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Dead Cities in Antarctica

As everyone knows, the unknown depths of the planet Earth have always attracted researchers and scientists of all times and people with their enigmatic mystery. So, one of the most unknown and least studied regions of the Earth is considered to be its South Pole – Antarctica. Research and discoveries conducted on this continent only leave behind even more questions. But what can be unknown and unexplored in a territory almost completely covered with eternal ice?

Here are some general information about the mainland. The surface of the sixth continent of the Earth is more than 99 percent covered with ice. Studies by scientists have shown that the largest thickness of the ice cover is about 4.5 kilometers. The average is about 1.7 kilometers. It is known that the total volume of all ice varies from 23-25 ​​million cubic kilometers.

The region can rightfully be called the Earth’s cold pole. On the surface of permafrost, low temperature indicators of air are recorded. In the winter period (June-August) this average mode is minus 70 degrees Celsius, and in the summer season (December-February) it rises on average to minus 40 degrees.

There are no land mammals in Antarctica. Its permanent inhabitants are elephant seals, penguins and some species of birds.

It is interesting that this continent is fraught with more secrets and mysteries than one of the planets of our solar system – Mars. And it differs from it not by many, except in the fact that there is more oxygen. And the temperature on the surface is almost the same. It is known that on July 21, 1983, the Vostok station recorded the lowest temperature on Earth in the entire history of meteorological observations and reached 90 degrees below zero. Even the actual photographs of the surface of eternal ice are much smaller than that of Mars.

Since the Russian navigators under the command of Bellingshausen and Lazarev discovered Antarctica (January 27, 1820), only a negligible part of the information was found out about it. Scientists and researchers do not know what is hidden under the huge thickness of ice. Even the surface of the continent remains poorly understood.

It is worth noting that over the past decade, lakes with warm currents interconnected by a network of tunnels have been discovered under the ice in the mainland. Based on the information from various sources, these passages are quite extensive and are located at a depth of about 4 kilometers underground. According to experts, it is even possible to get to other places on our globe through them.

In order to investigate the uncharted land, in 1938, on June 16, an expedition of researchers was sent to Antarctica under the command of Alfred Ritscher, which included three ships and the aircraft carrier Manfred von Richthofen. On October 14 of that year they discovered a dead city “in a mountain valley with a pyramid.” In this area, scientists came across strange monuments with ancient inscriptions, unusual underwater corridors and tunnels with patterns on the walls, as well as sculptures that are very reminiscent of idols from the famous Easter island. The expedition staff carefully recorded everything they saw on camera.

Dead Cities in Antarctica, image # 2

To continue this study in the bowels of eternal ice, on October 11, 1938, five more submarines were sent to the Antarctic region by the order of Adolf Hitler. One of them under tail number UA – 4 in early November, was able to pass along an underwater corridor at the exit of the warm current of about 800 meters length. Then the submarine entered the center of the mountain through the tunnel and climbed to the surface in the lake with warm water. It was a giant cave with the same strange monuments and inscriptions, which turned out to be connected by a network of tunnels with other similar caves. And on December 20, members of the research team identified mines of non-natural origin. The walls of these shafts had a surprisingly smooth and even surface, sharply going down. The finding of stone statues in the form of animals with wings and sharp fangs turned out to be an interesting fact for scientists. A little bit later, during the three-year period, they found a couple more dead cities with passages leading to the caves. Upon returning home from the expedition, one submarine mysteriously crashed…

It is also interesting that the well-known Chilean diplomat, Miguel Serrano, who was directly involved in one of the expeditions to the sixth continent in 1947 – 1948, tried to find an oasis with warm springs there. The politician also invited the famous Hannah Reich, a pilot of the Third Reich, to take a plane to the South Pole in order to find the entrance to the center of the Earth there.

All this time, scientists did not abandon attempts to find answers to questions about the discovered dead cities. So, a few decades later in December 1973, a group of scuba divers led by the famous, World Ocean French explorer Jacques Yves Cousteau, also discovered an underwater cave. Having made their way into it, they saw all the same animal statues and incomprehensible inscriptions. However, the group of captain Cousteau returned home not in full force. Mysteriously, five people died on the way back.

Dead Cities in Antarctica, image # 3

The next expedition of 1979-1983 was made by Russian researchers. With three underwater submarines and two ships, they managed to find an underwater tunnel leading to the dead city of Okmaron, which existed six thousand years ago. And again, runic inscriptions were discovered, which were subsequently decrypted, but immediately classified. It is worth noting that when exploring the city, for inexplicable reasons, one of the boats was damaged and had to be left in one of the caves …

It should be noted that some of these studies provide a mystical explanation. So, one of the explanations is as follows. Presumably, during the expedition to Tibet, information was collected that a whole network of warm underground currents and caves was found throughout the Antarctic region. Perhaps this is something that remains of an once prosperous culture or civilization that transcends the modern human mind. And perhaps these cities were built by aliens who flew to Earth.

There is also the assumption that the ice-covered continent, in fact, was once the mysteriously disappeared mainland Atlantis.

For example, not so long ago, a group of American and European scientists and researchers announced the discovery of three pyramids in Antarctica. They managed to photograph these huge, amazing objects. According to experts, these pyramids are of artificial origin. The team recorded that one of the pyramids found is located directly on the coast, and the other two are located at a distance of 16 kilometers from its line. In appearance, these objects have a surprising resemblance to the Egyptian pyramids, the oldest of which dates back to 2670 BC. More detailed messages and information about them were not provided.

At the same time, the main source of information about the pyramids was a short video report, in which several photographs were shown, accompanied by small text captions. It was also mentioned that a new research team is being prepared, which will go to study the discovered pyramids. Only after this it will be possible to say anything definite about their origin. However, the timing of the expedition is not yet called.

Sometime ago, scientists at the Australian National University officially announced that they had discovered gigantic caves in Antarctica, many kilometers deep into the mainland. The temperature in them reaches + 25 ° C. Researchers believe that life, developed flora and fauna should exist in caves. Already today it is known that lichens, algae, and simple invertebrates live there. The head of the group of Australian researchers Seridven Fraser believes that quite large animals, unknown to science today, can live in the depths of the caves. For this reason, scientists are still afraid to penetrate deep into the caves discovered by them, because they do not know what they might encounter on their way.

Through The Eyes Of A Clairvoyant

In 2017, Corey Goode, a popular insider in the West, told the world community about where the caves discovered by Australians can lead to. In childhood, Goode displayed a telepathic talent with the ability to communicate with other civilizations. In his own words, Guda was recruited as a boy into a secret space program controlled by the world government. After 30 years, Corey Goode severed ties with his curators and decided to tell humanity the truth about a number of world puzzles. In March 2017, he announced that a city of ancient civilization was being excavated in Antarctica. According to Good, he personally visited the site of the discovery of ancient buildings to witness an incredible discovery. The insider also confirmed the authenticity of the Nazi work on the study of the ancient city: they were conducted from 1939 until the end of the war. In addition, Corey Goode answered the question why the participants of Antarctic expeditions are silent about this and other facts. According to his interview, until 2002, excavations of the remains of an ancient civilization were prohibited, and then classified. Nevertheless, Goode assured the world community that today documents have already been prepared that describe these ambitious studies. The clairvoyant believes that soon they will be officially announced and the world will be struck by a sensational discovery.

Western journalists did not wait for the report of scientists. Moreover, most likely, it will be classified in order not to ruin the official ideas about earthly history. Representatives of the press asked Goode to talk about how the inhabitants of Antarctica looked like. According to the insider, these were creatures similar to people with elongated oval skulls, a little more than 3.5 meters tall. An insider called them Pre-Adamites. According to Corey Goode, the ancient inhabitants of Antarctica arrived on Earth from space about 55,000 years ago and archaeologists have unearthed three mothership spacecraft of up to 30 kilometers in diameter and many small flying saucers.  Pre-Adamites died due to a natural cataclysm of cosmic origin, as a result of which Antarctica was covered with an ice shell.  Goode also mentioned the entrance to the underground voids.

An insider said that not the whole truth will be revealed to the public in order to avoid shock. The ruins of the ancient city and only a small part of artifacts will be shown to the world. The remains of the Pre-Adamites, their motherhips and small flying saucers will be kept secret.

Concealment Of Evidence

It seems that in the near future we will really not know what the ice of Antarctica actually hides. This is confirmed by the story that happened with the American crew of Atlantis-TV. Its employees disappeared in Antarctica in November 2002. When they searched for the missing journalists with the help of helicopters, the video was able to capture the excavations in the area of ​​the McMurdo American Antarctic station. The record clearly shows that under the ice at a depth of about 3 kilometers, Americans are excavating the ancient city! A unique video became known from the Archaeological Bulletin, published by renowned archaeologist Jonathan Gray. Later, Atlantis-TV lawyers officially announced that the US government had promised to block an uncomfortable video if it appeared on the Internet. 

Simultaneously with these events, two officers of the US Navy, on condition of anonymity, confirmed to the US National Science Foundation that excavations were underway. The officers personally saw a video depicting the ruins and some “gizmos” resembling spaceships. Of course, officially, the US military refutes any information that an ancient city was discovered under the ice of Antarctica.


Of course, anyone who is not tempted by conspiracy theories will doubt the words of Corey Goode and American journalists, demanding material evidence. However, it is unlikely that at least one state in the world will provide them, especially if what the scientists are talking about is true. Private researchers find it difficult to get to Antarctica; those who get there with rare excursion groups do not move away from the allowed routes.

Nevertheless, researchers studying the surface of the Earth using Google satellite maps, said that everything that fans of the conspiracy theory are talking about is true. Internet archaeologists have discovered a flying saucer, frozen into the surface of Antarctica, as well as two entrances to underground bases. One of the leading researchers of virtual archeology, Scott Waring, posted on the Web the coordinates of the entrances to the underground caves: -66 ° 36’12.58 ″, + 99 ° 43’12.72 ″; -66 ° 33’11.56 ″, + 99 ° 50’17.46 ″. Anyone can make sure that the icy continent in its womb really hides certain secrets.

Therefore, the question of where these strange pyramids came from and who could create them can only be guessed. Perhaps these are mountain cliffs of the perfectly regular geometric shape. Or maybe this is the work of human hands. We still have to find out what the sixth continent – Antarctica – is fraught with …



A New ‘Bermuda Triangle’ where ships become unmanageable and swim in circles

Four tankers suddenly lost control and sailed in circles in the South Atlantic, west of the southern African city of Cape Town.

Early on Sunday morning, May 31, senior officers aboard the Willowie oil tanker were called to the bridge, where they were informed that their ship and four other ships nearby were somehow mysteriously moving in a tapering spiral, the ability to steer there is no ship, and that all the ships headed for rapprochement.

It could be assumed that strong currents pushed ships in a circle, but where the ships sailed in the South Atlantic, west of the southern African city of Cape Town, there were no such currents.

After unsuccessful attempts to regain control of the ship, the crew of the tankers turned off the automation and took control of the ships in manual mode, which avoided a collision.

The incident made scientists try to find an answer about the causes of the anomalies in the area. 

Earlier, the European Space Agency discovered something else strange there.

South Atlantic magnetic anomaly is increasing rapidly

Nobody knows why, but the Earth’s magnetic field, which has lost nearly 10% of its strength over the past two centuries, is becoming especially weak in a large region that stretches from Africa to South America, affecting satellites and spacecraft.

Known as the South Atlantic Anomaly, field strength in this area has rapidly decreased over the past 50 years, as soon as the area itself has grown and moved west. 

And over the past five years, southwest of Africa, very close to the place where the Willowy sailed, a second center of the minimum intensity of the Earth’s magnetic field has arisen.

One of the assumptions regarding this weakening is that it is a sign that the Earth is moving toward a pole reversal – in which the North and South magnetic poles are inverted and swapped.

This switching will not happen immediately and at first several north and south magnetic poles will appear all over the globe.

Not everyone agrees entirely with the official explanation, and they consider that the anomaly that is occurring in the Atlantic Ocean is much more than a weakening of the magnetic field, and they believe that another “Bermuda Triangle” has been discovered and that the boats are in serious danger when navigating those waters.

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What happened in the anomalous zone of the Michigan Triangle

We have repeatedly written about the mystical places of our planet. But it’s interesting to read about all mysticism and its exposure, isn’t it? Scientists can explain some of the recognized anomalies, but some cannot, but from this, the theme of all kinds of “triangles” excites our thoughts even more. 

Everyone begins to think up something, fantasize, try to explain strange events, and this creates an additional topic for conversation and interesting debate. This time there is another one in the form of the Michigan triangle. And so it turns out that all mysticism loves this particular geometric figure. Although, perhaps, people are driving it into such a framework, because the “triangle” sounds much more mystical and ominous than for example the “tetrahedron”, or the “trapezoid”.

Mysticism in the ocean is commonplace. This time we’ll talk about a lake.

Where is the Michigan Triangle

The Michigan triangle is called the “younger brother of the Bermuda Triangle”, but few know it. It is similar to everyone knowing Chris Hamsworth, the performer of the role of Thor in the Avengers, but few know his brother Liam, who also starred in the movie. Or, nobody knows the name of James Franco’s brother. The list goes on for long.

Despite the low fame of the Michigan triangle, a lot of everything mystical and mysterious also happened in it. It’s just that it is not so widely covered in cinema, books and other works.

This is how the Michigan triangle looks on the map

This place got its name, like most anomalous zones, by the name of the place where it is located. The Michigan Triangle is located in the center of Lake Michigan – the largest American lake. Its size is really impressive. It is 517 by 190 kilometers, and its area is 58 016 square kilometers. The coastline stretches for 2,656 kilometers and runs through four states. It is the fourth largest freshwater lake in the world.

How ships disappeared in the anomalous zone

In total, several ships and even a couple of planes disappeared in the anomaly on the territory of Lake Michigan. For the first time, something strange happened there in August 1679, when the French ship Griffin disappeared on the territory of Lake Michigan, which was studying the possibility of moving from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic. In those days, ships disappeared often, but they were searched for the remains of either these ships or crew members. There was nothing there.

Such ships often disappeared

After that, in 1891 the cargo ship Thomas Hume disappeared in the triangle. It moved north and collided with a storm, but according to eyewitnesses from the ship that was near and returned to the port of departure, the captain decided to continue moving. As a result, the ship disappeared and no one else saw it or its crew. Many researchers are still looking for it and periodically assure that they found something, but no one has evidence that the Thomas Hume vessel was found.

The most famous disappearance in the Michigan triangle

One of the relatively recent mystical cases occurred on April 28, 1937 with the ship of captain Donner, which was called McFarland.

It followed from the port of Erie to Port Washington. On the way, the captain felt unwell and decided to go on a little rest, putting his assistant at the helm instead. Before leaving for his cabin, he asked to wake him when the ship approached the port. As a result, when after a few hours the crew members approached the captain’s cabin, he was not there. In order to find out his whereabouts, they had to break the door, since it was locked from the inside. The mystique is that there were no windows or hatches in the cabin, and the door was locked from the inside. That is, the captain could not leave and lock the cabin in this way.

Usually ships disappear in mystical places, but not their captains

The incident was even stranger because Captain Donner was an excellent swimmer and a very balanced person. An experienced captain simply could not commit suicide by jumping overboard, as he could not drown, accidentally falling there, all the more so that the water was completely calm that day. Perhaps the captain hid somewhere on the ship? This is out of the question since the ship was thoroughly searched. This could not be a joke either, since after it the joker should appear, but he did not appear. And according to those who knew the captain, he was not a joker.

It was after that day that people began to talk about the notoriety of this place and it was in this that they found an explanation for other oddities that occurred in that area. As a result, no one knows where the captain went. Just like that, a person can disappear for no reason. Or not without reason.

Missing Aircraft in the Michigan Triangle

The first sensational story in the sky above the Michigan Triangle occurred on June 23, 1950. This time, a Norvest Airlines flight (flight 2501), flying from New York to Minneapolis, got into trouble.

An aircraft also mysteriously disappeared just above the water

The aircraft was controlled by Robert Lind, an experienced pilot, and on board were more than sixty people, including crew members. The plane was supposed to fly in the area of ​​the city of Chicago, but there was very bad weather and the route had to be urgently changed. As a result, the path was chosen through the very lake of Michigan. At some point, the pilot stopped communicating and answered the dispatcher. Only after some time, he requested permission to change the height due to electrical discharges along the way. Soon, the plane disappeared from the radar.

Due to the fact that there were many passengers on board, the incident simply could not go unnoticed. And the most interesting thing is that everything happened at about the place where Captain Donner from the previous story was “lost”. Interestingly, the plane was never found in any form. There were not even fragments and bodies of passengers. It remained a mystery where he went. However, two police officers claimed to have seen red flashes in some place. The flashes in the sky lasted for about 10 minutes.

Why ships disappear in the Michigan triangle

There are several versions of why strange things are happening in this area. One of them is a strange magnetic anomaly that makes people behave strangely. However, this could explain the loss of Captain Donner and some other ships, but the cabin was not locked from the inside.

But in general, isn’t here a question, why such triangles do not appear on land? After all, it is much easier to find the wreckage of aircraft or the skeleton of cars there. So no, everything comes necessarily on the sea or lake, where, as they say, all ends are in the water. Or does water really have some mystical properties? Here is an opportunity to reason by yourselves. 

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The mystery of Atlantis in a mysterious Nazi bunker

This story began in the summer of 1945 when Hitler’s faithful ally, Obergruppenführer SA Ley, who was being held as a war criminal in Nuremberg, alarmed the Allied command with the message that the south of Germany was in danger of disaster. 

He told the Americans that in one of the underground bunkers, code-named Z3, where until the last days of the war the development of Nazi top-secret weapons continued, right before the surrender of Germany, containers with some very dangerous substance were depressurized due to sabotage of prisoners of war. If you do not enter the bunker and do not eliminate the leak, at least a third of the country’s population will die. To prevent so many deaths, Robert Ley, is ready to go down into the dungeon.

Mysterious bunker

Photo © Steffi Loos / Getty Images

The Americans are alarmed. During the war years, the Nazis really launched a stormy activity underground, having built more than 130 underground factories. Obviously, Lei, who held prominent posts and was responsible not only for the Labor Front, but also for the organization of forced labor of prisoners of war and other foreign workers, really could know a lot about the Nazi secret designs.

The Z3 bunker was located in Weimar, and, according to the Americans, the Nazis were engaged in the development of new engines for aircraft. For the manufacture of fuel, they used previously unknown substances and a huge amount of mercury.

The Americans could not let Ley go down to the bunker himself, he had to play a prominent role in the Nuremberg trials – the Nazi was accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity. The Americans did not want to risk a prominent captive, therefore, under the guise of fulfilling allied agreements, Soviet specialists were invited to participate in the liquidation of the accident. They didn’t talk about the real state of things, they threw disinformation on the Soviet command about the development by the Nazis of engines for submarines working on hydrogen peroxide.

Of course, the leadership of the USSR was interested in the new product. Despite the victory, the Soviet Union still lagged behind in a number of research and development. For example, the Nazis in 1941 for the first time launched an underwater rocket from the U-511 submarine. In the USSR, even after four years, they could only dream about it. The Soviet leadership was interested in the Nazi development of plasma weapons, new disk-shaped aircraft and climate weapons. Therefore, in the USSR, it was decided to participate in the inspection of the Z3 bunker. As a performer, they decided to send a self-taught chemist, a specialist in the synthesis of phosphors (substances capable of converting energy into light), senior lieutenant Nikolai Zhirov to Weimar.

Orders are not discussed

Nikolai Zhirov was truly passionate about science. Due to the death of his father, he could not get higher education, but at the age of 25 he published the first scientific articles on the synthesis of phosphors. He had a very noble origin for the USSR, graduated from high school and independently mastered a chemistry course that was not taught at the educational institution. Before the war, he graduated from the Kiev school of command personnel for artillerymen, then retired, worked at the Moscow Research Institute of the Commissariat of Ammunition, and in 1940 published a monograph on phosphors. During the war years, Zhirov developed phosphors of blue glow for the needs of air defense.

When he was called to the Lubyanka on July 6, 1945, Zhirov was sure that he would be offered to work with the archives of the Nazis, because he had excellent knowledge of German at the gymnasium. However, they issued him a certificate of the specially authorized State Defense Committee of the USSR, took a non-disclosure subscription and sent him on a business trip to Weimar. From it, a 42-year-old scientist returned a completely different person.

Nikolai Zhirov. Photo © Wikipedia

It is known that in Weimar, Robert Ley personally indicated a hidden entrance to the bunker, after which specialists in chemical protection suits cleared the rubble and found that the lifts were working. However, neither the Americans nor the British decided to go down. And then Nikolai Zhirov did it.

But neither the protective suit, nor the gas mask that Zhirov prudently put on, helped the scientist. After the chemist completed the task and rose to the surface, he became ill. Zhirov was immediately taken to the hospital.

The historian Alexander Voronin in the film “Berlin – Atlantis” mentioned that Zhirov admitted:

In the Nazi dungeon he experienced damage to the nervous system by chemicals unknown to him. But what he saw in the bunker, Zhirov, bound by a state secret, never told anyone.

Patient Zhirov was urgently taken to Moscow and put in the Botkin hospital, where he was until April 1947. The diagnosis, which was given to him by Soviet doctors, did not explain anything: a viral lesion of the central nervous system. At the hospital, Zhirov raved about Atlantis and read excerpts from Plato as a keepsake.

It was here, in a hospital bed, that he found a new meaning in life – the search for an ancient civilization. Zhirov was sure that the Nazis found the source of ancient knowledge, which means that in the USSR it was necessary to open a department similar to the Nazi research organization Anenerbe and find out where, in what source the Nazis drew ideas for new discoveries.

Finding Atlantis

Photo © Wikipedia

Zhirov was discharged from the hospital as a disabled person of group I, but the scientist was not discouraged – he surrounded himself with textbooks on geology, geography and history and began to search for Atlantis. Despite the fact that in 1948 Zhirov was awarded the degree of Doctor of Chemistry for the totality of works, his new activity did not arouse enthusiasm among the authorities. The chemist continually sent articles to magazines in France and Britain, wrote to foreign colleagues, and therefore was closely monitored by the KGB.

By the second half of the 1950s, Zhirov was sure: Atlantis existed and should rightfully occupy one of the sections of the biogeography of the Quaternary – the geological segment of time, which continues to this day. The bride in a circle. How did the ancient Slavs treat women?

In 1957, his work “Atlantis” was completed, and in 1964 the scientific publication “Atlantis. The main problems of Atlantology” saw the light, in which the author examined the civilization of Atlantis as a period of the formation of mankind and argued that Atlantis really existed, and in the Atlantic when then there was a huge continent, which, as a result of the disaster, plunged into the abyss. Zhirov was sure: the Nazis had somehow found and used the knowledge of this civilization, ahead of the world by decades.

A terminally ill chemist hoped that in the USSR his work would be appreciated, but this did not happen. Soviet science was aimed only at the future, for a great civilization of the past there was no place in it. When Nikolai Zhirov died in 1970, his entire archive was seized and kept secret. Whether this was made out of the principle “no matter what happens” or if the leadership of the USSR really tried to hide something that became known from the archives of the Nazis, we may never know.

But the idea of ​​searching for the ancient Atlantean civilization was eagerly picked up by other Soviet scientists and writers. In 1961, with the introduction of academician Vasily Struve, the book by Atlantis. In Search of the Lost World was published by Ekaterina Andreeva. The search for the mythical Hyperborea took up the famous geologist and geographer Vladimir Obruchev.

In 1974, when researching Mount Amper in the Atlantic Ocean at a depth of 80 meters, the MSU Academician Petrovsky research vessel found clear evidence of the existence of an ancient civilization that was destroyed by a cataclysm and sunk under water. Mount Amper is located about 380 kilometers southwest of Cape San Vicente on the Iberian Peninsula (coordinates 35 ° 03 ‘N, 12 ° 54’ W, minimum depth 59 meters). Repeated pictures of the mountain were taken in 1980 by the Paisys underwater vehicle, and in 1981 even an underwater bell with divers was lowered to Mount Amper. According to scientists, Atlantis was located between the mountain and the mainland and plunged into the sea about eight and a half thousand years ago.

But, unfortunately, shortly after this, the scientific community of the USSR considered research in the Atlantic an empty diversion, and all research was curtailed. The Atlantis of Nikolai Zhirov remained closed. Materials on the Z3 bunker are also still classified.

Source: Life

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