (replacing body parts with cyber prostheses) at least for the first time, unless absolutely necessary. Failures and maintenance will eat up too much attention that could be better spent.

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What to do:

1. Increase your level of awareness. If you realize that it is right to clean up after your dog (cyber dog) is right, that throwing cigarette butts past the trash can is disgusting, then following these simple rules will not only save you from fines, but, on the contrary, will benefit society. It is necessary to extract the greatest benefit from control, without unduly restricting freedoms.

2. Take care of your health. Health is one of the highest expenses, especially if you are sick. The basis of health is nutrition. Study materials on how to eat properly and try what suits you. In the new world, you cannot simply replace a failing organ with a healthy one, everything in the body is interconnected, you will have to implant more and more new systems, this is expensive and irrational.

3. You must be an expert in finance, at least within the family. Money must be kept in various forms: cash, cryptocurrency, bank accounts, gold (physical). You need to understand how to handle these forms, how to store them safely, exchange them quickly, and replenish them. Do not trust financial advisors; it is better to understand this issue personally.

4. It is necessary to focus on those things that robots cannot do, at least in the foreseeable future. If all your expertise is moving heavy things, then you can easily be replaced by a robot, so you should learn something more complex.

The consumer society is a dead-end branch of development and only a complete egoist at the lowest levels, and a perverted consciousness in the highest echelons of power, can strive for it. An ignorant oligarchy that owns, or rather has appropriated, most of the funds of society, is absolutely not the best part of humanity, trying to seize power over the minds, body and spirit of the population.

At the faces of all these ruling elites, in their eyes and even their features you can clearly see the bestial, inhuman grin. People say correctly: God marks the rogue.

How human “progress” is pictured in their inflamed and perverted consciousness, and where they are leading, is clearly and unvarnishedly written in the “works” of Jacques Attali. And this simply won’t happen.

Actually, these people do not need industry or production. And total control and management of human consciousness. All these prosthetics and junk things are just a hook and bait for the jumping dragonflies, who do not think about their offspring and tomorrow.


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