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Declassified: 12 US soldiers were secretly sent to live on alien planets

Declassified: 12 US soldiers were secretly sent to live on alien planets 1

For a long time, the relationship between the United States and aliens has attracted attention from the outside world. Former Minister of Defense of Canada Paul. Heller (Paul T. Hellyer) has revealed that there are aliens living on Earth, but also work for the US government. 

Many American presidents have also admitted the existence of aliens on different occasions. US military sources disclosed that there was a top-secret exchange between the US military and the aliens and was named ” Operation Zeta “, and 12 American soldiers were secretly sent to live on the planet Zeta.

Former Canadian Minister of Defense: Aliens work in the US government

Paul is now 97 years old. Heller is by far the world’s highest-level official who has publicly disclosed the study of alien civilization. On April 18, 2015, Paul. Heller gave a lecture tour on the “Disclosure Canada Tour” organized by the University of Calgary, Canada, publicly admitting that there are aliens and that aliens are still living on Earth.

Heller said that his reason for participating in the lecture tour was to spread the facts he believed. According to Heller’s description, most aliens come from other galaxies, and some aliens live on the moons of Mars, Venus, and Saturn. Aliens have visited the earth for thousands of years. There are 4 kinds of aliens who have visited the earth continuously. Some of them are like humans and will often pass by people, but no one can identify them; yes Looks like the creatures depicted in popular culture (such as comics).

Declassified: 12 US soldiers were secretly sent to live on alien planets 2
Former Minister of Defense of Canada Paul. Heller admitted that there are aliens living on Earth. (

In May 2013, Heller testified at the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure that at least two aliens were working in the US government.

Many U.S. presidents talked about aliens

NASA has not yet directly recognized aliens, but many presidents of the United States have admitted the existence of aliens on different occasions. On April 3, 2015, former U.S. President Clinton said on the ABC talk show that he believed in the existence of aliens, and he would not be surprised if aliens appeared on the earth one day.

On March 12 of the same year, US President Barack Obama also said in this talk show that he knew there were aliens. Faced with questions from the host Jimmy Kimmel about Area 51 and UFO confidential files, Obama said with a smile that aliens will not let people know those things or let people reveal all their secrets. They strictly control us.”

In 2012, Timothy Good, a former adviser to the Pentagon of the U.S. Department of Defense, revealed in an exclusive interview with the British BBC that former U.S. President Eisenhower had discussed and signed some agreements with aliens three times.

Goode said that for the first time on February 20, 1954, Eisenhower met with two white-skinned, blue-eyed, and golden-haired aliens at Edward Air Force Base. The other two went to see the ” Little Greys. ” These aliens proposed advanced weapons and technology agreements, and selectively signed several agreements with Eisenhower.

On June 18, 2020, President Trump said in an interview with his son Trump, “Roswell (accused of finding aliens) is a very interesting place. Many people want to know what happened. For there, I I won’t tell you what I know, but it’s very interesting.”

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” Operation Zeta ” where the US Army communicates with aliens

The US military has already communicated with aliens and conducted superluminal interstellar travel. This top-secret communication was named “Operation Zeta.” The first person to disclose “Operation Zeta” was US Air Force Sergeant Richard Dotty. He contacted the famous journalist Linda Morton Howe and claimed that the military had a secret cooperation plan with an alien race. However, Dotti did not provide more information.

“Operation Zeta” originated from the Roswell incident. On July 4, 1947, an unidentified object crash occurred in Roswell, New Mexico, USA. In an interview with British radio, Edgar Mitchell, the sixth American astronaut to set foot on the moon, clearly admitted that the Roswell incident was real and related to extraterrestrial civilization.

He said that in fact, since the 1940s, aliens have been trying to make contact with humans on Earth, and many insiders in the US Aerospace Agency have even seen aliens with their own eyes. Since then, aliens have visited the earth many times. Edgar Mitchell said that he has been working in the military and intelligence fields and knows the dangers behind public incidents.

Fearing that the existence of aliens may cause panic among the public, successive US governments have maintained secrets as their ministry, but the internal information is slowly leaked out.

Declassified: 12 US soldiers were secretly sent to live on alien planets 3
Living aliens help America contact aliens. (

Surviving aliens help U.S. contact aliens

After the Rhodesville incident, an alien was found alive. It was hiding behind a rock. The military immediately escorted it away secretly. The former senior official of the National Defense Intelligence Agency stated that the surviving alien was named “EBE1” (“Alien Biological Entity No. 1”). It was well taken care of and then obtained through some means with American researchers. Resonate, and pointed out the location of his home planet-Zeta planet in the constellation Reticulum.

“EBE1” lived to the end of the summer of 1952. Before it died, it sent 6 unanswered messages to its parent planet. It was not until December 1952 that the US military received its first response. Next, the two sides continued to have difficult contacts and gradually reached an exchange plan.

Alien envoy came to the United States

In 1962, information from the planet Zeta indicated that in April 1964, the planet Zeta would send an official diplomatic mission to the earth, and the flying saucer would land at Holloman Air Force Base outside Alamogordo, New Mexico. The president of the United States at the time was John F. Kennedy. He approved the exchange plan with aliens, and the specific tasks were undertaken by the Air Force.

The U.S. Air Force selected 12 people (10 men and 2 women) and they were sent to Perry Barracks in Virginia for 6 months of intensive training. Among these 12 people were 4 pilots, 2 linguists, and 1 Biologists, 2 scientists, 2 doctors and 1 security officer. The identification records of the 12 people were cleared, including social security, national tax, medical insurance, and service certificates. All of them were listed as “missing persons on the battlefield.”

On the afternoon of April 24, 1964, two spacecrafts from Zeta passed through the atmosphere and arrived at Holloman Air Force Base as scheduled. These extraterrestrial diplomats were welcomed by 16 senior U.S. government officials, and it is unclear whether President Lyndon Johnson was among them.

The Zetas brought an electronic translation device to ease communication difficulties. They transported the corpses of 11 aliens killed in the Roswell incident onto the spacecraft. It is still unclear what the US government talked with the alien diplomats, but what is certain is that they have submitted the “yellow paper” to the US, which records the complete history of the earth.

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Twelve American soldiers are already waiting on the spacecraft, ready to go with them to the planet Zeta. However, alien diplomats believe that the exchange plan should be implemented in 1965.

Declassified: 12 US soldiers were secretly sent to live on alien planets 4
Schematic diagram of an alien spaceship. (

12 U.S. envoys to the planet Zeta

In July 1965, a large Zeta planetary vehicle returned to Earth and docked at the Nevada nuclear test site. Twelve American soldiers on standby boarded the aircraft, and 40 tons of food from the earth accompanied them. They plan to live on the planet Zeta for 10 years to understand the technological level and code of conduct of the planet Zeta. Of these 2 people, 4 never returned to Earth. Of these 4 people, 2 died, 2 chose to stay on Zeta, and the other 8 returned to Earth 13 years later.

In an anonymous diary that was disclosed, there was this record:

“During the trip, every member of the group was frequently dizzy, confused about direction or goal, and suffered headaches. However, during the entire trip. , We are not in a state of weightlessness. The aircraft is large and the crew members have room for movement.”

Although there are obvious problems in the communication between humans and Zetas, the Zetas give humans a kind and helpful feeling. The US military exchange team can move around in the spacecraft. During the entire trip, they can also use equipment provided by aliens to communicate with the Corant Air Force Base on Earth.

Before arriving on the planet Zeta, a member of the team code-named “308” died unexpectedly due to a pulmonary embolism. After the Zeta star held a memorial ceremony for him, he took his remains.

Zeta star welcomes U.S. envoy

It took 9 months for the aircraft used by the exchange team to arrive at Zeta. The group commander recorded the scene when we boarded Zeta:

“We landed on an alien planet for the first time, and we went down the slope. The towers are waiting for us. We saw a big Zeta, bigger than any Zetas we have seen… I guess this is their leader. The alien said that we are welcome to this place The planet… We were led to an open field, which was a bit like a parade ground. The ground was covered with mud. Looking up, I saw the blue sky, the sky was very clear. We saw two’suns’, One of the’suns’ is brighter than the other. The earth is like a desert, somewhat similar to Arizona and New Mexico. There are almost no plants in sight. There are rolling hills in the distance, but apart from dust, look Nothing else… Without sunglasses, our eyes can hardly stand it. The intensity of the’sun’ is too great. What a strange planet this is!”

Many team members also recorded their first impressions of this mysterious planet in their diaries: “This planet is estimated to be 3 billion years old since its birth, and the two stars that illuminate it have an estimated lifespan of 5 billion years, but this is only estimate.

There is a period of night on the planet, but not all times are night. It is a planet in the Zeta Binary Star System, with two’suns’, but these two’suns’ are relatively small, so that part of the planet is night.

In addition, the planet is tilted from space, and its northern hemisphere is much colder than the southern hemisphere. Compared with the earth, the planet Zeta is a little smaller, and its atmosphere is very similar to the earth, containing carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen. “

The concept of time on earth does not apply

After coming to the planet Zeta, the US military exchange team spent several months adapting to this new environment. They found that the concept of time on Earth is not applicable on this planet.

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The team commander wrote in his diary:

“I think it’s another day, but it looks like only an hour has passed on my watch. The two glowing’suns’ are especially a serious problem, because the radiation is higher than the earth’s It was much stronger, and the ground temperature reached 107 degrees Celsius. Although the US military team lived in an underground facility, it still felt hot.”

For this reason, the exchange team was moved to the cooler northern hemisphere of Zeta. Food is also a challenge. The 40 tons of supplies they brought from the earth were eventually eaten, and they had to switch to eating food on Zeta, which tasted like pieces of paper.

In the face of various difficulties, the exchange team is still working hard to perform the scheduled tasks, collecting soil and plant samples.

Declassified: 12 US soldiers were secretly sent to live on alien planets 5
The races living on the planet Zeta belong to the little grays . Schematic diagram of aliens (

The Little Greys of Zeta

The races that live on the planet Zeta belong to the little grays. The civilization of this planet is estimated to be 10,000 years old. Their original home planet is threatened by extreme volcanic activities, so they have to migrate to the planet Zeta.

3000 years ago, they fought a devastating Star Wars, this war lasted 100 years, and finally used particle beam weapons to completely wipe out the enemy. Now the total population on the planet is about 650,000. No crime is seen anymore, but it retains an army.

The friendly Zetas have a perfect social structure and look a bit like a centralized society: every newborn baby is planned in advance; every building is constructed when needed; there is no currency, when needed You can get the items you need by yourself, and everyone is a scientist and engineer.

There is only one education center on the planet, and there are some management committees that guide and manage every aspect of life.

Female Zeta Translator

According to records, the leaders on the planet are very different from ordinary Zeta people. The leader of “Zeta Planet” is a larger creature than others, and it looks more aggressive than others.

The meaning of aggressiveness here does not mean unfriendly ways, it is like a boss, similar to an army commander. For a long time, members of the communication team couldn’t understand what it said, and its tone of voice was harsher than that of others.

There are very few people on Zeta who understand English (these people have been to Earth on missions), and the English they speak is very basic. There is a female Zeta, code-named “EBE2”, who became the translator of the US Army Exchange Group because of her familiarity with English.

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Aliens conduct experiments on the remains of American soldiers

The commander of the exchange team once asked the Zetas for the remains of the members of the “308” team through “EBE2”. Then, they were taken to a large building and met a doctor Zeta who could speak English.

The US military commander’s diary described the conflict in detail:

“The doctor told us that the body of ‘308’ was not in the container, and they had already conducted experiments on the body of “308”. In their view, being a sample is a respect for the dead. The alien doctor said that they used the remains of “308” to reproduce asexually, and I was immediately angry. I strongly stated that the remains of “308” are the property of the earth, and he does not belong to the planet Zeta. I do not agree with the use of the remains of “308” Any experiment.”

The relationship became tense. The Zetas were confused by the reaction of the US military exchange group. “EBE2” said to the exchange group members: “Everyone should be kind.” It repeated the same thing several times. In the end, the communication team had to make concessions to avoid further expansion of the conflict.

The team commander (code-named “700”) and scientist (code-named “754”) were allowed to visit the remains of “308” in the experiment. They were taken to a room where biological experiments were being conducted.

The people on earth were shocked by the sight before them, and the remains of aliens from other planets were also contained in containers. The doctors of the planet Zeta tried to explain the subject they were studying, but the people on Earth didn’t know what DNA biotechnology was at that time.

In response, members of the US military exchange team commented: “This is the dark side of this civilization.”

Declassified: 12 US soldiers were secretly sent to live on alien planets 6
The aircraft sent by Planet Zeta sent 8 American soldiers back to Earth. Schematic diagram of alien spacecraft (

8 U.S. envoys returned to Earth

Due to the inability to accurately know the time of the Earth, the US military exchange team lived on Zeta until 1978. After that, 7 men and 1 woman in the team were sent back to Earth by a flying vehicle sent by Zeta, and 2 people died. Zeta planet, the other two decided to stay on this planet.

After these eight people returned to Earth, the US Air Force Special Investigation Committee (AFOSI) was responsible for their safety and lives.

They were deliberately isolated by the military, and the special investigation committee wrote a 3000-page report. Unexpectedly, these eight people fell ill and died one after another. According to research, they were caused by radiation from the two “suns” on Zeta.

The last American soldier who visited the planet Zeta died in 2002. As for the other two American soldiers who stayed on the planet Zeta, what happened later is unclear.

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