Davos: Canadian multinational executive director unveils carbon footprint trackers to trace what you buy, what you eat, where and how you travel

The goal of the ‘Climate Change’ group is to create a carbon trading system – a new financial mechanism (global tax program) to control human activities around the world. This system also needs a digital ID to work. The president of the Alibaba Group, during his presence at the World Economic Forum conference in Davos, boasted about the creation of a single carbon footprint that “will monitor what you buy, what you eat, where and how you travel” and the consequences they have on environment.

You cannot tax or trade things that you cannot track. As a result, there has always been a need for a customized tracking and monitoring system that will connect to a global digital identity and determine the carbon footprint. The carbon taxation and trading system will be more financially profitable than any stock exchange or monetary banking system. It is the ultimate mechanism for human control and the preferred way to redistribute wealth under the guise of global justice.

Of course, the system will be beta tested as a consumer demand product until the government takes over the distribution and distribution part. In this video segment, Alibaba Group President J. Michael Evans brags at the World Economic Forum 2022 about developing a “custom carbon footprint tracker” to monitor what you buy, what you eat, and where/how you travel. 

The individual carbon tracker is the basis for a global carbon trading system in which everyone participates; at least everyone connected with the prospects of the Western government.

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The distribution of carbon creates a financial measure that replaces the currency. You buy and sell carbon credits that allow you to perform certain functions in society, such as food, travel, home ownership and type, type of vehicle or transportation, even the clothes you can buy. Therefore, “carbon trading” is a term that most people are familiar with.

Basically, you are a parasite on the earth; so you must make up for your pejorative footprint on the planet by paying the price of existence. If you cannot pay the carbon credits required to participate in a transaction (travel, home ownership, cooling, heating, etc.), you cannot participate in a regulated activity.

The carbon exchange process is at the end of the slippery slope created by digital identity. The 5G telecommunications network is designed to use geolocation and behavior tracking, which will link your digital identity to your individual behavior and facilitate the process of tracking your carbon footprint. We have already passed the “if” stage.

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