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Dark side archaic knowledge: Is black goo carrying the wisdom of all living things?

Dark side archaic knowledge: Is black goo carrying the wisdom of all living things? 1
Photo: "Prometheus" movie

A mysterious oil is said to sleep deep inside the earth’s crust, which was already known to the pharaohs of ancient Egypt. A smart mineral oil that was well known and coveted in almost all great ancient civilizations. We are talking about Black Goo, which many researchers believe is just a myth.

Whether in the matriarchal places of worship of the oracle of Delphi, in ancient Egypt, in Beth El, or in the Indian culture, where it is known by the name of Shiva’s lingam, the mysterious oil is attributed a purely magical power. It is believed that the black monolith in the Kaaba in Mecca was also made of Black Goo oil shale. Besides, the cube plays an extremely important role.

To this day it is not known exactly where it came from. According to legend, it was a meteorite who fell into the garden of Eden to absorb the sins of Adam. By absorbing the sins of mankind, the once white stone is said to have turned black. Other sources claim that the monolith was given to Abraham by the Archangel Gabriel as a foundation stone for the construction of the Kaaba. The Kaaba still enjoys a worldwide reputation as an important place of power.

Researchers report that there are two types of Black Goo. The positive, the blood of the earth supporting all seven chakras and flowing along the ley lines, and the archaic Black Goo brought to earth by a meteorite about three hundred million years ago. Mystics claim that this oil bears the negative signature of a reptilian planet. The ley lines are believed to be the lines of salvation of the earth, which is why spiritual scholars believe that the natural Black Goo is something like the “materialism” of Mother Earth that carries the knowledge of all living things, known in mythology as the Akashic Archives.

Researchers suspect that this black living substance is present on almost all planets in our universe with a biosphere and is preferentially located in the deepest crust of the earth, where global black oceans are said to exist. The negative alien Black Goo is said to be exclusively associated with only the second, third and sixth chakras, which can lead to aggression, lack of empathy and sexual violence.

This oil plays an important role in black magic. As far back as the Middle Ages, black magicians used oil shale to connect with demons and dark lords.

Therefore, the oil was processed into numerous black stones that were used in black magic rituals. Black has always been an important religious color, not only for Muslims and Jews, but also for Christian officials. Obviously there is the possibility of using this color to move away from the material world to approach the spiritual. Dark adversaries also use black to advance to higher realms in order to invoke powerful forces.

Even parts of the music industry now wear black to consciously jump between good and bad. But the black code has also long played an important role in the film industry – especially when it comes to the supernatural and higher power. Black also heralds the end of the world by destroying entire civilizations or making Neo wake up in the Matrix in front of a black mirror.

It is possible that the stones were also used in cathedrals and sacred buildings during the Middle Ages to create a particularly reverent atmosphere. Archaeologists and speleologists continue to encounter strange black rocks during excavations, but no one has yet managed to mine underground deposits of this kind.

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Dark side archaic knowledge: Is black goo carrying the wisdom of all living things? 2
Strange black substance said to have fallen from the sky of Michigan, USA, is associated with “Black Goo”.

In an interview with the editors of Lichtsprache Magazin, artist and spiritual teacher Bernhard Wimmer also hypothesizes that Alien Black Goo can make people independent beings. Natural Black Goo is said to be found in very few places on earth. Key locations include the Falkland Islands, the Gulf of Mexico, the Himalayas, parts of Venezuela and the Thule Islands. The archipelago is located in the Southern Ocean near Antarctica. Extraterrestrials are said to store the oil there. Naturalist and expert journalist Harald Kautz-Vella, who has dealt extensively with Black Goo for many years, believes that Black Goo was also mined in the Untersberg, on the border between Berchtesgaden and Salzburg, as early as in the 1920s.

This is also confirmed by the Salzburg writer Wolfgang Stadler, who has published several books about the Untersberg under the pseudonym Stan Wolf. In his work Stones of Power, Stadler mentions two black Osiris stones that he found in the pyramid of Cheops. According to legend, a Knight Templar hid one of the stones in a cave in the Untersberg. Stadler not only found the cave, but also the stone that was on a pedestal. The author describes it as unusual, palm-sized and spherical. 

Kautz-Vella stumbled upon Black Goo more by accident while researching Morgellons, discovering through radio testing that the oil does indeed have a 100% connection to archaic consciousness.

1800 people killed by black goo in Venezuela?

According to reports, the mysterious substance suddenly appeared out of nowhere in 1986 on a 12-kilometer road in Caracas, Venezuela. The oil is said to be responsible for more than 1,800 deaths, including respiratory problems among drivers. Various reports state that the dark substance caused some kind of commotion. Locals describe them as smooth, slippery and like chewing gum. Many Venezuelans believe the stuff is extraterrestrial – whether it is actually Black Goo has not been proven to date.

The fact is that Black Goo has been the subject of many theories and feature films. In 2012, British director Ridley Scott released Prometheus. At the beginning of the film, a human giant stands in the middle of a primeval landscape at the foot of a waterfall. After drinking a black liquid from a small bowl, his body begins to decompose and falls into the water. In water, the source of all life, its decayed DNA reassembles and forms new cells. Is this mysterious liquid Black Goo too? Scott owes us the answer to the question. Proponents of the Black Goo theory claimed yes. And these are not few.

There is now a special Black Goo movement that claims the British military was sent to the Falkland Islands to bring the mysterious oil to Britain for analysis. British ex-soldier Jeff Peterson reports that there were many UFO sightings during the war. Oval spaceships have been observed, sometimes at high speeds, over land and water. It is reported that the British extracted the oil from the sea and transported it deep-frozen to secret military laboratories in Great Britain. 22 scientists are said to have died mysteriously, suffered serious illness or committed suicide. 

What did the British researchers really discover?

Is the oil so intelligent that it can also exercise mind control? Swarm-intelligent nanorobot black goo could spread throughout the cerebral cortex via the bloodstream, recording the activity of all brain regions in real time and transmitting it to the outside. Brain scan resolution would increase a million times. Did the researchers possibly discover something critical to the public and therefore had to die?

There is footage showing soldiers wearing gloves and face masks. Possibly to protect against Black Goo contamination, which is spread by aerosols and spores and can cause incalculable risks and effects. 

The recordings could actually be authentic footage. Hence the question: why face masks and gloves – especially in specially secured buildings and control centres? 

Since then, the British have indeed been working with a programmable liquid called Black Goo, which they claim can take all kinds of forms at the molecular level and through self-organization, up to the super fighter plane and other new types of weapon systems. 

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An unnamed military official from a project study reported that Black Goo appeared to be used by the military for negative purposes. In the meantime, the research lab is said to have been dismantled and the remaining Black Goo dumped into the sewer system. 

A documentary by Dan Schreiber reports that many Britons were exposed to this substance through the sewage system, which is said to have led to mysterious illnesses and deaths – but to date this information has not been confirmed. 

Schreiber referred to a certain Max Spiers, who according to his own statements was also a member of the British Army. Spiers said a lot of crazy things – including claiming that his memory was scanned, that he was programmed and guided. The research lab was said to have been dismantled and the remaining Black Goo dumped into the sewer system. 

Just a theory?

Spiers, who also died mysteriously, was found in Poland. Shortly before he died he sent a message to his mother asking for an autopsy to be performed in the event of his death. He reportedly vomited a strange black substance shortly before his death. There are also said to be large deposits of black goo in the Gulf of Mexico. Whistleblowers said the accident at British Petrol’s Deepwater Horizon was also linked to drilling for Black Goo. However, this claim could never be confirmed.

What is the truth behind the myth of Black Goo? What is real and what is fiction? It is difficult to judge, many claim that it is a modern myth. Much of the legend of Black Goo dates back to British outsider David Griffin. 

Griffin has also theorized that the Falklands War also had an alien component. He talks about secret bases on the islands that were destroyed in this conflict. Shouldn’t Jeff Peterson be correct in claiming that there were mass UFO sightings during the war? Until there is solid evidence for the existence of this mysterious oil, Black Goo will remain nothing more than a myth. But as we know, in every myth there is at least a small spark of truth and Black Goo could be a kind of programming matter at all levels accompanied with shocking secrets of changing reality and, in particular, human consciousness.


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