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Did the Simpsons predict the biggest calamity in the history of mankind taking place on May 18th?

The End Times Forecaster has pleased us with another epic horror story. In his opinion, a great catastrophe will occur on May 18th, at 3:15 am US time. What is this information based on? 

Back in 2005, the 19th episode of the 16th season of The Simpsons was released on TV screens:

The plot is based on the fact that Homer, or his dad, or some other character ran and warned everyone about the End of the World:

Everyone liked the episode so much that the the ‘end is near’ frame became a meme, although the details behind it are a slightly different:

As you can see, Homer approached the calculations with mathematical precision and, according to his estimate, the Apocalypse will happen around May 18-19 of some incomprehensible year:

Then the Simpson characters began to wait eagerly and under a lot of tension for the End of the World, but since the exact year was not defined, it did not come.

The situation was about the same in real life. The Simpsons are known for their predictions, so their subliminal message was taken seriously by the country and the people, packing emergency suitcases on the eve of every May 18th.

Then the whole thing was abandoned, however, as HT Karen noticed, when the End of the World did finally come, it came on the exact day and hour and the Simpson family found out about it from the box, while switching channels. 

The box at that time was on the 23rd channel:

Furthermore, it was already quite easy to add up the balance and build up, as a result of which the desired date May 18th, 2023 was obtained.

As The End Times Forecaster suggests, the authors of The Simpsons are in no way real prophets, so their information about the time of the Rapture (which is what was shown in the cartoon) should be treated with caution. 

Therefore, we can probably talk about a false Rapture, about some kind of mass abductions by people by little green men, and so on. 

However, we can’t help but notice that short time predictions for a global catastrophe are somehow quite dense lately: May 15th, May 17th, May 18th, early June.

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Two years ago, a Canadian seismologist, @mxdondevivo, predicted the eruption of the Canarian volcano Cumbre Vieja with an accuracy of up to a week:

@mxdondevivo’s theory is that, according to his observations, in the area indicated by him with a red dot, there is a blockage of the movement of tectonic plates, which is spreading globally.

All plates normally slide freely over the mantle, similar to how ice floes behave in the spring on a river. But something happened to this movement, a block was formed, and now the world is waiting for a mega-detente, which will most likely end with the appearance of a new picture of the lithosphere. That is, one of the largest plates will crack and two or three will appear in its place. 

Starting from his revolutionary seismological theory, @mxdondevivo predicted the Canary volcano and since then regularly makes accurate predictions regarding the region of interest to him – that is, the junction of Australia with the Pacific Ocean. He also forecasted the earthquake in the Kingdom of Tonga with an accuracy of up to a week:

According to his calculations, a world changing earthquake should happen no later than June 2023. 

The situation is also complicated by the fact that in mid-May 2023, a few Protestants living in the state of Washington predicted some kind of huge seismic catastrophe. 

There is also ‘Knowing’, a movie directed by Alex Proyas starring Nicolas Cage, in which the ultimate global catastrophe associated with the Sun is scheduled for May 15, 2023. 

At the same time, according to spaceweather.com, the Sun continues to behave weird and after four M-class flares in 36 hours, it gave out two more in a row:

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