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Apocalypse & Armageddon

DEFCON 2: The US strategic forces were placed on the second level of readiness to launch nuclear weapons

DEFCON 2: The US strategic forces were placed on the second level of readiness to launch nuclear weapons 1
Nuclear attack on Hiroshima

US strategic forces have been put on Level II alert, the highest they have been in years, in response to rumors leaked by Moscow that nuclear weapons were being loaded onto Russian strategic bombers at Engels Air Force Base.

At the same time, the Russian Deputy Minister of Defense Alexander Fomin made important statements about Russian intentions regarding the use of strategic nuclear weapons.

He spoke to foreign military attachés about Russia’s approach to nuclear deterrence. His words were published by the Russian Ministry of Defense itself.

“Based on doctrinal documents, Russian approaches to nuclear deterrence have been revealed. It was noted that the actions of the Russian Federation in this area are of a defensive nature and aim to ensure the territorial integrity and protection of the country.”

In addition, Fomin mentioned the actions of the US regarding the deployment of nuclear weapons in Europe and the preparation of carrying out nuclear missions with the participation of air forces of other states, which do not have such weapons.

Alexander Fomin emphasized the fact that the Russian demand for an end to this tactic, as well as the Russian request to limit American weapons within the country’s borders, were rejected by Washington.

What DEFCON II means: High alert for possible launch of nuclear strike against Russia. Launch of strategic submarines, readiness for takeoff of strategic bombers from US bases inland, Japan and Diego Garcia Island.

At the very next DEFCON I level, we have B-1 strategic takeoffs. B-2, B-52 loaded with nuclear weapons awaiting final order. A short breath before a nuclear war that just won’t leave this planet the same as it was before.

US nuclear preparedness came as an outgrowth of Russian nuclear preparedness, triggered by an alleged assassination of Russian President Vladimir Putin by Ukrainian drones in the Kremlin.

They are not expected to use nukes unless US or NATO troops are hit, but at this point anything is possible.

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The Russians on the other side are now considered certain to go nuclear if the Dnieper front breaks and the Ukrainians breach and the river is crossed.

The result will be, firstly, that the Russian Melitopolis will be in danger of being occupied and that the corridor connecting Crimea with Mariupol will be cut off, and secondly, that Crimea itself will be in danger. In this case, the use of tactical nuclear weapons of low power is considered almost certain on the northern bank of the Dnieper, in order to destroy the Ukrainian Follow-on-Forces.

Staged plan to assassinate Putin with drones in the Kremlin? 

Russia may have staged the attack on the Kremlin itself in order to raise awareness among the Russian people and justify a larger troop mobilization. This was reported by the American think tank the Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

Analysts from the US noted that there is a lot of evidence to indicate that the recent attack on the Kremlin was organized by the Russian Federation itself. First,  Russian authorities have recently taken steps to strengthen internal air defenses, including Moscow’s air defenses. By extension, it is highly unlikely that two drones managed to penetrate the numerous buffer zones and detonate in the Kremlin.

Furthermore, according to the institute, the Kremlin’s coordinated response to the incident indicates that the attack was prepared from within, in such a way that the political consequences were more important than the “embarrassment” of the security vulnerability.

The US think tank believes that if the attack had not been staged, the official Russian response would have been much more orchestrated, as Russian officials would have tried to provide a rational explanation and cover up the vulnerability of the air defense network and the entire service.

“The Kremlin could use the attack to justify limited May 9 celebrations,”  the analysts concluded.


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