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Did the Men in Black “forced” the Marines to cancel UFO Tic-Tac trials?

Did the Men in Black "forced" the Marines to cancel UFO Tic-Tac trials? 7

Several US officials and marines witnessed Nimitz’s now famous UFO case, in which pilots chased a strange Tic Tac pill object.

Recently, five of these officers announced that “unknown people” with dark clothes appeared shortly after the UFO Nimitz incident, declaring that they wanted all the material, that is, the recordings and videos of the meetings. For several days in November 2004, a US Navy ship sailing 160 kilometers off the southern coast of California detected abnormal radar signals from an object in the sky.

Did the Men in Black "forced" the Marines to cancel UFO Tic-Tac trials? 8

These signals were irregular and did not appear to correspond to any known aircraft. Then two jet planes were sent to take a look. To their surprise they found a UFO whose behavior and speed were incredible.

One of the pilots managed to record everything in infrared video; material that would be leaked to the public at the end of 2017 along with two other UFO sightings.

A few days ago, five Navy veterans gave an interview to the Popular Mechanics portal. In this circumstance they told their experience during that event. These men were part of the Carrier Attack Group 11 and sailed on the USS Princeton cruiser on a training mission before their deployment in the Arabian Sea.

Did the Men in Black "forced" the Marines to cancel UFO Tic-Tac trials? 9

“The strange radar signals came from an object that rapidly changed altitude, reaching 24,000 meters and flying over 9,000,” said Gary Voorhis, one of the veterans who witnessed the sighting of the UFO through binoculars.

“It emanated as a phosphorescent glow and moved in different directions.” Voorhis recalled that some time after his companions recorded radio signals, two people arrived by helicopter.

After about 20 minutes, someone higher up the chain of command told them to deliver the records to these people. They were also forced to cancel any record of the accident on the boat. “They told me to delete everything we had, even the white ribbons!”

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Similarly, Petty Officer Patrick ‘PJ’ Hughes, who at the time was an aviation technician, said his superior and two unknown men asked him to hand over all the hard drives on the plane. However, commander David Fravor, one of the pilots who saw the mysterious Tic Tac-shaped object up close in his jet, told a different story months ago.

Did the Men in Black "forced" the Marines to cancel UFO Tic-Tac trials? 10

In previous interviews he mentioned that the UFO tapes had disappeared, but not because they had been abducted by “Men in Black”, but because they had inadvertently recorded on them by erasing their UFO recordings … He was perhaps failing to mention the MIBs mentioned by these officers, perhaps? Perhaps yes, also because everyone knows their blackmail methods.

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Fravor also told the New York Times that Lieutenant Colonel Jim Slaight identified the object, describing it as 12 meters long. As they flew with their fighter planes, the UFO Tic Tac from below, approached as if to observe them, but “abruptly turned and disappeared”.


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