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Did a ‘werewolf’ savage two dogs or was it a hoax?

Did a 'werewolf' savage two dogs or was it a hoax? 1

© Ufomania

Callum Hoare
Daily Star

Horrifying footage has emerged of a mysterious creature that has reportedly terrorised a neighbourhood.

The unknown animal is said to roam the streets at night and is not shy of confrontation.

According to local media reports in Santa Fe, Argentina, the creature has attacked two dogs.

They say the large animal killed a German Shepherd and Pitbull before disappearing.

But one resident apparently managed to snap a quick pic of the beast.

It was later shared in a video on YouTube channel UFOMania, where it has racked up nearly 30,000 hits.

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And viewers were left equally as terrified – even speculating what it could be.

One comment read: “That’s so f****** scary.”

Another added: “That is half human and half dog – look at its paws.”

And a third claimed: “That is a werewolf, imagine if it stood on its back legs, be about 7ft.”

A number of bizarre sightings have been captured recently.

On Friday – a group of Russians believed they had captured evidence of the folklore legend Bigfoot.

And before that, Daily Star Online spoke to a bloke who claimed to have the remains of a half dolphin, half whale hybrid.


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