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Did an extraterrestrial war began in the vicinity of the constellation Orion?

Did an extraterrestrial war began in the vicinity of the constellation Orion? 5

Recently, the constellation Orion has become an attractive area due to the big bang, which is difficult to explain. Most likely what happened is a mystery of astronomical events and incidents. But what if an extraterrestrial war began in the vicinity of the constellation Orion?

Did an extraterrestrial war began in the vicinity of the constellation Orion? 6

Explosions of objects of the constellation Orion, an event or an extraterrestrial war began

A cluster of 39 bright stars are clearly visible from Earth, despite the fact that they are located at a distance of about 1150 light years from us. The constellation Orion has always been the center of many theories related to developed extraterrestrial civilizations. It is from this area that, as many theorists of alternative history believe, alien guests came to us.

Nearby is the Orion Nebula, another star cluster located at a distance of about 1270 light years. Both the constellation of Orion and the nebula are always observed by experts, so they witnessed a big bang. On October 9th, a video was published on YouTube showing two consecutive explosions that occurred in less than a second in the constellation Orion.

Did an extraterrestrial war began in the vicinity of the constellation Orion? 7

In the vicinity of the constellation Orion there is an alien war

After this strange event, a lot of comments appeared. Conspiracy theorists as well as ufology experts around the world began to discuss versions of the war between aliens in the constellation Orion.

Is there a war between aliens?

According to many ancient texts from different cultures of the world, the constellation Orion is home to various “Gods of Heaven.” The mystery of the past about the gods is lost, but in our time they are known to us as the Ancient Astronauts. Thus, it is quite possible that the battle began without our knowledge, which in general is not surprising – our civilization is too young.

Ancient Mayas, ancient Egyptians, Hopi and various civilizations of the world were obsessed with the constellation Orion. To such an extent that the pyramids of Egypt perfectly coincide with the stars that are perfectly visible from Earth.

An explosion can be the destruction of some space objects as a result of a collision. It can also be a giant explosion of man-made nature in an unknown world. But it can also be an explosion of alien warships.

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Actually, this is nothing new, because a few months ago a theory appeared that we could be in some kind of “Intergalactic Zoo”. The universe is large enough to be inhabited by various extraterrestrial civilizations.


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