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Metaphysics & Psychology

Death is just an illusion, life will continue to cycle

Death is just an illusion, life will continue to cycle 1
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If there really is a reincarnation in the human world, then when a person reaches an end in this plane, after his life has been washed away from the memory of his previous life, he will start a new life. That is the starting point.

Theology and Science

In the 20th century, quantum mechanics gradually entered the public’s field of vision and became the hottest subject. In the world of quantum mechanics, all matter can live forever. The soul will not be destroyed because of the end of its body, it will be transformed into another body to complete its continuation.

People think that there is no connection between this life and the future, and it will disappear after death. But quantum mechanics shows that all the particles of the body will be reorganized, and the soul will eternally become another you.

In the world of quantum mechanics, matter is the result of mentalization. In other words, all matter is cut to the smallest unit, and there is nothing but energy. Matter is an objective existence, and matter does not transfer with human consciousness. These concepts have broken through the barriers of theology and science and merged the two together, so people think that immortality is no longer just a fantasy.

Quantum mechanics can foresee the future

Scientists from well-known universities such as Cambridge University confirmed that quantum mechanics can predict the future, which is an extension of the law of “wave-particle duality” of atomic particles. In the wave-particle duality: the particle light wave is one body. The light waves of traditional mechanics particles do not interfere with each other, which is what people call matter and consciousness.

Until March 10, 2015, scientists discovered the simultaneous existence of particles and light waves. Later, people accepted the simultaneous existence of matter and energy. That is to say, man is actually a combination of body and soul. Although the body will die, the soul will help find another body to realize the continuation of this life.

A more vivid statement can refer to the information stored on the computer disk. After the files in the computer are completely deleted, the files can still be restored through appropriate means. Because when deleting a file, only the content in the file allocation table is deleted, and the deletion information has not changed. The recovery software is the information in the file allocation table, the original address of the file is found, and then restored and displayed.

Former Munich Physics, Hans believed that the brain is like a “magnetic sheet”, storing our memories including actions and feelings, and then handing these memories to the spiritual quantum (soul) realm. Although the data has been erased, the light waves formed by the particles can still be recovered.

Although the human body no longer exists, we are indeed alive in this life. Our words and deeds, personalities, emotions, feelings, and cognitions are all seen in the eyes of the Creator, and then continue to another in the next life. A physical continuation.

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Therefore, the soul is immortal and life is immortal.

People can travel through time and space when bending time and space

The top level of science is theology. In ancient times, people believed that there were gods, that good and evil were rewarded, and that there must be results if there was a cause. Knowing that the current cause is the result planted in the previous life, the cycle of heaven is the principle of quantum mechanics of energy immortality and material circulation.

Einstein entered religion in his later years and used the theory of relativity to prove the existence of the soul. According to Einstein’s theory, there are not only new us in the universe, but also many us in reality. It is equivalent to registering different you on different platforms in the online world.

Einstein predicted that three-dimensional space is curved, and people can travel through the curved space-time. So people actually not only live in the present universe, they actually exist in different parallel universes, that is, they can jump to the past or travel to the future. In other words, the present you are actually a continuation of the past, and the present you can see the future you and see another self.

Is human life already doomed?

When Einstein talked about the meaning of life, he mentioned that all the causes and effects of human beings in this universe are actually the result of the interaction of parallel spaces. The life you choose is actually doomed, because humans make constant choices in different parallel time and space, so you In fact, it’s consummation in another time and space.

In the past, people have actually foreseen your future through parallel universes. People will find that people are actually walking along the predicted trajectory. Although sometimes they may go to other trajectories, they will still be pulled back by fate at a certain time, continue to do the previously prescribed trajectory.

Therefore, the soul is immortal, and life will not be alone or die. Because there is another self with you in parallel time and space. Everything that people do will be remembered, and people’s efforts will be rewarded in a certain time and space.

Consciousness can affect existence, and it can also affect the existence of others. The life before this life has accumulated countless possibilities and results for this life. People exist eternally in this universe or in countless universes.

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