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Dangerous hobby: looking for evidence of alien existence on the dark side of the moon

Dangerous hobby: looking for evidence of alien existence on the dark side of the moon 1
Wiki Commons NASA

They say that on the dark side of the moon, which is never visible from Earth, some unusual processes are constantly taking place, which are not at all explained by natural causes, but by the activity of an alien mind.

Astronauts do occasionally encounter phenomena that are difficult to explain when it comes to the Moon.

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin once said that he “saw something unidentified.” When he together with Armstrong and Collins first approached the Earth’s satellite, they saw an incomprehensible glow in the porthole. Aldrin believes that this is just sunlight reflected from the skin. However, conspiracy theorists unanimously claim that he saw a UFO! Aldrin spoke in riddles, because he could not directly talk about aliens – NASA forbids such discussions and the governments themselves are allegedly already secretly communicating with aliens.

In the footage of satellite imagery of the surface of the far side of the Moon, ufologists see everything: the lunar bases of humanoids, and even their graveyards.

It is worth noting that everything comes across in space, including incomprehensible ones. But in fact, this incomprehensible is many times garbage, rocket fragments, satellites – in general, traces of human activity, and by no means aliens. Astronauts from orbit quite often report to Earth that they see unidentified objects but this does not mean at all that we are talking about alien ships. However, ufologists seize on such messages and fervently prove that this is exactly what they are.

The case of George Graham

In mid-2018, famous ufologist George Graham died of cardiac arrest. He devoted the last 35 years of his life to trying to bring NASA leadership to “clean water”. A scrupulous study of images from the Moon and Mars allowed the Scottish researcher to collect a whole collection of photographs with obvious man-made objects.

In 2014, he published an archive of 130 images from Mars, which included, among others, the remains of ancient buildings, ruins, fossil-like objects, and entrances to the inner cavity of the planet. After the publication, the ufologist received several anonymous threats against him, but continued his favorite pastime, the moon.

Man-made object on the moon.
Man-made object on the moon. 

His colleague Jerome Clark shared a photo taken while observing the moon. He captured a long (about 200 meters) cigar-shaped object that literally flew into the earth’s satellite. Later, after comparing the dates and times, Graham was surprised to find a NASA image, which probably turned out to be the same UFO.

In 2016, George Graham announced that he would soon publish a new batch of images that would prove him right about NASA leadership. In May of the same year, the ufologist survived an assassination attempt. After that, he constantly rented accommodation in different cities and even countries. He failed to publish the photos.

Large cigar-shaped UFO.
Large cigar-shaped UFO. 

However, he released small posts on the sites of his colleagues, where one could see strange man-made objects on the surface of the moon. Moreover, these devices only periodically appeared on the surface of the satellite, and then disappeared again. Most likely, these installations belong to a civilization that exists in the depths of the moon.

The soil on the earth’s satellite is porous and easy to gouge to go deep and build a shelter there. Perhaps even entire cities! Back in the mid-1970s, American and Soviet astronomers advanced the theory about the hollow structure of the Moon. If this is true, then George Graham could be right – the moon is inhabited by someone.

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The pyramid is clearly artificial.
The pyramid is clearly artificial. 

In June 2018, just before his death, the ufologist recorded a message saying that he was being followed, and his entire archive was in a secluded place. When it is found, the public will understand that NASA cannot be trusted. It is difficult to somehow comment on such statements. It is difficult to say whether the researcher was really shadowed or whether this was a move to attract attention. 

His colleagues believe that he was liquidated, as he came close to some kind of sensational clue. In addition, George’s acquaintances are still trying in vain to recreate his movements around the planet in the last years of his life in order to find the archive collected by the researcher. There is an opinion that NASA or CIA agents got it, which means it will not be published to the public.


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