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Did an alien mother ship exploded near Earth?

Did an alien mother ship exploded near Earth? 7

As reported today by with reference to the publication of one of the astronomers, subscribers of the site, late on Thursday evening, November 5, a mysterious explosion of great power occurred in the projection of the constellation Cygnus. Lee McClair, an eyewitness of the phenomenon, managed to take only a few pictures:

Did an alien mother ship exploded near Earth? 8

Did an alien mother ship exploded near Earth? 9

Lee McClair’s image was confirmed by other astronomers living in the eastern United States – a cloud with a bright core was visible throughout Texas, at least. And now everyone is worried about the question: what was it?

The explosion was fast, meaning the cloud expanded to its maximum apparent size in just a few minutes. This assumes a cloud size of tens and hundreds of kilometers as a maximum. The object that could create an explosion of such force could be either a spaceship or an asteroid.

If we were talking about the explosion of something larger – a star or a planet located somewhere at a great distance, then the growth of a glowing cloud of explosion products would last for months. Therefore, there are only two options: an asteroid or a spaceship.

An asteroid of some kind is unlikely. If it is an asteroid, then it could have been destroyed either by a collision with another asteroid, or by some kind of weapon. Since such a weapon that destroys asteroids is available only to the “aliens”, which, as it were, do not exist, the officials have only the option of hitting a stone on a stone, the probability of which is zero – unless, of course, we are talking about a dense cloud of asteroids. Therefore, only the option of the spacecraft explosion remains.

Official astronomers immediately thought about Space X Falcon 9

The last Space X Falcon 9 flew on November 6th and the penultimate flew in October. Therefore, the Falcon 9 that flew on November 6th could not explode on November 5th, since the dates in Florida and Texas are considered the same.

There is also a step Falcon 9, which took off in the last days of October, but a miracle has already been hung on it over China:

Thus, according to the officials, then Falcon 9 first entered the atmosphere, burned a little there, then flew back into space and a week later detonated over Texas:

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Did an alien mother ship exploded near Earth? 10

Since this cannot be, there remains, obviously, some third Falcon 9 everyone forgot about. But the problem is that every kilogram delivered to orbit is worth its weight in gold and the discarded booster stage tanks are depleted to zero – some vapors remain there. And these vapors are not enough to bang like that.

Moreover, if we assume that there were not vapors, but full tanks, then in order for them to burst, the oxidizer must be mixed with fuel, which is impossible in a vacuum – everything that follows from the leak is immediately carried away into space. Although it cannot flow out – there is absolute zero in space, in which hydrogen turns into metal. Therefore, it was not some kind of Falcon 9, but:

a) A military satellite exploded unsuccessfully, with which they wanted to inflict an EMP strike on the territory of the United States (or such a satellite was insignificant);

b) Some “Aliens” destroyed an asteroid, which, according to their calculations, flew to Earth;

c) An “Alien ship exploded, in fact, a very large one, for example, a mother ship.

d) Blue Beam tests have begun.

These are the only possible options, but it’s hard to say which one is correct. We think that after all we are talking about the catastrophe of a large spacecraft. If so, then Falcon 9 will soon explode somewhere else.

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