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Diary of a DNA Potentiator: The DNA “Hack-tivation” Saga Continues

Diary of a DNA Potentiator: The DNA “Hack-tivation” Saga Continues 86

© Brendan D. Murphy

You have all known by intention, plan, and blueprint that your purpose is to evolve, to create a literal mutation of form inside the human body. You are to seek out those energy places on the planet that will accelerate from outside the internal process as it is developing. Love…is the key. –The Pleiadians via B. Marciniak


In New Dawn magazine No. 133 (July-August 2012), I had a piece entitled Diary of a DNA Potentiator (which was also published on this website around the same time). It detailed some of my experiences with a revolutionary sound-based “wholing” modality facilitating accelerated evolution called the Regenetics Method. At the time, I was still on my way through the timeline, which consists of four distinct activations. I had yet to receive the third activation called Elucidation when the article went to print. I had performed the first activation (Potentiation) on September 12th, 2011. Now, deep in the year of 2014 I am able to speak retrospectively on the whole timeline experience, having completed the final stage of the timeline (Transcension), which was initiated on June 1st, 2013, thus completed by March 1st 2014.

The timing of completion was auspicious, to say the least, because March 1st was the self-same day that I co-created Global Freedom Movement with three close friends. This co-incidence is pertinent within the context of the Regenetics Method, because one of the commonly reported effects of this process is the proliferation of synchronicity in people’s lives, and the contemporaneously increasing abundance. When you are “in flow”, synchronicity becomes the norm rather than the exception. I seek to provide access to this peace and abundance on the largest scale possible.

I mean not for us merely to take a torch into the darkness of unconsciousness on this planet, but to create a raging conflagration of awakened consciousness that will shine as a galactic beacon—and do it as quickly as we can. The Matrix is crumbling, and its architects are getting desperate because their food source—human unconsciousness and its attendant misery—is drying up.

In my initial “report”, I focused primarily on the physical dimensions of this transformational process, and commented on various physical maladies, including lingering soft tissue injuries and also food allergies. Potentiation, the first activation, focuses primarily on the physical and etheric bodies (the etheric being the physical’s template/doppelganger). Additionally, the term “DNA activation” itself tends to fixate attention on the physical domain, even though, in reality, that is where the least of the work and change is occurring.

Now, having experienced the remaining stages and their effects in my life, as well as having further observation and research under my belt, I can speak more broadly on what we are doing with this transformational and healing technique.

In a nutshell, by using the Solfeggio frequencies, we are RE-tuning your physical and subtle bodies to the frequencies of LOVE, HEALTH, HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS, and ABUNDANCE which were your birthright, but usurped by the Matrix, as you were indoctrinated in your youth, pummelled with lies and fear porn, dumbed down, and programmed into a false identity. The four activations of the Regenetics Method spell the END of that B.S., and an organic, gradual return to Source/self-awareness, interconnectedness, and abundance.

Game over. Exit Matrix stage left.

In theory, phase-locking your body to [the] 528 Hz frequency sends the most powerful healing energy in the universe to your DNA’s amino acid sequence, which vibrates in a glycoprotein matrix of structured water, [and] depends heavily on the 528 Hz frequency not just for its physical structure but also for its bioelectrical and bioacoustic functions. –Dr. Len Horowitz

This kind of voice- and sound-based DNA activation is a “shamanic” healing technique that targets the malleability and mobility of non-coding (a.k.a. “junk”) DNA with the human voice and Solfeggio scale. (For more background on this “junk” DNA, please see my article “Junk” DNA: Our Interdimensional Doorway to Transformation here:

Animation of the structure of a section of DNA. The bases lie horizontally between the two spiraling strands. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) – See more at:

Moreover, what separates us from the animal kingdom is this very non-coding DNA. The acid-base DNA coding for the physical structures of humans is very similar to that in the animal kingdom, whether you’re talking about fruit flies, worms, rats, or what have you. What we have an abundance of, as humans, is non-coding DNA—far more than our counterparts in the animal kingdom. This is crucial, because it appears to be the major genetic component for interfacing with our consciousness, and may account for why we have the kind of “advanced,” conceptual, and individualised consciousness that is considered the hallmark of homo sapiens sapiens.

In the early stages of this journey, I was hoping to activate healing mechanisms in my DNA that were—I suspected—not functioning properly. First and foremost on my mind was the thought that this procedure might trigger some healing to take place in my damaged rotator cuffs (in the shoulders).

On the 12th of September 2011, two days before my birthday, I performed my own Potentiation. It left me with a subtle “buzz” or tingling in my shoulders—and virtually overnight I noticed my shoulder joints started feeling better. I actually kept a “Post-Potentiation Log” in which over the next 48 hours I recorded improved sleep and a “Significant reduction in pain [in the] left shoulder. Hasn’t felt this good in years. Hardly any discomfort swinging [arms] across chest where before [there] was sharp pain.” Additional improvements were seen beyond this (see ND 133).

It is worth noting that because everyone is so different, it is impossible to predict exact outcomes for individuals. For example, the most obvious effects for me were seen through the first and fourth stages, with more subtle changes seen through the second activation (mental body) stage (Articulation), and some subtle yet compelling personality alterations noted through the third activation period (Elucidation). Elucidation is aimed at the emotional subtle body, and is also believed to target and activate the brain’s prefrontal cortex—a requisite, according to Sri Bhagavan, for experiencing a sustained living “God-presence” or “God-realization”4 (not to be confused with a transient Satori experience).

In contrast to my early experiences with Regenetics, one of my close friends experienced relatively little, physical speaking, during the Potentiation phase, but received immediate and profound impact from the second activation (Articulation) I performed for them. This was done remotely; this process works over arbitrarily large distances without direct contact of any sort. As you read the following missive, remember that Articulation targets the mental body and thus the ordinary/workaday mind as we generally know it to function in a waking beta state.

Since [Articulation], my general thinking—which was a mess and a “monkey mind”—is now CURED. This for me was nothing short of a miracle. I would go in circles in my mind and achieve nothing except self-destruction. I am now able to hold focus and organise myself, my surroundings, and my life better. I have let go of caring what people think and finally found my purpose in life. The inner turmoil I have suffered my whole life became very clear to me: I was doing this to myself; I knew no other way. I was heading down a path that was making me miserable and killing me because I was listening to other people instead of myself, something I did my whole life.

I have now started to make decisions on my own and people’s opinions don’t matter any longer…I am a lot happier and have found my calling…Before the DNA activation I was attracting the wrong people into my life…because I didn’t care about myself. [Articulation] has enabled me to love myself on ALL LEVELS [and] to change my inner world. I have started to attract the right kinds of people into my life…[who] are going to help propel me forward in the direction I was always meant to go down and who are in alignment with my now peaceful inner state. My drive for life and wanting to live again has come about 180°. My need for attachment, the outcome and control has gone and I am now OK with whatever will be. I’m finally free.

This individual, unlike myself, was an ideal test case for the Articulation phase due to the chronically scattered, circular, and ultimately self-defeating thought patterns that typified her mental (and resultantly, emotional) state. Frankly, I didn’t expect such a pronounced and immediate transformation—but it was undeniable. In the aftermath, it became apparent in further communications with this individual that they were increasingly able to tap into their own inner wisdom, knowing, and insight. Their chronically inflamed victim mentality—a companion to her for decades—was virtually nowhere to be found. I was speaking to a new person.

The point I would emphasize is that, while remedial effects are obviously to be observed, the bigger picture invites us to notice that we are actually facilitating accelerated, conscious spiritual evolvement. (For instance, the aforesaid person was sabotaging their own progress in life due to chronically self-defeating thought patterns.) We are making a choice to personally embody the galactic energetic transformation initiated when earth crossed the galaxy’s ecliptic and we collectively became exposed to those new energies emanating from the heart of the galaxy. As above, so below.

Sealing the Fragmentary Body / Slavery Yoke

My friend Eileen McKusick—a pioneering sound healer and author—has encountered in many of her clients an energetic dysfunction in the right side of the sacral (second bottom) chakra that she dubs the “slavery yoke,” and in her book, she notes that Sol Luckman (Regenetics Method developer) had already identified it as the “fragmentary body” (FB).

There appears to be some kind of energetic construct built into our fields that keeps our vital life energy [kundalini] eddying in these bottom two chakras instead of rising up into and through our crown…[T]he root and 2nd chakras are coupled and a pattern you find in one is almost always connected to a pattern the other. Because of this insertion of something like an energetic barrier that lies in the region between the second and third chakras, like a disc parallel to the ground, life energy gets trapped in the two bottom chakras. The result is either guilt and shame driven overdoing, or frustrated non-doing, or a pattern of going back and forth between the two. Either way, people accumulate heavy imbalances in this part of their fields.[i] [emphasis added]

Thus, you see why we call it the slavery yoke(!) One of the breakthroughs of the Regenetics activations is that five months after Potentiation, the slavery yoke/sacral defect is “sealed.” According to Luckman, this is due to the descent of another vortex that is found above the head and is not supposed to be there (as opposed to the other transpersonal chakras which are). It actually descends and “binds” with the sacral chakra, correcting the systemic energy malfunction. It is my personal belief that this dysfunction was probably the result of genetic tampering of the human genome by “creator gods” roughly between 350,000 and 500,000 years ago, to create a slave species (that would mine gold, according to the Sumerian texts and the Zulu shaman Credo Mutwa—along with endless other sources, such as Sitchin, Tellinger, Valerie Barrow, Marciniak, and so on.


Figure 1: The fragmentary body and the ninth chakra that descends and binds with it.
Courtesy Sol Luckman, Potentiate Your DNA, 2011.

One of the interesting “symptoms” of someone undergoing this correction in the sacral chakra is a rapidly apparent and increasing intolerance of performing tasks that are not in alignment with our soul’s calling. Suddenly, people develop the capacity to say “no” and step away from jobs or activities that are experienced as irrelevant, laborious, or “soul crushing,” and do not reflect who they really are. When one’s bioenergy supply at the base of the spine (kundalini) is free to move up beyond the root and sacral chakras (concerned with biosurvival and species propagation), people begin to experience deepened self-awareness and move beyond survival mode and fight-or-flight forms of conscious expression. Concurrently, they are less willing to suffer the indignity of sacrificing themselves merely for the gain of an ersatz master (say, a boss at work) merely to survive. Sealing the slavery yoke converts slaves into sovereigns—or, at least, it powerfully initiates such a transformation, pushing people towards deeper “real world” self-realization beyond the conceptual level.

The rising of the once abeyant kundalini, coupled with the descending “galactic” energy pouring in through the crown chakra, brings intelligent life force energy into the prefrontal lobes of the brain (to say nothing of the primary chakras of the body), activating them to a fuller extent, probably utilising non-coding DNA which is abundant in the brain. It is said that this portion of the brain facilitates an ongoing/sustained “god consciousness”—a state of effortless grace, if you will. Interestingly, Barbara Marciniak’s channelled Pleiadian entities made some very interesting comments in this vein: “As kundalini rises in the body, it meets the cosmic forces that come from outside the body, and the body becomes alive and energized.”[ii]

On the physical level, that is indeed one of the goals. For me, however, going through this process and the continued journey of intentional self-evolution has meant choosing to abandon the standard temporal paradigm of entropy and death altogether and to choose immortality (meaning not to live forever in the same body, but to retain its maximal vitality, cease belief in disease and decrepitude, and choose to leave the body voluntarily in full health and consciousness at some point in the distant future).

Other points to consider regarding the FB:

  • Sealing the FB cuts off the energy supply, to some extent, of etheric and other parasites, making them more vulnerable to intervention, or even expelling them outright (including physical parasites in the body).
  • Luckman has seen or been told by clients of, he estimates, at least 100 cases of etheric parasites being recognised and/or leaving after Potentiation.[iii]
  • Etheric parasites can be viewed using such devices as Harry Oldfield’s PIP technology and variations of it. They come in various forms, including, for example, grey aliens, reptilians, and more.

I believe most things should be effortless, and this is emphasised by the apparently Pleiadian intelligences speaking through Marciniak in Bringers of the Dawn. They also state that far back in our history, space faring reptilian “creator gods” deliberately tampered with our DNA, reducing us to two functional strands in order to create the aforesaid slave species for gold mining. (This theme emerges in so many different places in surprisingly corroborating ways that I am forced to accept this as a reality, at least tentatively.)

Slavery is deeply entrenched in our biology, and psychology, thanks to this malicious, selfish intervention. It is the legacy of master geneticist “creator gods.”

My experience with Regenetics DNA activations is that life becomes increasingly effortless as the timeline progresses, and this continues to be the case, even though I have comfortably passed out of the final nine month Transcension phase. The increased centring of one’s locus of awareness in the heart, as well as the concomitant frontal lobe activation, gradually makes getting stressed out, frustrated, or irate harder to do. Grace and peace become the new normal. This naturally facilitates an enhanced sense of interconnection with the people and environment around us. Importantly, the sealing of the fragmentary body/slavery yoke makes for an observably diminished proclivity towards slave-like thought and betrayal of one’s higher purpose.

Perhaps above all, the activation of your kundalini and non-coding DNA (and extra strands of DNA, I would suggest) will engineer your reality synchronistically such that the currents of life flow you into living your purpose on earth. Coincidentally, this idea is confirmed by said “Pleiadians,” and I have found it to be true in my own direct experience. Knowing your purpose in the world—especially as a “big thinker”—can be very frustrating if you are “unactivated” and thus blocked at virtually every turn. My life now is a tapestry of synchronicity, and the network of incredible supporters and collaborators I have gathered around me is awe inspiring.

Quantum SCIO Electrophysiological Scans During the Regenetics Timeline

For illustrative purposes, please observe the following images taken by Mr Frank Nagy using the Quantum SCIO device.

The SCIO (Scientific Consciousness Interface Operations System) is a universal electrophysiological biofeedback system. It coordinates a complex electro-modal, biofeedback program with computer software in order to gather bioenergetic information about the client’s subconscious. The information is gathered from the body through electrodes in head and limb straps providing an accurate and precise picture of the client’s general status. This information is selected and listed by the SCIO in order of the highest reaction and the stressors are analysed in the course of a stress management session.

While these images are suggestive, they are not necessarily definitive (and neither are they direct images of the human aura/biofield), and my intention is to carry out more structured longitudinal research using multiple scanning systems in conjunction with talented clairvoyants, in order to better ascertain what the quantifiable and qualitative effects of these DNA activations are in the long run. While the timing and frequency of Mr Nagy’s scans were not part of a calculated research program or experiment (and thus, leave something to be desired), I am grateful to have them for illustrative purposes.

scio1SCIO figure 1: someone who has received no Regenetics Method DNA activations  

scio2SCIO figure 2: Mr Nagy’s wife 7 months after Potentiation and 2 days after Articulation.  

scio3SCIO figure 3: Mr Nagy1 day after Elucidation (3rd activation)  

scio4SCIO figure 4: Mr Nagy 2.5 months after Elucidation (3rd activation) 

scio5 SCIO figure 5: Mr Nagy 3 weeks after Transcension (fourth and final activation)

scio6SCIO figure 6: Mr Nagy half way through Transcension (fourth and final activation)

Personal Observations

Perhaps, after seeing Mr Nagy’s images, it will make more sense to people why I experienced the subtle enhancement of consciousness that I did through this timeline. (In my first article, I spoke mainly about physical changes.)

On August 11th, 2012, I had Elucidation done and thus entered the third stage. Less than a month later, on September 7th, I made several notes in my journal observing a trend: “Spontaneity and uninhibitedness seem to be gradually increasing.” The Phoenix Regenetics website states that as the energy triggered by Elucidation moves down through the chakra/bioenergy centers, it “stretches” them, expanding the aura, thus, “clients often experience this expansion as consciousness growth…On the way back up, Elucidation begins the all-important step of unifying your bioenergy centers into a single gestalt we call the Unified Consciousness Field.”[iv]

Seven weeks later, I further noted experiencing “less worry about money, bills, the future of our finances, etc.”

November 11th 2012 saw this recorded: “Still finding that I’m more at peace, more trusting about our ‘fate’ on a daily basis… I also seem more comfortable around others, more at ease with myself, more relaxed, better in conversation.”

On March 28th, 2013, nearly nine months after Elucidation, I journalled that my ex-partner and I had begun the process of separating that would see me relocate back to Sydney ultimately. The fact that we cared about each other made it hard enough—and it was already complicated for me—but our having a puppy made it so much worse. Our intelligent little dog was my best friend. I wrote that, “Something fundamental has changed (and is changing) within me regarding my perception of and interaction with the world. The pain of [the impending breakup] has triggered a shift from a very mind-based view of close personal relationships to a more heart-centered one. The pain of several aborted breakups (but which seemed like they would be final at the time they were happening) was necessary to facilitate this shift.”

It is interesting that after Potentiating two of my friends, they shortly thereafter had major breakups of their own. (One of these women then moved from Perth to Sydney.) Then, just over two weeks from the above journal entry, on April 17th, 2013, I was struck by a lightning bolt:

An insight on operating from a more heart-oriented place: being more heart-oriented can mean listening to the wants and needs of your OWN heart! What do you TRULY want and desire in the depths of your being?

This observation has allowed me to make a lot of sense of what I see occurring in the restructuring of people’s lives after I Potentiate them. This system seems to return people to their soul’s blueprint for this life, allowing them to flow in their purpose. It happened with me. Ten days after the above journal entry I was back in Sydney and the breakup was complete—though working through the emotional aftermath would take some time.

On the first of June, 2013, I received the Transcension activation. The ensuing days, weeks, and months saw a cavalcade of insights and emotional challenges that facilitated inner/spiritual alchemy, taking me inwardly to a “higher plane,” so to speak. As is so often the case for people in general, the things that I gained the most from were the most difficult to face. One such event, triggered by an acquaintance in the US, gave me pause to ponder relationships and personal power. Thus, about fourteen weeks after receiving Transcension, I entered in my journal: “This event was a major psychological recalibration and a gift. I am a very different version of BDM now. I didn’t exist a week ago.”

Something that was very important to me when it eventually registered in my mind, was the connection between kundalini and will. I wrote of “seeing how strongly tied in it is with personal power, and the ability to assert one’s WILL in the body and world…” These DNA activations are, after all, kundalini activations. Trying to be more comprehensive in documenting my various thoughts, feelings, and observations, would rapidly become self-indulgent (and space is limited), so I will refrain. I mean to be illustrative rather than exhaustive here.

I have to conclude that this is a revolutionary system for transformation and self-evolution (not just healing). It eventually upgrades the individual on every primary level (over a minimum 27 month timeline), to leave them at a point of health and conscious awareness not previously known to them. One of the best things about it is that no effort is involved; we are transcending the paradigm of “no pain, no gain,” and creating one of grace, flow, and allowing—does that not fit with the concept of a more evolved state of consciousness?

After finishing the formal RM timeline, a May, 2014 journal entry of mine read:

[W]hat a journey it has been! A recent chakra scan with a humble bell-like device called an acoustic scanner revealed no distortions in any of my major chakra centres. Out of the six or seven of us who were scanned, I was the only one present with no [acoustically] discernable distortions, and not coincidentally, I was the only member of the group to have done any of the Regenetics Method (RM) activations. Some of the others had used Template activations, but they all showed dissonance/distortion in at least one energy center.

As far as I have seen to date, there is nothing to match the RM activations. Stay tuned for the progress and results of longitudinal research projects I am initiating to monitor the state and development of the auric fields and chakras through the 4 stages of the RM timeline as the activations are carried out.

Brendan D. Murphy

Co-founder of Global Freedom Movement and host of GFM Radio, Brendan D. Murphy is a certified DNA activator, author, researcher, activist, and musician. Buy his acclaimed non-fiction epic The Grand Illusion: A Synthesis of Science & Spirituality – Book 1 at
“Every person in the field of ‘paranormal’ psychology or related topics should have this book as a major reference.” – Dr. Buryl Payne
“A masterpiece…The Grand Illusion is mind-blowing.” –Sol Luckman
“You’ve written the best synthesis of modern science and esoteric science that I’ve seen in 40 years of study in that area. Brilliant!”  – Michael K. Wade

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  • [i] Eileen McKusick, Tuning the Human Biofield, 2014
  • [ii] Marciniak, op. cit., 117.
  • [iii] Private correspondence, 2013.
  • [iv]




Indigo boy Anand predicts the disaster of “Six Stars” in February, opens a website

Indigo boy Anand predicts the disaster of "Six Stars" in February, opens a website 91

Abhigya Anand, a popular Indian indigo boy, predicted that under the influence of six stars , an astonishing disaster might happen in February 2021. In addition, Anand announced at the beginning of the new year that he had set up a personal official website to post messages to get rid of social media censorship and fake messages.

” Six Stars” in February 2021

14-year-old Indian boy Anand became popular online because he predicted the outbreak of the epidemic last year. He also predicted that the world would be in danger from November 2020 to November 2021.

He said that Jupiter will enter Capricorn in November 2020, and the disaster will begin again. In particular, the rare conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn on December 21, 2020 will affect the earth, from wars, epidemics to economic collapse, and there may be problems with the vaccine being developed. 

A mutated strain first appeared in the UK. This new strain has a 70% higher transmission rate than the old strain, and has spread to more than 50 countries, and the mutated virus has turned to attack young adults, and many adults Died in the virus. As of January 12, the number of people diagnosed worldwide was 91.38 million, which is equivalent to 1 in every 100 people. All this has confirmed Anand’s prediction about the epidemic.

Anand even predicted that on February 10, 2021, there will be a “six-star connection”, that is, the sun, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and the moon will be connected in a straight line, just like a candied haw. This means that greater dark forces will impact the earth, and there may be astonishing disasters, and the economy may even collapse.

At present, all parts of the world have begun to take measures to close the city and curfew. Will these measures be implemented wrongly? People don’t work anymore. If you don’t work and just eat, how long can you say this economy can withstand?

Anand said that until Jupiter enters Aquarius in November 2021, most of the disasters caused by these astronomical changes will gradually disappear and the world economy will begin to recover.

Anand predictable manner is the use of “Vedic astrology “, also known as ” Indian astrology ” (Jyotish Astrology), it originated in the ancient Indian system of astrology, and Western astrology is different. And 14-year-old Anand is already a master of Vedic astrology.

In addition to being proficient in “Vedic Astrology “, Anand is also familiar with Ayurveda (Ayurveda, refers to Indian traditional medicine), Sanskrit and management. He has obtained a master’s degree in herbal microbiology and is studying for a PhD in financial astrology, so Anand is a real super genius.

Anand sets up an official website

Due to unexplained reasons, YouTube has repeatedly deleted videos, so Anand set up a personal official website ( Friends who are interested in his predictions can now go to his website to watch his videos freely. Log in to the website to directly obtain his updated information, avoiding the interference of Internet censorship and false messages.

In the introduction video, Anand stated in words:

“Tubing has been desperately deleting Anand’s predictions, and these predictions are now being fulfilled. Therefore, we are launching our website to you.”

Anand’s website, for example, predicted in a short film published on April 1, 2020, that “the next (epidemic) outbreak will occur around December 20, 2020.” However, this short film was deleted by YouTube on May 16, and was re-uploaded by a third party.

Anand reminded people in the comment area at the bottom of the video that he does not have any Facebook, Twitter or Reddit accounts. Now someone is issuing false predictions in his name, don’t believe it. 

He said, “Having a social media account does not help. We try to use every alternative platform.”

Anand wrote:

“Because Youtube deleted the film without any reason, threatening Internet freedom, and some people deliberately faked it, so he created a personal website.”

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An ancient Greek inscription of 1,500 years dedicated to Christ was discovered in Israel

An ancient Greek inscription of 1,500 years dedicated to Christ was discovered in Israel 92

The team is sure that the inscription comes from a church and not from a monastery. The discovery was reported by the Israeli Foreign Ministry with reference to the Antiquities Authority. It was performed in the Jezreel Valley, which since ancient times was the main battlefield of biblical Israel.

An inscription 1,500 years old writes in ancient Greek “Christ, born of Mary”. This was found by a team of archaeologists in an excavation in northern Israel, a text that was placed above the church door to ward off evil spirits.

The phrase was used by Christians to exorcise the evil eye, a superstition of the Greeks and Romans.

The inscription was discovered during the excavation of the ruins of a once magnificent Byzantine church, probably built during the early Islamic period. The church came to light during the mandatory excavations to cross the new road to the Jezreel Valley.

The researchers also established the identity of Theodosius mentioned in the text, who founded this church. This was one of the first Christian bishops. He was an influential person, the supreme religious leader of the Metropolitanate of Bet Shean, to which the modern village of al-Tayyib belonged.

“This is the first evidence of the existence of a Byzantine church in the village of et-Taiyiba and adds to the other findings that certify the activities of Christians in the area,” said Dr. Walid Atrash of the Antiquities Authority of Israel.

The team is sure that the inscription comes from a church and not from a monastery.

According to the researchers, artifacts from different periods were also found during the excavations. They shed new information on the long history of the settlements that existed in al-Tayyiba, as well as on their status.

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Why does Satan’s name mean “light-bearer”?

Why does Satan's name mean "light-bearer"? 93

In modern languages, Lucifer is one of the names of Satan. However, from Latin the word lucifer literally translates as “luminiferous” and comes from the words lux (“light”) and phero (“carry”). What kind of light is this that the infernal ruler carries?

Franz von Stuck.  Lucifer
Franz von Stuck. Lucifer

The ancient Romans called the planet Venus by the word Lucifer, that is, the “morning star”, which is better than all other celestial bodies visible in the morning (as well as evening) firmament. By the way, this name is “tracing paper” from ancient Greek: the ancient Greeks called this celestial entity Phosphorus (from Φωσφόρος – “carrying light”).

Lucifer means ‘that which brings light’. From φῶς (phôs, “light”) +‎ -φόρος (-phóros, “bearing”), from φέρω (phérō, “I carry”).

Venus in the morning sky in January
Venus in the morning sky in January

Why did the name of the star become the name of Satan? This happened as a result of “translation difficulties”. The Bible, in the Book of Isaiah, contains a prophecy about the death of the Babylonian king – a terrible enemy of the ancient Jews. It looks like this:

“… You fell from the sky, morning star, son of the dawn! He crashed to the ground, trampling on the peoples. “

“Morning star” and “son of the dawn” here are nothing more than magnificent oriental titles of the ruler. When Jerome of Stridonsky, the first translator of the Bible into Latin, translated this passage, he translated the Hebrew word הֵילֵל (“heylel”, “morning star”) as lucifer, because that is how the morning star was called in Latin.

Caravaggio.  Saint Jerome
Caravaggio. Saint Jerome

However, Christians, contemporaries of Jerome, associated this passage not with the king of Babylon – the embodiment of evil for the ancient Israelites, but with their enemy – Satan. And the word “lucifer”, which was just the title of the Babylonian king, began to write with a capital letter. So the innocuous name of the star became a terrible hellish name.

Jerome’s other translation error led to an amusing misunderstanding. In the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, European artists and sculptors depicted Moses – the main biblical prophet … with horns on his head! Why?

Why does Satan's name mean "light-bearer"? 94
Why does Satan's name mean "light-bearer"? 95
Why does Satan's name mean "light-bearer"? 96

The Bible says that when Moses came down from Mount Sinai, his face was radiant. In Hebrew, the words “ray” and “horn” are similar. So Jerome got it: “His face became horny because God spoke to him.”

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