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Did the Belizean authorities recognize the existence of an intelligent underwater civilization?

Did the Belizean authorities recognize the existence of an intelligent underwater civilization? 1

There are many stories about humanoid creatures living in the ocean and sea. Sailors, military, fishermen, divers, travelers, oceanologists – the spectrum of professions of eyewitnesses is diverse. 

Since the most ancient history of civilizations, these underwater inhabitants cohabited with people. However, official science denies this state of affairs. Man is the crown of biological development on Earth, the pinnacle of evolution and there can be no intelligent inhabitants of the ocean.

Mermaid through the eyes of the layman.  Source:
Mermaid through the eyes of the layman.

In ancient times, a huge colony of Maya Indians lived on the territory of Belize. You can mythologize their knowledge as much as you like, but evidence of cohabitation with representatives of the aquatic environment remained from them. Moreover, it is argued that in the first millennium BC, a war broke out between the Maya and the inhabitants of the ocean. The Indians abandoned the idea that they were forbidden to fish and collect food on the coast, so they announced the beginning of a confrontation. The Maya won the fight and received the right to full control of the coastal zone of Belize.

Someone will say that this is just an analogue of our fairy tales and myths. Maybe, but reports of encounters with mermaids or ichthyanders in this region did not only date back to ancient times. For example, in the Middle Ages, Spanish and Portuguese sailors, and later Turkish and Dutch merchants, wrote about these fanastic creatures. The indigenous people of Belize and neighboring countries also support these stories.

Mermaid skeleton.  Source:
Is this a real mermaid skeleton or a photoshop edit?

During the Caribbean crisis, Soviet sailors and the military at an unofficial level talked about meetings with men and women who were different from people and, without equipment, plunged deep into the water, swimming quickly and maneuvering. 

At the end of the 1970s and 1980s, girls and boys with webbing between their fingers and toes became more frequent in the nets of local fishermen. Many people ask why there are no photographs or bodies of these creatures? Very simple. The cry of these underwater creatures leads a person to a state of paralysis or stupor. While the humanoid sea creature comes to its senses, these inhabitants of the aquatic environment that have fallen into the nets get out of them, cutting their way to retreat.

In 2006, a local fisherman told how he once noticed a girl and a small child clinging to her shoulders. They swam at a depth of 2.5-3 meters and then disappeared into the depths. Almost every second inhabitant of the coastal regions of Belize and neighboring countries is the bearer of similar stories. 

In 2011, three poachers tried to catch one child of underwater people. They almost managed to do it, but five men and 3 women came to the rescue of the baby. Using their cry, they easily returned the child to themselves. But the story didn’t end there.

In fact, mermaids are not so kind.  Source:
In fact, mermaids are not so kind. 

Until 2018, the hunt for these mysterious inhabitants of the ocean was carried out quite legally. The country’s government has promised to pay $1.5 million to anyone who can catch one of these mysterious creatures. This often led to conflicts. The fishermen and hunters who returned from the voyage returned with teared up nets, cuts on their hands, and in several cases mild or severe hearing loss. The acoustic impact was extremely powerful.

Finally, in 2018, the Belizean authorities abandoned the idea of ​​capturing one of these representatives cohabiting with our underwater civilization. However, ardent hunters continued their attempts. 

To stop this, permission was introduced to confiscate property and deprive fishing licenses. From that moment, instead of trying to catch the creatures, it was decided to photograph them, but the world has not yet acquired clear pictures. 

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Is it possible to assume that the humanoid intelligent inhabitants of the oceans and seas are true? 


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