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Did Musk Pull off a ‘Mars Murder Plot’? – Redditors Claim Sinister Intent Behind Rocket Payload

Elon Musk has pulled off the incredible feat of sending a car into outer space, with a dummy astronaut behind the wheel. Conspiracy theorists suggest, however, there were more sinister intentions behind the unusual payload.

SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy launched yesterday with the roadster on board, and it didn’t take long for the Reddit rumour mill to go into overdrive with a thread bluntly titled ‘Elon Musk got away with the perfect murder by sending the body to Mars.’

The outrageous suggestion has gathered more than 17,000 upvotes at the time of writing and 500 responses as commenters borrow from Hollywood plots to push bizarre theories of how Musk could have got away with murder.

Speculation on who the hypothetical victim could be ranges from rival spaceflight entrepreneur Jeff Bezos – despite his open support for the Heavy launch – to actress Amber Heard and even fictional movie assassin John Wick.

Elon Musk got away with the perfect murder by sending the body to mars from Showerthoughts

Musk sent his Tesla Roadster towards Mars aboard SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket, Tuesday. A mannequin called Starman, wearing an official SpaceX crew flight suit, was in the vehicle.

“Elon Musk launched a car into space with a dummy in a spacesuit in the driver’s seat. The idea is that the dummy is actually a corpse, hidden in plain sight on international news, and nobody will ever be able to find the person he killed,” one Redditor proposed.

Others suggested there could be two bodies – a second one in the trunk, or perhaps the mystery passenger is a cloned version of Musk himself returning to his home planet. Taking the discussion to another level, a wannabe CSI investigator suggested that “the reason you can’t see the bloodstains is because (the car) is cherry red! Until you enhance, of course..”

Elon Musk got away with the perfect murder by sending the body to mars from Showerthoughts

Elon Musk got away with the perfect murder by sending the body to mars from Showerthoughts

Musk is famously no stranger to wacky theories around his endeavors. The billionaire has addressed some of the more fantastical suspicions inspired by his projects with tongue in cheek logic.

Last year he even provoked flat earthers asking, “Why is there no Flat Mars Society?”


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Bizzare & Odd

Give Your Pooch A Boost With Nootropics

Nootrodog is a canine supplement created with organic ingredients like shiitake mushrooms and beets, that is intended to “increase a dog’s memory, promote mental clarity and strengthen overall cognitive health,” according to the company, Birdnip’s, press release. It was only launched this season and has been promoted as a nootropic, or “smart drug,” that have been widely popular among the human market for several years. And today your dog can join in on the trend.

“Cognitive clarity, focus, all the things I take certain nutritional supplements for—does that really apply for my two border terrier rescues?” Ernie Ward, a vet and specialist on pet obesity, stated over the telephone. “Do they really need to stay creative and focus for hours on end?”

But Michael Galvez, one of the creators of Birdnip, assures it is a real product. He told that owners may expect to see “a smarter, more alert and emotionally connected furry friend,” should they give Nootrodogs to their canine companion.

“Look, I totally get the skepticism about a popular Silicon Valley smart drug being reworked for dogs. This is 100 percent a real business,” Galvez wrote in an email.

Ward did note there was a business that may potential gain from more study into whether or not these sorts of nutritional supplements are helpful: working dogs, such as bomb-sniffing puppies and police K9 units. He also said there may be a possibility of preventing or slowing cognitive decline in elderly dogs.

“Cognitive decline is why [many] older dogs are euthanized, because they forget to go outside to go to the bathroom or they walk into the door and injure themselves,” Ward said. “But it’s hard to measure. How would you measure clarity of thought for a dog?”

As for Nootrodog itself, Ward stated the components listed are harmless, even though it’s always important to take into consideration where items are sourced and processed prior to giving anything to your pet. As for if it works? Though there are studies demonstrating a few advantages for people of those ingredients (which Birdnip highlights on its own website), there’s not actually much evidence that reveals giving a boost of beets for a dog will make him the next grand chess master.

Source: Motherboard

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Bizzare & Odd

Giant predatory worms have invaded France

Image Credit: CC BY-SA 3.0 Vengolis

Several species of predatory flatworm have set up home in France.

Scientists have warned that huge worms up to 40cm long have been silently invading French gardens.

The exotic predatory invertebrates, which have managed to go almost completely undetected for years, are thought to have originated from populations transported from Asia in tropical plants.

One of the earliest pieces of evidence was a photograph of a flatworm taken by naturalist Pierre Gros.

“This photograph was sent from email to email to email and finally it came to me,” said zoologist Professor Jean-Lou Justine from the French National Museum of Natural History.

“I looked at it and said ‘Well, this is not possible – we don’t have this kind of animal in France’.”

Initially dismissing the image as a prank, he was startled to receive photographs of several other flatworm species all discovered within the same small garden.

“What we know now is that there are invasive flatworms almost everywhere in metropolitan France,” he said. “I am still amazed – I don’t understand how this is possible in a developed country.”

Source: Independent

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Bizzare & Odd

A Man Built A Gold Pyramid Home, A Replica Of The Great Pyramid & Found Mysterious Energy

Jim Onan was a man who always interested in the Egyptian culture and stumbled upon a university study one day suggesting that pyramids at Giza generated energy. Jim came from humble beginnings, He had 5 children with his wife Linda and he was a hardworking man who built his own concrete business from the ground up.

In the 70’s Pyramid’s became more popular because of the mysteries coming forth. His curiosity led him to build small pyramids around his home and people realized that when they put their hands above this small pyramid they felt a weird sensation, a vortex of energy coming from the top of the Pyramid.

He kept building small pyramids and then decided to build a little bigger one, a 13-foot pyramid in his backyard to experiment on a larger scale. One of the Onan sons was a botanist and the university he attended suggest that they grow inside the Pyramid. What they found was astonishing, they found that plants grew three times as fast in the pyramid than outside it.

Onan was astonished at the power these structures seemed to unleash and decided to take the bold step of redesigning his family house in the shape of a pyramid. The house was built from scratch and designed to perfectly mirror the design of the Great Pyramid of Giza scaled down to a ninth of the size of the original.

When construction was underway another extraordinary thing happened. The middle of the floor inside the house began to make way for a bubble of constantly flowing spring water. This was particularly surprising as there had been no indication by the planners that such a thing could happen leading Onan to suspect that it was the very structure of the pyramid itself that caused the water to materialize.

Perhaps even more bizarrely, one of the construction workers on the site took it upon himself to collect some of the mysteriously appearing spring water and drink it. He claimed that whenever he drank the water, he found that his blood pressure was significantly lowered. Onan thought that this was worth some investigation and invited other people to collect and drink from the spring. To his amazement, they returned claiming to have been cured of a myriad of different ailments.

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