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Apocalypse & Armageddon

DEFCON raised to level 3 as Pentagon sent serious aircraft on the mission and accelerates the deployment of new thermonuclear bombs

DEFCON raised to level 3 as Pentagon sent serious aircraft on the mission and accelerates the deployment of new thermonuclear bombs 1

The DEFCON Warning System is a private intelligence organization that has been monitoring and assessing nuclear threats since 1984. It is not affiliated with any government agency and does not represent the state of alert of any military unit. On this basis, it would be irrational to fully rely on either the DEFCON levels or their comments, that is why we all must also use our own brains.

So, early in the morning of October 26, 2022, the DEFCON warning system changed its level to yellow, which, according to the readiness scale, indicates level 3:

DEFCON raised to level 3 as Pentagon sent serious aircraft on the mission and accelerates the deployment of new thermonuclear bombs 2

Experts associate the level shift with the situation around Ukraine as nuclear rhetoric between Russia and Ukraine has intensified, with each side claiming the other is preparing for a radiological attack using a so-called “dirty bomb”. Dirty bombs are not nuclear weapons, but conventional bombs infused with radioactive materials to spread contamination throughout an area. Both sides said they would not use dirty bombs or nuclear weapons.

However, the DEFCON warning system has noted an increase in activity on both sides, indicating that the public statements are not in line with what everyone believes. Intelligence experts noted that while the likelihood of a nuclear weapon being used in a theater of operations in Ukraine is low, the likelihood is increasing.

The first thought of the conspiracy theorists was the aggravation of the situation around the DPRK, which had previously fired missiles over Japan and now moved on to threats of nuclear testing. And this conclusion was also drawn by the unprecedented activity of tankers over the United States, observed yesterday – the planes could at any moment go across the Pacific or the Atlantic ocean. 

Additionally, the following news came to the public:

As follows from this message, the RQ-4 Global Hawk and two Boeing E-3 Sentry are currently monitoring the situation around Ukraine.

The Boeing E-3 Sentry is an airborne early warning aircraft that costs a lot of money in aircraft depreciation each flight. Even one such observer aircraft speaks of a turbulent situation, but two are already something. If the Pentagon sent two Boeing E-3 Sentry to monitor potential nuclear weapon transportation at once, then there were some very serious reasons from other intelligence sources.

There are also all sorts of US units declaring their readiness to cross the Ukrainian border, if necessary. Now here’s another US aircraft carrier located in Europe made a similar statement about its readiness to go to war with the Russian Federation: 

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At the same time, there is an accelerated deployment of B61 tactical thermonuclear bombs in Europe which came as a surprise to some political observers, who fear that this could further exacerbate an already tense situation in Europe.

Analysts suggest that the message behind the dispatch of the first bombs in December may be more aimed at European allies, who feel especially vulnerable to Moscow’s threats.

Meanwhile, Russian oppositionist and publicist Alexander Nevzorov said that the “dirty bomb” that Russian officials have been talking about more and more in recent days is not an invention, but a special type of weapon that the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation repeatedly tested almost three decades ago.

Evil fights evil, and whichever wins, calls itself good.


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