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Dangers of the Ancient Genetic Technology

Hobbits, Sasquatches and Giants


by Robert  Bruce Baird

It is fifteen years since Bill Joy warned us mankind would be redundant by 2035. (1) His genetic, robotic and nanotechological observations and predictions along with biological “green goo” and the like, did make a few people stand up and ask some questions for a couple of months. There is another kind of genetic research that Dr. Bruce Lipton and others study and write about. It is called epigenetics and it was better understood by shamans a million years ago. There’s no easy line between fact and possibility-thinking when it comes to the cellular or sub-atomic, consciousness, action at a distance or inherent design similar to homeopathic tinctures.  All people should do everything they can to watch the TV mini-series on the science channel called Futurescape. I will address how real the World Mind they say can now be manipulated with machines is and how to some extent it has been used for hundreds of millennia.

The amount of time humans and pre-Homo Sapiens have had to evolve and develop sciences galore is now far greater than we thought. I was excited to see another proof of far more ancient cultures dated to more than 500,000 years in Indonesia – right where the linguist Col. Churchward said it should be. The old paradigm upon which all our books and teaching is based was wrong by enough time for many civilizations as advanced as we are to have come and gone. I used to give credit to the ‘ancient ones’ or ‘keltoi and ogygia’ in Greek. But a geneticist had said Kets from Siberia and I thought perhaps this was a mere spelling matter, so my many books on history are only correct for the time since white people came to be in the Caucasus. That is a mere 35,000 years, although I had supported the Berekhat Ram figure of a woman dated to about 385,000 years ago and suspected it was even earlier that advanced and refined culture existed here – right near Siberia which I had often wondered about. So now I am inclined to say the DNN are ‘of’ or ‘De’ Ainu. The Ainu are also possibly an inter-breeding outcome too. They are between Europods and Asian as you can see by looking into Kennewick Man, or the Jomon of Peru, and Yonaguni near Japan. White people are probably over a half million years younger than refined hominids with sensory and conscious creative ability.

At least one of those ancient sciences allowed people to connect with their mind and soul across great distances. Recently Ingo Swann lead what is called Remote Viewers in the Cold War. One of his top viewers was associated with me on a research website. Princeton University closed their PEAR program in 2007 due to people who said experiments must be replicable. When humanity can define all forces and fields including space radiation and interactions between energy then replication will be possible. I think it is the same issue with soul migration and afterlife so I do not blindly accept past life transference or destiny and many other things deemed paranormal.

The mind itself is as unknown as all get out. There is little to no agreement as to where it is located; and soul – something even less certain. The ability of machines to enhance, control or direct thought is now a reality that would make ancient mind-benders salivate. (2) I hope just saying these things sets us apart from the people slinging slop or saying they know something for an absolute certainty. (3) Again where do you draw the line and who is to blame for what goes on in society? The treatment of women is instructive in trying to grasp how we got into this mess.(4) Thought forms in dreams or from drugs and Dream Dancing millions of years ago as we evolved became symbols then alphabets or other memetic technology. These forms can be manipulated so the people who see them in their dreams will believe whatever they are programmed to see. In a foreword to ‘The Tibetan Book of the Dead’ Jung said a Christian will see Gabriel and a Hindu sees Krishna etc.. They are connected to our DNA and the serpents on a caduceus help focus this connection. The Director of the Human Genome Project (Collins is a prime Merovingian name) says we have a “history book” in our genes.

My younger brother took a few college courses about forty years ago. He told me they were teaching students that hominids could not inter-breed and other stupidity. He knew I was not a believer that Neanderthal was at all like the Alley Oop character which hunched about looking to beat women over the head. A person assembling his bones by the name of Haeckel had left a bunch of bones out of the Neanderthal back. I knew there were geneticists who thought they could prove any offspring would become sterile like mules. But the Jungian collective mind and soul can create quantum leaps of evolution I thought. Since 1527 more than sixty cases of female mules are documented as having given birth when mated with horses. Unfortunately our discussion lead to me recommending that he should read L. Ron Hubbard’s book ‘Dianetics’. Today his children have signed billion year soulful contracts and I sometimes feel like a donkey. Astral travel is used by many religions but the Scientologist ‘handlers’ do what my brother’s family and they openly admit is ‘running’., which I think can include astral connections. Colonel Edward Mandell House was ‘the seventh son of a seventh son’ and he did this to Woodrow Wilson.

Teaching Dialectics or critical thinking might help in the long run but most people have little idea or knowledge about the magnitude of the problem and how Neuro-linguistics has been used for many millennia. Making jokes about Xenu and Scientology is not the solution. I can argue that Scientology is one of the best systems or religions available and I know how corrupt and vile it is. On the web today you can find many Christian zealots talking about man’s fall from Heaven and how God doesn’t want you to travel and work in other dimensions. You can also find sites like the one I will provide a link to herewith. It is using a source book – ‘The Wonder Child’. Top psychologists and researchers wrote this book which I think every potential parent should be required to read. It touches on adepts such as Jiddhu Krishnamurti and the spiritual knowledge levels that adepts like him have reached. Krishnamurti did warn us that we do not need to pursue siddhis or ‘powers’. I have found the results come to me when I need them through Right Thought rather than ritual or dogmatic behaviour. This site promotes many machines, bio-feedback and neurolinguistic techniques all melded together. (5)

My older brother has two tall red-headed boys and they are extreme sportsmen looking to make a TV show like Les Stroud, the Survivorman. Les is saying he has seen a Sasquatch and there are others who promote hoaxes; so how is anyone to know whatever truth there might be? Is it worth our time to consider what epigenetics or ancient Gaian adepts might have to offer? Father Pierre Teilhard de Chardin is a hero of mine. He was a biologist who brought Gaian thought which has come to include Epigenetics into the 20th Century. He was an archaeologist who had something to do with the Piltdown Man as well. So we have a different GNR technology that the God Particle is part of, and which has taken a Quantum Leap to add to the things Bill Joy predicted; which are happening sometimes sooner and in some cases more slowly. Genetics is empowered, instead of Nanotechnology, which is still important, we have Neurophysiological means including memes or linguistics as triggers. In this discipline or science there has always been a lot of art, as well as what can be seen in a chakra chart and psychic points chart. All of these technologies are of interest to Scientology. They have Cabbalists just like the Judaeo/Christians and Eastern systems. Religion has always been paramount in the technology of civilized man; now we will see if software is remotely downloaded without a password.

Belief is closure of the mind and ‘there be monsters’ who call themselves or their compatriots from whom they gain power, by names like Divine King, Pope at the center of the universe, Highest of High, etc. The same can be observed when modern ministers put words in the mouth of ancients who often never wrote a thing. There are three Magian Laws and they are: a) Right Thought = Right Action b) As Above So Below c) Know, Will, Dare, Keep Silent. Some knowledge had a decree of death associated with it, and most truth was dangerous to those in power. That is why Socrates chose to drink Hemlock rather than admit or acquiesce to demands to leave his female muse or beloved homeland. One such situation has to do with the Earth Energy Grid and Gaian philosophy; it is the Pentagon Dodecahedron. A Greek era representation is in the Ashmolean Museum. Personally I think the advent of the Atomic Age removed the Keep Silent proviso. Another taboo or dangerous thing is to taunt Lucifer or even examine the concept thereof. This certainly could have brought you to a fiery end during the ironically named Inquisitions (6). There is irony and there is deceit.

I watched over a house for a friend who lived near the Association for Research and Enlightenment for a weekend when he went camping in the mountains. This area was chosen for it’s location on the Earth Energy Grid, by Edgar Cayce whose father was a high Mason, as was he. The first night I saw him walking through the house and called out to him as I got up. It was not him but it was his double or what is known as the Sorcerer’s Walk. He did not do this consciously. The Mayans located their cities on centerpoints of the Grid and any spiritual person who has spent time at a vortex will know some of what can happen or is attributed to adepts like Dracula.

I hope readers do due diligence and in depth study rather than cursory perusal like reading newspapers and accepting what is said. Here is a representation which correctly refers to allegorical meanings for the apostles. It is from the spiritual leaders of the Unity Church. “When Jesus had attained a certain soul development. He called His twelve apostles to Him. This means that when man is developing out of mere personal consciousness into spiritual consciousness, he begins to train deeper and larger powers; he sends his thought down into the inner centers of his organism, and through his word quickens them to life.
– Charles & Cora Fillmore”

If you have seen the movie “Highlander: The Quickening” or can attune yourself with “the inner centers of (your) his organism”; you might grasp the immensity of what Jesus (actually Yeshua does not translate as Jesus which is in fact a title just as The Chriost had been for many millennia) shared in the blood ritual called The Last Supper or it’s representative known as communion. But there are other layers of meaning in allegories like this. In Taoist alchemy you might find 12 meridians for carrying chhi or qi in the human body. If you study hard they say you can use this energy to animate inorganic or man-made things. There is the astrological 12 signs to be found in the Tarot or even the Atlantean ‘known twelve’. Then you might have noticed that Dodecahedron is twelve as well – and it could be, the whole issue of apostles or ‘twelve’ is all about this secret to the Earth Energy Grid which astrolabes like the Antikythera (6) could tie in with, to locate metals. It might be that you know about Divining for water or water-witching and pendulums; this is similar but worked on a planetary basis. I have always paid close attention to words and the potential meaning they bring forth. (7)

The fields of energy which some still refer to as Newton’s Ether are in our cells and every atom – maybe the god particle houses the collective mechanism of this energy. They say Time Travel is part of what this new proof will allow technology to develop. I think it will include complex mechanisms like the sentient robots already being developed including the human mind dumped into them, despite what Hawking said before CERN produced the proof of Higgs’ Boson. Hawking admitted Time Travel exists for less complex entities. I hope he is wrong about humanity not surviving this century on earth and having to colonize space.

When Hawking visited the deep research center located in former Inco mines near Sudbury I wondered if he had a role in the study which split a muon and energized one side to find the other half reacted. I thought consciousness in cells was proven and that Time Travel of some sort was a reality. I said so on MSN groups about ten years before the boson was proven. Many expert engineers or teacher types were against me but off site a CERN researcher gave me help as I said relativity included a co-efficient for time and that Einstein knew it. He told me Gödel had more to say on that point. (8) Now we are learning that gravitational waves might provide proof of a reality that only metaphysics has predicted or understood. If I am correct then, we will need ‘protection’ or moral guides to get us through the inevitable abuses this technology will allow. When Elon Musk speaks about doing things like colonizing Mars he backs it up with bucks. I hope his money can take on the dangers of AI and robots. I sometimes wonder if he is the agent of my energy directed through the World Mind. Almost every time he acts it is something I have written extensively about or worked at bringing to fruition.

Eating the Thalami to enhance spiritual and reproductive processes is very ancient. Sir Lawrence Gardner details why they need fresh ingredients. How ancient depends on how much credit you wish to give our animal forbears who were cannibals. Vlad Dracul was made a member of The Order of Dragons by the Church for his great work saving the Empire; do we need his kind again? I challenged one of the Elders in charge of many feeder covens for the Dragons, from Wicca. He was a gifted Dragon and other Dragons said so. I told him I would stand inside the pentagram or magic circle at his leisure and even if the Dragons appeared before me I would show ‘No Fear’; because I was sure they would only be projections and mind-fogging. He chose another method of psychic warfare. He and his gay boyfriend, who had designs on me and my leather pants, were burned out of house and home, as I reversed the energy they sent with bad intent.


We have proof of the Hobbit on Flores Island and researchers say it existed 15,000 years ago. Some even say it still exists in the deep jungles on nearby islands. Going out looking for anomalies is a waste of time unless your interest is in making money telling lies or entertaining people. I heartily recommend reading about Teilhard de Chardin in order to understand what Futurescape is referring to when they talk about using the energy of the World Mind. (9) Chardin called for a ‘conspiracy of Love’ which I echo. The thing people must engage is their thinking-cap, like astronaut Edgar Mitchell did.

How could Sasquatch and giants like the Patagonian land giant exist or evolve? What if I told you Neanderthal or the DNN of Homer engaged in scientific inter-breeding using the art or tools of vampires? Magellan and later military leaders from Britain had drawings made of themselves standing with these large people in the early 19th c.. Should we ask you why the large stone heads of black people in Costa Rica that speak to pre-Christian brotherhoods like the Olmec have been pooh-poohed? (10) Some academics still think it is sacrilege to give credit to black people who developed ships and traveled the whole earth before white man even existed. I remember when an 80,000 year old advanced or refined tool was found in central Africa in the 1990’s. It was likened to what had previously been dated to 14,000 years ago in Germany.

The abuse of technology by those wishing to manage us still goes on today. True believers still kill each other in the name of G-d (god or greater good like the monstrous abuse generated by Manifest Destiny). In fact they soon won’t even need implants to make you and your soulful self into an energy source for their ‘creative manifestations’. (11) Remember the movie Matrix? This is according to the TV show Futurescape which details technology my partners and I have dabbled in for decades. They no longer need to suck blood every night until you are their sheople. Actually they never did. The real means of what they did is in astral travel or a higher energy and focused psychic sex which you can learn and protect yourself with. I will provide people today who claim to have lead us for many millennia who also proclaim Dracula was a member of their organization.

When did mankind become aware of the soul and it’s energy potential? It was before 500,000 year old artists in Indonesia, which 2014 research and archaeology brought us from near the Hobbit found on Flores Island. This island has been unattached to other land forms for over 2 million years and has documented human artifacts from across the sea or 50 miles thereof, going back over 820,000 years. Mircae Eliade’s ‘The Forge and the Crucible’ would have been a lot more accurate if he had lived to see the Hobbit and this art.

Near the end of the second millennia BC Hatchepsut valued one dwarf or Hobbit brought to her Indian Ocean port more than any other boat loaded with any other cargo. The ritualistic manipulation of genes has a long history – at least as long as drugs. Refined drugs dated to 90,000 years ago were found in Neanderthal fires near Mt. Carmel. Gardner covers many of their historical interests and acts in this regard. Cahill’s ‘Gifts of the Jews’ has the approval of all major Christian religions and it makes it clear “Devoted Ones” are suitable for sex play, or eating, or any other need. Rasputin was trained in these arts for a short time at just one monastery. It is difficult to summarize all the books I have written on these matters.

Vampires sucking blood is Hollywood nonsense that people have ridiculed and thus think they understand vampires but they do not; the net result is a cover-up. Vampires and adepts of many disciplines can remotely access a body and have psychic sex if they want. I don’t know what it feels like to be the doer in that but I do know the other end. The Borgia remote poison is the tepaphone and a top Rosicrucian said I was probably correct about the staffs of Moses being earlier instruments serving the same purpose. I explained how copper and other conductors gathered energy and discussed the ankh. He had the design of the tepaphone so I take his agreement as something of value. I didn’t take him up on his offer to lead lectures at his Ashram because I was immersed in writing , but later on I would have and unsuccessfully tried to find him. Jasher was the staff-bearer of Moses and Moses’s sister was more adept in the alchemical arts and science than any in her day. Jasher was married to Mariae (Miriam and Mary and other variations in many languages) who is the sister of Moses and probable author of some of the BibIe. I have also seen a modern day serpent staff.

I am pretty sure the Caduceus was on some of the staffs and Moses was involved in androgynous research and genetics if, as some do think, he was Akhenaten. He ended up looking like his sister Nefertiti on many statues. I have a lot more evidence or research I could describe if time allowed. Is this why the Book of Jasher was taken out of the Bible? The top Rosicrucian was also a member of the Swiss royalty and he certainly agreed it could have been used to kill people rather than poison in a ring as academics say. Those academics cannot prove Lucretia or others got close enough to do that in every case; and the victims were aware of that danger – others were indeed doing that.

Blood carries the genes which carry knowledge like a tincture and that is why blood rituals including communion have worked wonders up to and including evolutionary impacts on hominids probably. When the scientists (many still do) said it is genetically impossible for Neanderthal to interbreed and they are proven wrong – what is at work? The Neanderthal brain was ten per cent larger without a speech lobe until 150,000 years ago. They were bigger and stronger and might have had red hair. This supports a lot of ESP or psychic thinking as well as the inter-breeding. The Portuguese baby from 13,000 BC, which I and others think proved the point. is now in our rear-view mirror.

Add to that the proof of giants, dwarves, and the Hobbit. Maybe even Bonobos and animal husbandry such as George Washington was involved with; he was part of the Masonic hierarchy but not near as high up as many others including Franklin who was on the Rosicrucian Council of Three. Franklin researched trepanning (12) leading to the Obscene Ritual. (13) He also changed the map of the U.S. after the other negotiators had agreed on the 49th parallel and Canada having Isle Royale – but these things require a lot more researching than most people will ever do. In school we are not taught to integrate across disciplines enough. But some of us are thinking and re-learning, including the following person at the University of Toronto who takes genetics or genesis thought to a cosmogenetic level. His name is Dennis Patrick O’Hara and he is covering the work of Thomas Berry if you wish to check it out.

Jung is becoming ‘in vogue’ again, I hear. Perhaps this time around it won’t just involve so little; we need a real appreciation for all that he meant and understood. Drea interpretation and projected Western values can be a Freudian gambit – Jung grew to see things few will ever admit to in the present ideologies of the West. He was able to contact the future before the First World War and it almost convinced him he was mad, until he saw his visions were right – then he knew it wasn’t himself who was mad – it was the world he lived in! His archetypes may be a contact with the genetic ‘history book’ that the Director of the Human Genome Project talked about recently when he announced that only 2.8 centimetres of 1.8 metres of a gene are required to make the human being. It might be a collective ‘tap-in’ or even the ‘medulla oblongata’ has the ability to record the knowledge of previous evolutionary experience of man’s development. Personally I feel it is a matter of some of each of these things and the factors relating to chaos and the interference of conflicting vibrations or wavelengths in the confusing array of bandwidths and personalities makes it difficult. I do not accept all people are reborn and I question regressions even when practiced by psychiatrists likeJung. I do think our soulful energy lives on in what he calls a collective but only a very few of our souls are refined enough to say we have past lives. I could be wrong.

The ‘archetypes’ and our dreams are definitely important to our discovery of what the soul and oversoul is trying to achieve. Our conscious waking experiences are far too influenced by convention and peer pressures or the five senses, to differentiate the ego’s interest from the purpose we are here to explore and refine. Is there a connection between the archetypes and the helical structure of all the naturally occurring paradigms like time, harmonic building blocks of one dimensional force, nanotubes, DNA and telomeres, etc.? Is that structure part of a form which is unique to the earth experience, Mssrs. Fibonacci and Mandelbrot? Does it have close corollaries in other parts of the universe? We are on the verge of breaking down the insights of intuitive attuned masters of the philosophies that are aware of the ego and its NEEDS. Heat-mapping of the brain at Harvard proves a lot about the mystical knowledge. Soon the Eastern mystics and shamans of the world will be universally appreciated, I hope. Their ethic is a clear requirement to explore; if we are to begin the ‘New Age’ in a position to make the most of all that can be! It might be required by other life forms we call alien before we are allowed to participate in the cosmos and its order. That would be great!

One of the outcomes and plans involved in the rape and pillage of aboriginals and nature-worshipping cultures around the world was a history that injected war into the lives of the Mayans. I can see where the Ostrogoths disappeared to and it wouldn’t surprise me if the Sybarite/Milesian faction had ousted other ‘Bruttii’ before the 6th century AD., who found their way to the Upper Mississippi area of the Great Lakes before moving south to the more extensive mounds they built. I trace the Phoenicians to Poverty Point in 3,500 BC. Manitoulin Island had mining over a hundred thousand years ago. Louis Leakey said 200,000 for arrowheads near Barstow; I do go on.

There is mounting evidence that the Basque played an important part in the Mayan scheme of things. Their language is connected as is the Rh factor in the blood. It is rare and traceable to Iberia, (the one between the Black and Caspian Sea) and the Mayan. The Mayan also seem to have lived in harmony until the Norman or other conquests were occurring in Europe. Needless to say the conventional wisdom is trying to paint them as sacrificers of barbaric proportions, but that too can be traced to Moshe (as in Moshe Rabbenue) and European influence and practice. The Aztecs on the other hand did indeed practice human sacrifice and harvesting. They respected the Mayan mathematics and science but chose the easy path to spiritual power such as Obscene ritualists do. There is no doubt in my mind that the nature and archetypes of the Mayan culture make it clear there was a long tradition of harmony and awareness of the ego and its conflict that adds so much negative inputs to our shared experience with nature. We have been told the Mayan calendar prophesized an apocalypse in 2012 – that is just another lie and character assassination to diminish prior cultures who had libraries when we burned them and their librarians. The Mayan short count in their calendar is an observation of Venus which conveys the influence of the Sun and the morning star is Lucifer if you want to explore what Luciferianism really entails. They said a new spiritual epoch like the Hindu Yugas would start in 2012 and transform our materialistic ethos.

The Mayans say we should be careful and observe our involvement with nature and the progressions of different forces. They say: “Do not put yourself, in front of your SELF!” Most people are unable to quiet their mind and keep order in their memory and recall, due to a lack of proper tools (like Ars Memoria) and the spiral of educational inputs that have no flow and fit. If we have a through-line of purpose and ethic these problems of the busy-mind disappear and a greater sense of mental and other well-being permeates our lives. The Mayan are naturally this way and if Western Man succeeds in abusing them with greed and need then it will be a greater loss in my heart than I wish to bear. The word Maya in India conveys a little of this and the mathematical concept of zero traveled from the Maya to India 150 years later. If I was more like them I imagine my decrees would happen without so much time and effort required. Unfortunately these layers or levels of energy are still causing interference as I become more in harmony but I am still a mere human.

You might think the material excellence and architecture that we now have is a sign of advancement; but the inventor of the Geodesic Dome observed the ancients did not build monuments to destroy nature and convince others that we (our SELF) are great. (14) The Geodesic Dome is attuned to the forces of wind and nature; Bucky was into attunement and ‘Synergistics’.. He also did a biosphere to demonstrate his recycling and other economic insights.


There once was a worldwide culture and I have been saying this as long as I can remember. It isn’t that I discovered this or knew it from mere common sense.The fact is humans are adventuresome and probably were a lot more so before the advent of TV; and other ways to idly spend time without gaining a great deal of soulful nourishment. I am sure I read about these things in books by Conan Doyle or Edgar Rice Burroughs. But we were taught an entirely different history when I was in school. Judging by the extreme reactions from people who read my work and attack all the scientific sources; I am pretty sure the majority of educational systems in the world are still teaching the Manifest Destiny and Flat Earth-derivative propaganda that serves nations and the bureaucrats who manage us; not so very well. The nature of prior culture was not to build borders to separate man it would appear. One of the earliest sciences that continue to bring us more proof of this worldwide culture is linguistics.

Recently a Harvard Professor found a script in the Negev Desert. The same root script is found far earlier in Australia. But that only goes back to 5000 BCE. Ogham is a hand signing alphabet among many other things including what the I Ching became. It is far more ancient as is its relative Old European from the region of Casiberia or the Caucasus. Alexander Marshack took twenty-five years to prove these people who went to Iberia in Portugal had an accurate lunar calendar dating to more than 15,000 years ago. I think it was 35,000 years ago in that area but more ancient in other places. These people are the ‘Red-Headed League of Megalith Builders’ in many cultural myths around the world and genetics shows these white people were in America as soon as they were in Northwestern Europe if not a little while before. The Moa on Easter Island had red heads which were removed by Catholics who enslaved the people and gave them diseases in a tried and tested fashion. (15) Churchward said white people came to western Europe from Mayax in America and ‘The Mummies of Urumchi’ by Barber supports that. He also dated the T-square of Masonry that is on My Stele to over 50,000 years ago.

The study of symbols and the deep meaning and healing power of mandalas will not be on many university courses. But when people study ancient languages they cannot help but see spiritual meanings and meditative or healing systems galore. Jung’s archetypes or Hebrew meditations like Unsheathing the Soul which focuses on the letters of the vowelless script letters of ancient Hebrew are both worthwhile. The design or letters also developed the octaves of music or became more understood through chanting such as the Mungo Man in Australia was adept at.

Marshack became a well-respected scholar even though he didn’t get their sheepskin. He also worked on the message sticks of Australian aboriginals.The way energy interacts or responds to other energy is witnessed in our chakras and solar body as well as in the design of buildings and the apparent chaos of the world around us. Pythagoras’ Golden Mean is one of the still important architectural axioms and he is credited with inventing the octaves as well as being able to bi-locate like a vampire. Huna is the Hawaiian language and it was recently made into a written form even though it is over 25,000 years in existence. This language is almost chanted. I really hope people fully read the following link. (16) In fact the word architect comes from ‘high-builder’ or arch-tecton such as we see the family of Jesus is identified as in the Septuagint.

Daniel Matt received a grant from the MacArthur Foundation to re-write and comment on ‘The Zohar’. He also wrote ‘The Essential Kabbalah: The Heart of Jewish Mysticism’. I think his piece on Unsheathing the Soul is fantastic! “PREPARE to meet your God. Prepare to devote your heart. Purify your body and select a special place where no one else in the world can hear your voice. Be totally alone. Sit in one spot in the room or the loft, and do not reveal your secret to anyone. If you can, do this by day, even for a little while, but the best way is to do it at night {Melatonin production increases at night-thus ‘night-worker’ is the meaning of melatonin and something craved by those who eat fresh thalami.}. As you prepare to speak with your Creator, to seek the revelation of his power, be careful to empty your mind of all mundane vanities. Wrap yourself in your ‘tallit’ and put ‘tefillin’ on your head so that you will be filled with the awe of Shekhinah, who is with you at this moment. Wear clean garments, all white if you can. All this helps immensely in focussing your awe and love. If it is night, light many candles until your eyes shine brightly.

Then take hold of ink, pen and tablet. Realize that you are about to serve your God in joy. Begin to combine letters, a few or many, permuting and revolving them rapidly until your mind warms up. Delight in how they move and in what you generate by revolving them. When you feel within that your mind is very, very warm from combining the letters and that through the combination you understand new things that you have not attained by human tradition nor discovered on your own through mental reflection, then you are ready to receive the abundant flow, and the abundance flows upon you, arousing you again and again.

Now turn your thoughts to visualizing the Name and its supernal angels, imagining them as if they were human beings standing or sitting around you, with you in the middle like a messenger about to be sent on a royal mission, waiting to hear about it from their lips, either from the king himself or from one of his ministers. Having imagined this vividly, prepare your mind and heart to understand the many things about to be conveyed to you by the letters being contemplated within you. Meditate on them as a whole and in all their detail, like one to whom a parable, a riddle, or a dream is being told, or like one perusing a book of wisdom, pondering a passage beyond his grasp. Interpret what you hear in an uplifting manner, approximating it as best you can. Based on what you understand of it, evaluate yourself and others. All this will happen after you fling the tablet from your hands and the pen from your fingers, or after they fall by themselves due to the intensity of your thoughts.

Realize that the stronger the mental flow, the weaker become your limbs and organs. Your entire body will begin to tremble violently. You will think that you are about to die because your soul, overjoyed at what she has attained, will depart from your body. Consciously choose death over life, knowing that such death affects only the body and that thereby the soul lives eternally. Then you will know that you are capable of receiving the flow. If you then wish to honor the glorious NAME by serving it with the life of body and soul, hide your face, fear to gaze at God, and come no closer, like Moses at the burning bush. Return to the physical dimension, rise, eat and drink a little, inhale a fragrant aroma. Return your spirit to its sheath until another time. Rejoice in what you have, and know that God loves you.” You can chant during this approach or not, but the whole description reminds me of what I do over and over to accomplish a decree. It works best when you have a ‘working partner’ or other-oriented focus.

Beliefnet has an article equating Kabbalah to brain surgery and it certainly hits the nail on the head. Ein Sof can be accessed like the Akashic Record in other beliefs. It contains knowledge that animals might even tap in to. I certainly think shamans accessed knowledge from and about plants by attunement. I know I have experienced these things. Here is the article. “Here’s how the ‘Zohar, the bible of Jewish mysticism’, opens its discussion of Genesis 1:1, the story of creation: “A spark of impenetrable darkness flashed within the concealed of the concealed, from the head of Infinity–a cluster of vapor forming in formlessness, thrust in a ring, not white, not black, not red, not green, no color at all. As a cord surveyed, it yielded radiant colors. Deep within the spark gushed a flow, splaying colors below, concealed within the concealed of the mystery of Ein Sof.”

Any questions?

If you think you understand, you definitely don’t. It’s simply impossible for the non-expert to make much sense of kabbalistic symbolism, which is recondite beyond measure. Yet in his new, three-volume translation of the Zohar, the primary kabbalistic text, scholar Daniel Matt has done an amazing job of making kabbalah as accessible as it can be.

Matt, who taught theology in Berkeley, Calif. until taking on the Zohar project for Stanford University Press, retains a claim to authenticity that is not common in the pop version of kabbalah. For many who claim to understand kabbalah, the “cluster of vapor forming in formlessness” has yielded not a concealed mystery but a product line: “Kabbalah Cures: Headache Relief Ointment,” made with “pure Kabbalah Water & Essential Oils”; red Kabbalah strings for $26 each, as worn on the left wrist by Madonna and other stars; and all manner of other Kabbalah “gear” on sale from the website of the Kabbalah Centre based in Los Angeles.” Is Ein Sof just another way of trying to describe the World Mind which Futurescape says we now have machinery to enable us to create – almost anything.

Murray Gell-Mann discovered the sub-atomic particle called the Quark and he is most interesting beyond his Nobel Prize or the fact that the name Quark comes from a highly symbolic book called ‘Finnegan’s Wake’ which Joseph Campbell worked on for a very long time. Gell-Mann also wrote a book that includes the Jaguar with the Quark and he is a Yoruba worshipper or student. There are well-documented sources including the BBC for them eating Thalami just as the Obscene ritualists do. If you are enjoying the vampire analogies this might add to your laughter because Yoruba worshippers of the Orishas are the basis for Voudou; so now you have Zombies too.

The Jaguar cult is the cult of Kukulcan who built the original pyramid at Chichen Itza that now has the serpent or dragon appear at certain astrological events every year – winding it’s way in shadow form up the steps as the re-builders wished. The Police or Army officials who took my film and a charcoal rubbing that I was using, told me Rosicrucians had installed the stele in the 19th C.. My lady and I were trying to get information on the stele that they had painted over many times to make it difficult to photograph, and at this point they had guards watching it. In an earlier visit I had taken photos and sent them to many Universities, but not all of the photos had developed properly. I think my interest had caused the authorities to do all this painting.

In that same visit I had impressed the manager of the Villas Archaeologique enough that he showed me his Inner Sanctum Rosicrucian course books. I gave him a manuscript I had written on the Great Pyramid. He gave me artifacts he was finding in cenotes and caves just as he had in the Society Islands when he worked there years before. We talked about Churchward and how the stele had the alphabet he demonstrated told the story of the destruction of Mu as translated through Cara Maya. He was no longer there on this second visit. I have done a whole book titled ‘Chichen Itza: Time’ which addresses dimensional travel and the work of Carlos Castaneda. The stories about Don Juan had made me certain I would find this all-important stele to center oneself on or something like it, before I went there. It is not on the official guided tour and truly is a library in stone as a stele should be. I have also written about Oak Island in one book and I was just watching a TV show on it when I saw the eight-pointed star which is the escutcheon of the Royal House of Mu according to Churchward. It is also on the paintings of Dracula which you can see. And then there is that stele on the Earth Energy Grid near Oak Island which I addressed with a researcher named Coleman and his math; as I tried to explain how a modern road is built around this Masonic stele.

I must return to Gell-Man because of the strong forces of the quark. It is said that they may be producing space-time, gravity and inertial mass — outside of protons and neutrons. Apparently this is all being done at the square of the rate that electrons produce light. And if that isn’t important enough you should know of his involvement in a worldwide origin of language and The Aspen Institute. The Rand think-tank and their social engineers have a group think technology called the Delphi Technique. I do not think there is a New World Order and I have documented how old this order truly is. The oracles of Delphi were like a newspaper selling ads as they preyed on believers – the more things change, the more they don’t. I do agree with the various religions who write about the dangers of world government and the Hegelian Dialectic. They also tell us about how evil Tavistock and The Aspen Institute are; I think religious extremism is a problem and we do need to address it. But at what cost, and why should every person suffer for the idiocy or belief these people want to foist on everyone? The cost of misogyny and war is immense. Social media has expanded twitter talk and eubonics or other symbology which uses emotional triggers to cause less individual awareness. The Aspen Institute has a paper which I am partially presenting so the reader can see what this might lead us towards and the depths to which jargon can reach.

“We argue that an application of Lacan’s ideas to the concept of focal points leads us to emphasise the integration of the conceptualization of focal points and preferences. We argue that it is insufficient to view salience as an extra or special consideration that must be in some way made commensurate with our notions of rational choice. Rather, the significance of focal points should be interpreted in terms of preferences. We argue that when an individual makes a choice, what they reveal is a psycho-social structure, or what we call a ‘structure of salience’. This is to emphasise that we wish to challenge the current understanding of the term ‘salient’ and to draw it closer to preference analysis in general. The terminology applied by some ascribes the term salience only when it is easy to recognise that the direct connection between desire and the achievement of satisfaction through rational choice is prevented by incomplete preference. That is, at the aggregate level where focal points are exhibited by the dominance of symbols in language. We argue that the connection between desire and rational choice is always mediated by language and that language itself is a structure of salience based on psycho-social linguistic relations. ” (17)

If some aggregate level of people can influence all people to behave rationally what is wrong with that? But who determines what is rational; the church or state? Is it salient for me to say – No Way Jose! If these scientists knew the ‘Green Languages’ or “Language of the BRD’s” (my vowelless last name); I would be impressed. I recommend David Ovason, a Mason who knows his stuff, if you want to learn these languages or Langue D’Oc.


Why are alien shows or aliens as the creators of the Pyramids given serious consideration? If you laugh at these things you are not alone.The Bible Narrative is an alien theory and the Cradle of Civilization origins by academics furthers the Bible Narrative agenda. The deceit crosses all manner of institutionalized law and social engineering. A top US Policy manager who was lauded by Bill Clinton before he moved up the ladder to the Rand Corp think-tank wrote a book titled ‘The End of History and The Last Man’. In it he said social engineers like himself have used “absolute religions” as tools of their trade for a long time. Egyptian priests had steam powered doors which opened on their command – to amaze the great unwashed. The caduceus was a representation of the elements and body parts involved in gene and meme manipulation. Their head pieces were shaped to direct spiritual energy to the Pineal gland and other Thalami.

As the head of the Dragon Court and many Royal families of Europe, Nicholas De Vere says Dracula was one of their Sarkeny Rend Rosicrucians. He is of the same Merovingian family I think try to rip off Shakespeare by claiming his work. The head man of the current weakened Bairds, Ovates and Druids was sent a book titled ‘Bacon and The Bard’ in which I address the facts of Bacon’s claim to have authored Shakespeare. This guy is a Baconian and did not even acknowledge my gift. Sir Lawrence Gardner was the Royal Histiographer with many other grand titles when he wrote ‘Genesis of the Grail Kings’. Nicholas De Vere did the forward for that book which is chock full of pre-Christian and Biblical history including the origin of myths like the Devil and the elixir of the Gods or Annunaki aliens. Gardner changed his tune and left the alien origin thinking and other Sitchin hype after a few years of me exposing him and that line of thought. I was not the only one, no doubt. He came in line with science and archaeology.

The father of Biblical archaeology is Professor Albright of Johns Hopkins University who correctly stated that the Bible is a Phoenician literary legacy. The prow of many Phoenician ships had a dragon and red or royal purple paint. I detail how Atlantis is not one place and how that ‘one place theory’ was a way for Plato’s ancestor at the Great Pyramid, to aggrandize themselves and their Empire as the originators of many things. The destruction and control of books like those written by Poseidonius who ordered or built the Antikythera has made us all a lot poorer. Humanity lost wisdom and discipline when they were given a writing alphabet by the Phoenicians, Plato correctly asserted. Sister Sereghetti is a Franciscan scholar who may offer some insight at this juncture so I hope the reader digests the link now provided. (18) Linguistic evaluation of vowelless words like BBL and Byblos or Babel are interesting excursions.

The Dragon Court has two of my articles; perhaps because De Vere likes to ridicule Gardner, but it is also possible that a Dragon friend or two of mine told him about me. One is ‘They Value Your Menstruum’ with a sub-title ‘The Star-Fire Ceremony’ which covers a real blood (or vampire) ritual in the words of Gardner. A former female employee of mine who was a Rosicrucian was valued for her special effluent and top leaders of the Mormon and Unity Church gave her attentions or gifts that left me awe-struck. I knew so little about these things at that time. The Last Supper shows the sharing of the blood of Jesus which included his genetic knowledge. It was drawn by Leonardo Da Vinci who is said to have been the leader or Nautonnier of The Priory of Sion. DNA research traces Da Vinci’s roots to a place in the Middle East where Merovingians originate. The Eucharist and Communion are similar memes or energy acquiring starting points for identifying weak and vulnerable people. The other article of mine is ‘Pavlita Generators’ which covers free energy supplied by ancient technology which a modern engineer could not see the source for. I think it was or is the ankh; making it a very powerful technology all on it’s own.

Bucky Fuller is another hero of mine and he writes in intense verbiage which I cannot fully grasp. Einstein had to address this after Einstein recommended Fuller’s work to his publisher. The publisher had sent the book to a number of top physicists who all determined Fuller did not understand Relativity. Imagine that! Einstein therefore doesn’t understand Relativity and he was also proposing Negative Gravity which took until recently to be proven. Sanderson calculated ten areas where ‘funny’ things happen including the Bermuda Triangle. When you add the poles as if the earth was on a skewer you get twelve like the Dodecahedron we are spending so much time on. And when you read about what occurs there at Mt. Yamoto you might not be amazed as to why this is the site of the observatories researching Gravitational Wave Theory. (19)

But the gravitational wave physicists debate long and hard about whether a flip in gravity to a repulsing force could occur or ever be proven. I refer the reader to John Horgan in Scientific American taking issue with both Max Tegmark and Brian Greene over Gravitational Wave theories. Perhaps Mr. Horgan does not know about negative gravity. Bucky writes about The Great Pyramid and two perfect tetrahedral that it contains. The energy flowing past it or inside it does not provide the same readings from any moment to another. So how can any real research produce replicable results?Just spit-balling I may be; could the top of the ankh capture energy in opposition which generates dissonance resulting in a capacitor akin to what Tesla created in his similarly convoluted form or coil? Then the arm or armature pointing down from the coil is the conductor. Tesla tested his wireless energy technology from the Earth Energy Grid location which is now the site of the U.S. Defense system at Cheyenne Mountain. Tesla said everything he did in all of his great work came from the Book of Revelations which I interpret to mean from the Logos or Harmonic – “In the beginning was the word.”. String Theory says all matter is constructed from one dimensional harmonic force. (20) I hope the reader can see that priesthoods galore are justified in trying to convey the awesome nature of reality and have failed to achieve it.

When I lived in Indianapolis I worked with a Quaker Mason and his daughter. I respect the rational educative focus of the Quaker faith but I think channeling and ecstatic hysteria can be dangerous as in the case of their Shaker sect. We came close to developing a two-way interactive service and worldwide web in the mid-80s. The modem would have been free to every house with utilities services and the meter-reading would  have been safer by far. This technology dealt with fields of energy (and used oscilloscopes in the work to produce it ) just as we are herewith.

I brought in a Mormon friend who was the son of a Mormon leader. We often spent hours talking about genetic influence and information transfer which they study and use to make people feel a duty such as he did in reference to making up for bad karma his ancestor Thomas Edison created for Nikola Tesla. It isn’t as corrupt as Scientology and their ‘Clears’, or “Body Thetans” and Billion year soulful contracts to be sure; but they do get the believer into thinking of eternal commitment. The Mormons have rituals (21) which are more perverse or focused on gaining psychic power in the Dragon or vampire tradition.

I worked selling cars while the alternative ISDN project was awaiting an IPO or during other down times. The first dealership I worked for was small and we spent most of the day talking or playing games. A classy older man of around 60 and I were talking about his wife a day or so after I saw her briefly. I had noticed she was in a lot of discomfort and almost unable to walk. In order to make a long story shorter please allow me to just hit the high points. Over two years of expensive treatment and study at The Mayo Clinic and McGill had been completed with no improvement – she was about to die! I knew he had been getting bio-feedback therapy due to heart surgery he had gone through, so I was sure his touch would be all that was needed. I told him to touch her upper arm at a psychic point. Her body jerked violently when he did it. He and a black sheep sister who was open to what I said was the way to exorcise the dead abusive father who was possessing their loved one, discussed it often. It took a few months to set up the final intervention. The Catholic Monsignor had given the Last Rites and the doctor and psychiatrist were there. They joined hands séance style and then the sister was thrown out of the circle and almost out of the window. Their loved one sat up totally recovered. The Psychiatrist heard what my friend said had happened and he said there was no better explanation. The Catholic projector of devils and the like, said no one other than their experts could exorcise a demon or whatever it was. I felt a great deal of pride when he brought his wife to see me and she smiled. He could not tell her what had happened because she was so utterly brainwashed by this cult called Catholicism.

The next dealership I worked for was the largest dealer with many dealerships all over the country. The sales manager at this dealership knew my older friend and probably had heard about me from him. He treated me with great respect, but he was replaced by a younger guy who was very threatened by me and how I refused to lie or do things he said. Mazda announced they were giving away three RX-7’s to sales people via a draw for the whole of the United States. The salespeople needed proof that their own eyes could witness about what positive Right Thought could achieve – so I told them I would win the car. To do a decree properly it should not be selfish, I think. It took about three months till the draw was held and I won! I have known many Christians who pray constantly for material things or healings. Some of them have even hit a home run once in a while. I don’t do that and have only made three decrees in my life. However, I have become more in tune with the forces, and things do happen.

Padre Pio is now a saint. (22) About ten years ago a woman who had been a ballet star contacted me and told me about his sex antics through bi-locational means. I see the Catholic Church has cleaned up whatever complaints they say had been swirling around him that caused them to cloister him. From accounts I have read he was seen in full form but without a material presence in the usual Sorcerer’s Walk variation of this siddhi. I had one occasion associated with a Hindu adept I was reaching out to, where another lady a couple of hundred miles away saw my solar or light body. It had been moving exactly as I had been doing the night before while chanting, and rocking side to side with hands up and down to collect energy. She called almost every Baird in the Vegas phone book. By the time she reached me it was apparent she had been quite fearful. I had not given her my phone number six months earlier when I moved and I never saw her again. She was memorable in that she had total body recall, and she started doing phone sex after I talked her down from her fear.

I have many stories about psychics telling me I was a messiah or part of that energy bank. I spent ten years helping out in a Group Home which was owned by a leading light in the Seventh Day Adventists. She had memorized the Bible to the point of knowing every chapter and verse or every phrase – kind of like a reverse phone book. I have a good memory and can quote the Bible, but nothing like that, thank S/He/IT! She often told people I was sent by the Lord Jesus. We had a few debates about the meaning in the Bible; and there is a lot. But I steered clear of demon talk or David Koresh and what Solomon’s Goetia contained. David Koresh said he was the person with the most knowledge on the subject. I would stand in his magic circle even if he could resurrect himself.

I used to read thousands of palms and was a good Tarot reader. I did these things for the sharing of a blessing and not for money. As a palm reader I knew I was in tune when sweat came to my brow or my breathing picked up substantially. It only happened once every ten times or so. Face-reading and body language as a salesman always helped but I stopped doing real face reading after telling of the death of three people close to me. We put my father in his grave one day after I had told him he would die two years earlier; unless he stopped working on the cottage so hard – but he said if he died doing what he loved, he would be happy. My eyesight has made little lines hard to distinguish and I no longer do this. In my humble opinion Destiny is not ‘cut and dried’ if it is even partially true. I do think you can pick up on energy or the thoughts of people surrounding the person you are reading and see ‘potential’.

It is a matter of Intentional focus and energy. If the Futurescape technology can get a huge number of people thinking the same thought – anything is possible. I had a vision looking into a cat’s eyes for about 15 seconds when I was nineteen. It was a flash of enlightenment after talking to a person with the animal magnetism associated with Anton Mesmer and Rasputin. At a psychic fair I went to get a Chromic Photograph as UCLA called Kirlian photography of auras. The professional reader started giving me the reading before I went in for my photo. It was just about the whitest photo anyone had ever seen. There was about eight per cent red for my sexual immaturity and maybe one per cent Royal Purple. There was no green or yellow or any of the colors I saw on other photos – he was right according to the photo.

Just as we have a load of disinformation or disinfotainment with vampires, the same is true for alchemists and The Philosopher’s Stone. The Catholic dogma was greatly re-written by someone who probably used his mentor Albertus Magnus’s Stone. Yes, Thomists are devotees or students of Aquinas and indirectly another alchemist named Aristotle whose book ‘The Secretum Secretorum’ I have owned. I found no mention of this book summarizing alchemy for his student Alexander in any anthology on him. Thomists are possibly the largest group of people and intellectual thought in the Catholic Church. The King James version of the Bible has embedded code from a wanna-be alchemist named Sir Francis Bacon. Roger Bacon was an acknowledged alchemist and they are often confused with each other.

I also once possessed a two volume set of books written by Paracelsus in which I found half of the directions to make a Stone in each book. Twenty years ago the head of the International Alchemists located in Salt Lake City was Frater Albertus Magnus. Israel Regardie was the personal secretary for Aleister Crowley and much more with the HOGD, a coven for the Rothschilds. He wrote a book called ‘The Philosopher’s Stone’ in which he characterized the Stone as a metaphorical tool of transformation and enlightenment, so we can forgive many students for their ignorance. Twenty years later he re-wrote that book after meeting Frater Albertus Magnus. In the spirit of transparency (23) which is greatly needed in religion and ecumenicism; I leave this discourse with a poem.


He huddles over the little bowl, I’ve been told
He expects my arrival so I am bold
I wait in a room on the ground floor
And wonder what’s behind the massive door

I inspect its’ symbols, carved complete
I recognize Bathomet down near my feet
Ptah’s T-square and gargoyles replete
A ‘spagyric’ toque, a familiar eye
On top the Pyramid reaching for the sky,

And You might wonder why, am I
Here in Salt Lake City to see Frater Albertus Magnus
The leader of a worldwide group some call the ‘Magus’.
He comes to greet me from downstairs
Cobwebs dangle from his hairs
His look and manner are quite welcoming
I feel almost like it’s my homecoming
‘Hello my son, you come, well recommended’

Before that night was therein ended
I learned the truth about ‘the Stone’
Now with means and methods known
He told me of his looking into man’s future
And we talked of ways that WE must nurture
The iron ‘hot’ to strike it, NOW!
I told him soon I’d make the’ Vow’!

However, another pact I’d make
Which led my knees to ever quake
There is truth of many things
Do not worry about ‘toe rings’
The twitching touches nerves complete
Can sense the earth beneath your feet
And lead you past your ‘vision quest’
Make you at home on Gaia’s breast

‘I wish you well along your WAY!’
The door he closed, I heard him say!
No, call for elixir of youth for me
No gold from lead are NEED for me
I wait with all, the World to see
My ‘vow’ to join soul quite FREE
And all in all, LOVE with the ‘World Mind’
For me – you might think is seldom kind!

References and further reading:

Copyright 2015 Robert Bruce Baird


From “living” runes to a hologram. Ancient technologies are making a comeback

Human civilization develops thanks to accumulated knowledge. Without knowledge and experience, there is no movement forward to progress. People make discoveries, bring them to life and pass this information on to subsequent generations. The most faithful and reliable storage is memory. But, unfortunately, it is limited to the framework of one human life or generation.

Therefore, in past centuries, when people were closer to each other, the continuity of generations was maintained. Wisdom was passed down orally: from grandfather to father, from father to son. So, epics and legends were composed. The image embedded in them was able to live for centuries. After all, only that which is felt is remembered. All events in the senses are imprinted with all the multifaceted connections.

We can say that feeling is a kind of “hard drive” that is turned on with the help of a computer brain.

In that distant era, when our ancestors lived in harmony with themselves and nature, they had developed imaginative thinking. Sounds had a special meaning because they created reality. But the means for transmitting information or extracting it from the past were musical instruments. Each of them had its own purpose. With the help of some, people remembered their past lives, others were introduced into an altered state of consciousness, in which it was possible to perform miracles.

Various folk tales have preserved the legends of “magic words” that open doors and launch flying ships. The Byzantine chronicles say how the northern people came to negotiations without weapons, holding only a folk psaltery in their hands. The sounds drawn from the strings decided the outcome of the negotiations.

Runes – the first material carrier


At this level of interaction with information, any drawn symbol had a magical effect. The ancestors called these signs – Runes. Not everyone could “work” with them. Due to the ability to materialize thoughts instantly, only initiates had access to them. For everyday needs, they used features and cuts that did not have such tremendous power. As the spiritual decline and loss of skills, it was necessary to create books, but they were so amazing that for a modern person they seem completely fantastic.

Голографическая реальность
Holographic reality

Ancient stereo books

These were ordinary pre-Christian books, which were then burned as a devilish “black book”. Although they had nothing to do with the devilry. Their whole secret was the ability of our ancestors to use bioenergetics.

Such books have been carefully crafted for centuries. Every detail of her material had to have certain physical qualities.

The text of the future book was first written down with a metal stylus on wax-covered boards, where any corrections could be made. It is impossible to write straight away. Trying to accurately convey his thought, the author “runs after her”, not worrying about spelling. The well-known expression “to spread the thought along the tree” comes from there.

Nevertheless, the main thing in the creation of the book was not the author, but a scribe who would have had imagination and such body cells that emit bioenergy. In this case, all the pictures that appear in his imagination, together with the biocurrents, are absorbed into the parchment as on a film strip. The effect of titles is created, as if hanging in the air between a person and those living pictures that the suede parchment has absorbed. For these purposes, it was manufactured in a special way. As well as cinnabar for writing.

Stereo book

Then the sheets of parchment were stitched like modern thick notebooks with a metal spiral on the spine. The cover was made of bog oak boards. Its name was engraved on the cover. To make it better read, silver and niello were poured into the grooves of the letters. At the same time, the same massive oak-copper case was made for the book, closed with copper clasps.

Ancient books
Ancient books

Incredibly, the natural ingredients and techniques used in this book produced a 3D effect. The only difference is that a modern person needs special glasses, and our ancestors developed such abilities. It’s just that some could emit biocurrents, while others perceive them. In short, living people were transmitters and receivers.

Gold and stone discs – the prototype of modern discs

In addition to such wonderful books, there were also discs that contained a huge layer of information in a compressed form. Perhaps they are “read” in the same way as “miracle books”, but it is possible that there was a certain computer into which these disks could be inserted.

Phaistos disc.
Phaistos disc

In any case, according to the first version, attempts were made to decipher the Phaistos disc, a phenomenon that made a lot of noise at one time. It was discovered that the disc contains layered information. It cannot be read like an ordinary letter.

The hologram is the library of the future

With the advent of Christianity, all ancient knowledge and skills were declared devilish, and the possessors of these abilities were witches and sorcerers. Both books and people were burning in the bonfires. In order to preserve the rest, the manuscripts were rewritten, but already in an ordinary linear letter. Of course, distortions were inevitable and the picture of past events, presented in this way, did not correspond to reality.

Pen books have proven to be a rather primitive way of conveying information. Although, for many centuries, they remained a guiding thread for knowledge. And yet, as we can see, important discoveries were and are being made as a result of practical research, often thanks to insight, which proves the existence of an information field, from where you can get the necessary information. 


Now, humanity is approaching again the stage when the need for the usual carriers of information will disappear. Everything will be transferred to a virtual memory base. But if earlier holograms were created and accepted by people themselves, now machines will do it for us.

In the event of another disaster, we will lose access to the electronic library. And then everything will have to start over. And our descendants, just like we are now, will believe that at this period people were illiterate, because they did not have a written language …

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What secrets and mysteries of Angkor baffle modern scientists?

Ancient city of Angkor, Cambodia

Angkor was discovered in the Cambodian jungle by French naturalist Henri Muo in 1861. Almost 160 years have passed, and the mysterious city has not yet revealed its secrets to us.

Angkor is not only numerous temple complexes, among which Angkor Wat is the most famous. But there are also huge hydraulic structures of ideally verified shapes and gigantic dimensions. These are ditches with water surrounding each complex, and huge reservoirs – “man-made seas” – barai , and the famous river in the valley of a thousand lingams.plan-map of Angkor

Angkor Map Hobe / Holger Behr /

The view of Angkor from space resembles a plan-drawing perfectly calculated and executed by an engineer-architect. Historians cannot explain how the Khmers managed to “bring to life” such a grandiose plan in the 9th-12th centuries, while maintaining strict geometry. The lines are well-parallel for over 8 km, and all angles are straight. It was simply impossible to do this in those days with those instruments.

Angkor has been studied not only by historians and archaeologists, but also by enthusiastic researchers, including those from the Laboratory of Alternative History. And they came to the conclusion that the ancient architects either built the structures of Angkor using the preserved secret knowledge and technologies, or restored and completed what they inherited from more ancient civilizations.

According to legend, the capital of the Khmer state was founded in a different place, but the astrologers indicated where to build the city.

Many sources mention the correspondence of the location of the temples of Angkor to the constellation of the Dragon , and in the position in which the stars were twelve and a half thousand years ago. The Bayon Temple , according to legend, symbolizes the heart of the Dragon.

stone faces of Bayon Temple in Angkor

Stone faces of Zram Bayon

Why, in the 9th-12th centuries, correlate buildings with the most ancient map of the sky? And how could they know about her? This, perhaps, confirms the hypothesis of the creation of the city on the already existing foundations left over from prehistoric civilization.

In addition, most of the temples of Angkor are designed as five-step pyramids. And the pyramids around the world were built at a much earlier period than the officially accepted dating of Angkor Wat.

Bayon temple in Angkor

Bayon Temple in Angkor. lj-user yarowind /

All the temples of Angkor are oriented with front facades along the north-south line. The main entrance to all the temples is on the east side, and only Ankor-Wat, according to legend, being built as a place where King Suryavarman II was to be reborn, has a western entrance.

The moat around the temple complex raises many questions. This is a real hydraulic engineering miracle, the construction of which required the deepest knowledge in many fields of science.

Aerial view of the Angkor Wat temple complex

Aerial view of the Angkor Wat temple complex. Steve Jurvetson from Menlo Park, USA

The channel was “calculated” and built in the shortest possible time. Before starting the construction of the foundation of buildings. And the complex itself was under construction for about 35 years, which is extremely short, given the huge amount of work and the primitive level of technology (according to official science).

A number of towers and temples reach a height of 60 meters, this is the height of a twenty-story building. In the modern world, such structures are presented as high-rise objects of increased complexity. The foundations of such structures are performed on a pile foundation using sophisticated construction equipment.

According to the research carried out , the soil was dug out under the complex and sand was poured, which was carefully tamped. A layer of soil was laid on it, or, as modern builders say, backfill soil, and then another layer of compacted sand. Or, in modern construction language, preparation has been made for the base of a floating foundation.

This technology began to be applied in practice only in the 70s of the last century. Until now, they try to install high-rise buildings on a pile foundation, since they cannot foresee all the nuances.

And the ancient builders could. Apparently, they had a lot of experience (or possessed some knowledge) of erecting high-rise buildings and structures on floating foundations in tropical conditions.

It is also striking with what precision the ancient builders adjusted and processed stone blocks. And they did it easily, without thinking about the size and shape.

processed stone in Angkor

Treated stone in Angkor

There are also quite large blocks with polygonal masonry , typical of the ancient structures of South America.

polygonal masonry in Angkor

Polygonal brickwork in Angkor

polygonal masonry in Ollantaytambo, Peru

Polygonal masonry. Ollantaytambo. Peru. Pavel Špindler

In the temples of Angkor there are columns of different quality. Some show traces of processing on some kind of machine, as suggested by alternative researchers.

Traces of mechanical processing of columns in Angkor. Screenshot. Research Center

Measurements of traces of processing of columns in Angkor. Screenshot. Research Center

But not only the temple complexes of Angkor are surprising.

Valley of a Thousand Lingams – Kbal Spien River

For example, the river Kbal Spien , which originates in the mountains and reaches Angkor. The entire river bed is lined with stone slabs with lingams carved on them.

The Khmers believed that the lingas (lingams) fertilized and purified the water that irrigated the rice fields. It was believed that it was because of this that the Khmer empire had rich harvests and flourished.

Waterfall and lingams at Qbal Spien in Ankor

Waterfall and Lingams at Qbal Spien in Ankor, Cambodia Prerit

It is believed that the construction of Qbal Spien was started by King Suryavarman I (1001/06 – 1050). and later finished by King Udayadityavarman II . (1049/50 – 1066)

The researchers were interested in this fact. The length of the river channels is about nine kilometers. To accomplish such a task, it is necessary to run the river along a different channel, scoop out all the silt, light fractions along the entire length of the river and to the entire depth of river sediments, then add an unthinkable amount of sand and lay on top not just sandstone slabs, but decorated with bas-reliefs.

Kbal Spien river in Angkor

River of a Thousand Lingams. Kbal Spean

This requires special hydrotechnical knowledge and a huge number of working hands.

The Qbal Spien bed is covered with thousands of images of lingams, which are arranged in even rows. Alternative researchers believe that the lingams worshiped in Hinduism are in fact the oldest artifacts – the legacy of prehistoric civilization. And the purpose of the lingams was not religious and cult, but quite technological, as evidenced by its unusual design.

So, it is likely that the lingams of the Kbal Spien River performed some kind of technical function, which gave the water flowing through them special properties.

Is Kohker a “pyramid of death”?

90 km from Angkor there is a very unusual place called Kahkay or Kohker. This ancient temple complex. Of the surviving buildings in Kahkai: the Prasattom pyramid temple. It is seven-step, 32 m high and 55 m long, reminiscent of the stepped pyramids of South America.

The Garuda , carved into the stone block, guards the top of the pyramid. Henri Parmentier , a French architect, historian and archaeologist, estimates that the colossal lingam, which, according to the inscriptions, was erected at the top, reached at least 4 meters in height and weighed 24 tons.

According to legend, one of the rulers of Angkor was the sorcerer king – Jayavarman IV. It is believed that he erected this pyramid in one night.

In 921, Jayavarman IV laid claim to the kingdom and then left the capital and decided to create his own center of power. About 10,000 supporters fled with him, including women and children.

In 928, Jayavarman IV became the sole ruler of the Khmer Empire, but did not return to Angor. He died in 941, and Kahkay was the capital of the Khmer Empire until 944.

The most amazing thing is that in the Kohker area, archaeologists found an inscription carved on a stone, which indicates the exact date of illumination of the main lingam at the top of the pyramid – December 12, 921, at 8:47 am (translated from the ancient Hindu chronology). And Jayavarman IV came here just a few days before that date.

Experts cannot explain how this is possible. Clear the site from the jungle, cut down huge stone blocks, process, deliver and lay in the masonry walls, raising them to a height of 30 meters, and all this in one night?

Kohker pyramid in Cambodia

Kohker pyramid. Thomas Wanhoff

Official science does not study this issue, and ancient legends give their explanation for this.

In the 9th century, a certain nobleman of non-royal blood lived at the court, who married a woman from the royal family. He practiced witchcraft and communicated with the demon of the underworld, which helped the nobleman become king – Jayavarman IV.

Legend says that Jayavarman IV turned to a certain “architect” for help, who was able to create a pyramid overnight using a magic tool. Sources call this weapon “white fire”. They could whip enemies at a distance.

Legend also says that Jayavarman IV made sacrifices to this demon by throwing people into a deep well in the Kohker pyramid. Since then, it is believed that the pyramid is the gateway to the demon world. Locals call it the “pyramid of death” and do not like it.

Scientists are still exploring the jungle around Angkor and discovering new complexes . Since they are all covered with thickets, it is very difficult to explore them.

But everything discovered only confirms the hypothesis that Angkor was built in the deepest antiquity by some highly developed civilization. And its creation is unsubstantiatedly attributed to the Khmers, just as the construction of a grandiose monument in Baalbek is attributed to the Romans. The Khmer Empire was only completing and restoring the prehistoric heritage that it inherited.

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The mystery of the ancient Chinese “magic mirrors”, over the solution of which scientists are still racking their brains

In the Ancient East, for more than two thousand years, there are expensive and rare mirrors, which are called magic to this day. Not for nothing, because the bronze from which they are made can become completely transparent. In China they were called “light-transmitting mirrors”, and in the West – simply “magic mirrors”. These artifacts are still a mystery to scientists around the world.

For more than ten centuries, this rare artifact from China has puzzled all researchers. This mirror is made of bronze, which has been carefully polished. On the back there is a molded pattern. 

The polished surface looks completely normal and can be used like a regular mirror. But when a bright light hits the surface of the mirror and it is reflected and projected onto the surface, then the pattern decorating the back side mysteriously appears in the projected reflection. 

It looks as if a solid bronze mirror suddenly became completely transparent. The Chinese name for these mirrors literally means “light transmitting mirrors.” In the rest of the world, they are called differently: “translucent mirrors” or “magic mirrors”.

Various magic mirrors.
Various magic mirrors.

The mystery of these mysterious ancient artifacts has plagued scientists since the 19th century. It took researchers a century before they figured out the technology for making these mirrors. Even in the homeland of these historical wonders, the technique of their production was considered lost. 

The secret was solved thanks to the ancient Chinese manuscript “Records of Ancient Mirrors”. Subsequently, the book was irretrievably lost. Now in the world there is only one master who owns the art of making these magic mirrors – this is Yamamoto Akihisa from Japan.

There is only one master left in the world who owns the secret of making a magic mirror.
There is only one master left in the world who owns the secret of making a magic mirror.

Master Akihisa learned about this mysterious art from his father. In their family, these secrets were passed down from generation to generation. Despite this, many of the manufacturing nuances were lost. I had to experimentally find out various details.

Many of the nuances of this ancient craft have been lost.
Many of the nuances of this ancient craft have been lost.

The mystery of the reflection of the image of the back of the mirror was solved in 1932 by Sir William Bragg. To do this, at the very beginning, patterns are created on the back of the mirror, then the desired bulges are made by scraping and engraving. 

At the end, it is all polished and coated with a special mercury alloy. As a result of all these actions, bulges and bends invisible to the eye remain on a smooth mirror surface. They faithfully reproduce the pattern of the reverse side.

Light on the surface of the mirror is reflected and refracted in such a way that the bronze appears transparent.
Light on the surface of the mirror is reflected and refracted in such a way that the bronze appears transparent.

For many years, various researchers have tried to recreate the “magic mirror”. For this, the materials were subjected to pressure and high temperatures. Nothing worked. All this only spoiled the mirror, and the desired effect did not appear.

Modern scientists have failed to comprehend the secret of the magical effect of the ancient Chinese mirror.
Modern scientists have failed to comprehend the secret of the magical effect of the ancient Chinese mirror.

Scientists have written dozens of books and scientific articles on the topic of studying these artifacts. Back in the 11th century, a Chinese scientist, Shen Gua, in his book “Reflections on the Lake of Dreams” wrote the following about this: if a bright ray of sunlight hits, then all these inscriptions become clearly visible and readable. “

Western scholars have tried to reproduce the effect of an ancient Eastern magic mirror using a compressor.
Western scholars have tried to reproduce the effect of an ancient Eastern magic mirror using a compressor.

The reflection of sunlight occurs on the uneven surface of the mirror as follows: convex parts scatter light, and concave ones collect it. As a result, the “magic mirror” effect is formed.

The art of making magic mirrors dates back to the Han Dynasty (206 BC - 24 AD).
The art of making magic mirrors dates back to the Han Dynasty (206 BC – 24 AD).

Science knows cases when such a mirror had one pattern on its reverse side, and reflected a completely different one! Scientists assume in this case that the front side of the mirror is polished, and then a certain pattern is etched on it with acid, and then polished again. It becomes quite obvious that there are a lot of recipes for making such items. Most likely, each master discovered and kept his secrets, which are now lost.

In China, the method of making a bronze alloy has been known since about 2000 BC.
In China, the method of making a bronze alloy has been known since about 2000 BC.

The bronze, from which the famous mirrors are made, was invented by the Chinese more than four thousand years ago! The oldest “magic mirror” found by archaeologists is more than one and a half thousand years old. The fact that it was unheard of in those days, a rarity and luxury is clear from the fact that such objects were found during excavations of the tombs of very noble nobles and emperors.

Mirrors ceased to be a rarity in the Middle Ages, during the reign of the Ming dynasty. Most of the discovered artifacts belong to these times.

This item was extremely rare and expensive.
This item was extremely rare and expensive.

Over the past century and a half, many researchers and scientists have puzzled over the mystery of the “magic mirror”. Methods for producing the artifact that would have been equal to ancient craftsmanship have never been discovered. World science offers the following options:

1. When casting, those parts that are thinner cool faster and the surface is deformed. Only it is very difficult to achieve this effect: only two or three mirrors out of a hundred can reproduce a magical effect.
2. A pattern is engraved on the mirror, then it is filled with bronze of a different kind and polished.
3. Drawing is done on the front side, and then covered with a special alloy of mercury and polished.
4. The patterns on the mirror are etched with acid, then polished.
5. The pattern is cut on the back of the mirror, resulting in bumps in the front.
6. The front side patterns are stamped onto the surface and then polished.

It is believed that it all works, but so far no one has been able to reproduce it. “Magic mirrors” were also made in Japan. There they were called makkyo. It is there that the last master who owns this art lives.

There is one interesting detail of these mirrors that makes them similar to modern disk storage media.
There is one interesting detail of these mirrors that makes them similar to modern disk storage media.

With all the variety of these artifacts, there is one detail that makes them all in common: a convex pattern element in the center. It becomes clear that this element must carry a certain function. Presumably in order to install and fix the mirror in the required place. Crazy assumption: is it really an ancient disk storage medium?

In fact, there is a lot in common. After all, the discs also have a certain pattern on the back. Information there is written in the form of spiral tracks, depressions that are squeezed out. These paths absorb light, and the base reflects it. 

Information is read from the disc media using a laser beam. Interestingly, someone tried to illuminate the “magic mirror” with a laser? For sure. It is believed that in ancient times they used the technology of steam generation, which made it possible to create real volumetric holographic images. While these are all theories, perhaps in the future, scientists will still be able to unravel the mystery of “magic mirrors”.

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