Death Star has been spotted over Texas on a weather satellite service. Nibiru, Blue Beam project or something else?

A lot of people living in Canada and the USA use the satellite weather service service. And now, Scott Wagner, who has been using the service since its inception, reports on June 28 that the other day the satellite showed an inexplicable image of a death star – like celestial object.

In his video, Scott says that he has been working with the weather for more than thirty years, but for the first time he sees something like this:

The news, of course, was picked up by a conspiracy blog and people began to actively put forward versions of what it was.

An alien explanation is most often offered, especially since people do not see colossal sized green balls for the first time. 

November 2021, New Hampshire countryside:

Ontario, Canada, also in 2021:

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Screenshot of a live broadcast from the ISS:

The alien version is quite plausible, since these mysterious spheres are the most commonly observed form of UFOs now. It is possible that one of them flew up to the satellite.

Another option is offered by supporters of the Flat Earth idea. In their opinion, it was just a glitch in the computer graphics that NASA shows to everyone under the guise of a planet. 

The third version, which tries to reconcile all conspirator opinions, involves some short of Blue Beam testing. The chemtrails were apparently slightly short or overdone, so the incoming planet Nibiru was highlighted with green pixels only. But at the hour of H everything will work as it should, after which even the blind and unbelievers will see.

It remains to wait until the Death Star changes its orbit.  

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