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Did researchers encounter humanoids in The Colombian caves? They have been seen in other countries as well

Did researchers encounter humanoids in The Colombian caves? They have been seen in other countries as well 1

South America is a land of uncharted expanses. But if we exclude Amazon, there is also a large mountain range of the Andes with a huge number of unexplored caves, mysterious table mountains – tepui in Venezuela, the Atacama Desert and much more. Every year, researchers travel to South America to confirm or refute a particular hypothesis.

A sensational expedition by Colombian, Venezuelan and Ecuadorian scientists took place in Colombia with a goal to explore the caves on Mount Ritacuba Blanco. The fact is that travelers and locals reported that the retreating glacier was revealing more and more mysterious passages in the rock. At the same time, encounters with skinny humanoids increased, which, presumably, stole livestock and poultry from local residents.

Did researchers encounter humanoids in The Colombian caves? They have been seen in other countries as well 2

When the researchers reached their destination, they documented the presence of 16 new caves. At the same time, no one could even guess how deep the dungeons could go. All caves were given conditional names and for the study, the so-called “KV-4” was chosen. Its entrance turned out to be the most convenient for safe entry.

It should be noted that professional speleologists, zoologists and biologists participated in the expedition. For the examination, the participants entered the specified passage. It was a fairly wide gap, which expanded while deepening. After 5-7 meters it was possible to stand in full height. It was quite cold inside.

Did researchers encounter humanoids in The Colombian caves? They have been seen in other countries as well 3

It became impossible to film everything that was happening on video because of the pitch black darkness. Dim rays from the lights only interfered, so it was decided to use a night vision device and a thermal imager. The first thing that caught the eye was the absence of any living creatures. Bats could not get along here because of the low temperature and very high humidity.

The passage deepened by more than 80 meters, and then completely divided. At the same time, all the passages were large enough to be able to squeeze through them. However, some of them were covered with rock and ice, forcing the team to go back and take a different route, where the strange encounter took place.

Clicking sound

At first, a mysterious “tick-tick” clicking sound was heard. Then there was a sudden scream from one of the expedition members. He was certain he had noticed a humanoid skinny creature that climbed the wall and into one of the cavities located under the cave ceiling. Its silhouette was clearly visible on the thermal imager. The creature turned out to be warm-blooded and so betrayed its presence.

The sightings confirmed numerous reports from the Colombian highlands, who claimed that sometimes thin, pale creatures would steal chickens from villages. The expedition members tried to make out the cave dweller by pointing several lanterns in the direction of the passage where the creature was hiding. 

All of the members of the expedition suddenly felt uneasy. There was a feeling of suffocation, dizziness, and the already familiar “tick-tick” sounded in their ears from all sides.

While In panic, the researchers scrambled outside. It is difficult to say how many individual beings were in the dungeon, but judging by the comments of experts, they were subjected to some kind of impact. According to one version, these creatures used infrasound to drive people away. 

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No technical equipment of any short were found, which means that representatives of the mysterious civilization in the mountains of Colombia lead a primitive lifestyle. However, it is too early to draw such conclusions – it is not known how many meters or maybe kilometers these caves stretch for. Perhaps there is a whole underground settlement there.

Did researchers encounter humanoids in The Colombian caves? They have been seen in other countries as well 4

The ancient Indians have a curious legend according to which underground mountain inhabitants tried to drive people away from their territories. There was a brutal massacre in which the Indians took over. They destroyed all the enemy’s settlements and drove them back into the caves. Then the gods helped them to seal their enemies for many centuries underground.

Another thing is interesting. Cavers on other continents met with similar humanoids, for example, in the USA, Canada, Australia, China, India, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Mongolia, Montenegro, Russia – the total geographical area is more than impressive. Of course, some of the cases can be attributed to hallucinations, optical illusion, vivid fantasy but, it cannot be that everyone is publishing fake reports. 

Therefore, it seems that representatives of unknown civilizations can live underground, which, albeit rarely, they get out to the surface in the mountainous regions of our planet.


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