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The Curious Case of Maria Talarico

by Dr. L. Rumble, M.S.C.

One of the most remarkable cases in the history of psychical experiences, one which has never been solved and which never will be solved – I do not hesitate to make that seemingly extravagant statement – occurred in January, 1939.

The European press rang with it at the time, and the details concerning it have been enshrined in text-books on psychical phenomena by the leading Continental experts in that elusive field of modern research.

Catanzaro, capital of the Province of Calabria, is built on the slopes of a rocky hill, some six miles inland from the shores of the Gulf of Squillace, at the southern extremity of Italy. It has a population of about 50,000 inhabitants, and is a centre on which roads converge from the many farming districts reaching far inland from the coast.

One of these roads crosses a bridge over a shallow stream before entering the town; and under that bridge, on the morning of 13th February, 1936, was found the dead body of a young man of about twenty, named Giuseppe Veraldi. He was lying in the bed of the river, his head badly gashed where it had hit the rocks after he had thrown himself from the bridge on the preceding night.

The police entered full details of the case in their records; the time he was found, the clothing he wore, the wounds in his head, and all they could gather concerning himself and his affairs. An inquest was held. The verdict was suicide. But no one had the slightest idea why Giuseppe Veraldi should have taken his own life.

Such tragedies, of course, occur in all parts of the world. There is nothing astonishing in the fact that this particular suicide should have happened in Catanzaro; nor is it unusually mysterious that no sufficient motive for it could be found. But wait…

Three years had passed by. The Giuseppe Veraldi case had long ceased to be a topic of general conversation in Catanzaro. Only his widowed mother and a few close relatives nursed their sad memories of his tragic death, which they were still at a loss to explain.

One morning in January, 1939, however, a young girl named Maria Talarico, then seventeen years of age, was walking across the bridge over the stream with her grandmother. They had come from a nearby farm, the grandmother to do some shopping in the town; Maria, a sturdy common-sensed peasant girl, to attend a class in a course of agricultural instruction for which she had enrolled.

When half-way across the bridge Maria suddenly stopped, gazed over the parapet, stared at the river-bed for a few tense moments, and then fell unconscious on the roadway.

Taken home by a farmer who had happened to be passing in his cart, she recovered consciousness on the way; but, as soon as she entered the door of the house, she said to her mother in the deep, resonant voice of a full-grown man: “You are not my mother. My mother lives in the wooden cottage, and her name is Catarina Veraldi. I am Pepe.” Pepe was a familiar contraction of Giuseppe’s name; and Maria’s voice was that of Giuseppe Veraldi!

Neighbours quickly gathered.

All thought Maria possessed by the devil; and her conduct certainly seemed to confirm that opinion. Still speaking in Giuseppe’s somewhat harsh voice, she demanded that her “mother” be sent for, although her real mother sat looking at her through streaming tears. Maria, however, ignored her; and whilst waiting for Mrs Veraldi to come insisted that a bottle of wine be brought, some cigarettes, and a pack of cards, inviting those around her to join in a game to fill in the time.

Given a pencil and paper, and asked to write her name, she wrote: “I am Giuseppe Veraldi.” It was in Giuseppe’s own handwriting!

Drinking and smoking, she addressed the men there as Toto, Elio, Rosario and Damiano, although such names belonged to none who were present. All recognised them, however, as the names of the dead man’s one-time boon companions. Of the four of them, Toto had emigrated to Argentina, in South America, soon after Giuseppe’s death.

At last Mrs Veraldi arrived. Maria, stopping the card-playing, said to her in what the astounded woman recognised as her son’s voice: “My friends murdered me. They threw me into the river-bed; and then, as I lay there, they battered my head with an iron bar and tried to make the whole thing look like suicide.”

Having made her statement, she got up, and before anyone could make a move she almost threw herself out the door, ran to the bridge, climbed the parapet, and fell into the river-bed. When the others, who had quickly followed her, arrived, she was lying in the exact position in which Giuseppe had been found, and was crying out in his voice: “Leave me alone. Why are you hitting me?”

The dead man’s mother cried out: “Pepe, cease tormenting that poor girl. Go away from her.” At once Maria returned to her normal state. Shakily, she stood up. When she spoke, it was in her own voice. They led her home. She had no recollection of anything that had happened from the moment she had first fallen unconscious on the bridge when crossing it with her grandmother.

Nine years later, in 1948, a letter arrived in Catanzaro, addressed to Mrs Catarina Veraldi. It was from Tucuman, in the far north-west of Argentina, near the foothills of the Andes; and it was signed by Luigi Marchete, who had been known as “Toto” among his intimate friends in Catanzaro. The letter had been left among his papers, to be posted in the event of his death.

Luigi had done well in Argentina, acquiring a great deal of property. He died, however, in 1948, and in his posthumous letter confessed to Catarina Veraldi that he had murdered her son in 1936. Elio, Rosario and Damiano had helped him; but it was he himself who had battered in Pepe’s head with an iron bar through jealousy over attentions Pepe had been paying to a woman named Lillina.

After the murder Toto had fled to Argentina under a false name, with forged papers. But his conscience had always tortured him, and he begged Catarina’s forgiveness. To make some kind of reparation he had made her sole heir to all his properties.

The police could act on this confession; but since Elio also had died, only Rosario and Damiano could be apprehended. Both received gaol sentences for their participation with Toto in the crime.

When the news of these extraordinary developments was published, not only Catanzaro, but every town in Europe whose papers gave headlines to the incredible story was set talking again.

Every detail described by Maria Talarico in her abnormal trance-like state had been confirmed.

It could not have been a case of merely natural clairvoyance. Maria was a normal, healthy, matter-of-fact peasant girl, who had never shown any signs of psychic tendencies or powers.

Nor could any merely natural clairvoyance be reconciled with her being suddenly thrown into a trance and afflicted with a complete change of personality, which suddenly ceased at a word of command from the dead man’s mother. Maria was certainly subject to some outside influence.

Was it, then, a case of devil-possession? But the serious purpose behind it all, the vindication of justice and the pinning of responsibility on the murderers, could scarcely have been of much appeal to the devil, the “father of lies and a murderer from the beginning.”

All seems to point in one direction – namely, that the discarnate soul of the murdered Giuseppe had taken possession of Maria. If a hypnotist can make a subject speak and behave in unnatural ways, there is no reason why the disembodied spirit of Giuseppe – granted God’s permission for a return to this world at all – could not have exercised some such influence over Maria.

But why pick on Maria Talarico, who had not had the slightest connection with the affair? Also, whilst many instances of diabolical possession have been recorded, where is there any other case in history in which the body of a person still living in this world has been possessed by the soul of a deceased human being?

It is all very bewildering; and one can only leave it at that.*



A photographer took a picture of an old house, but did not know that a woman lived there. No wonder – you can only see it in the photo

A Scottish resident took a photo of an abandoned building, and then could not believe his eyes when he looked at the finished photograph. From there the woman’s face was looking at him, but the man is sure: there was no one in the ruins of the house. Finding an explanation for what he saw was not easy.

A photographer from Scotland, who wished to remain anonymous, decided to arrange an unusual photo session, Unilad writes.

His choice fell on several abandoned buildings that are located in one of the parks in the North Ayrshire region. After taking a couple of pictures, he went to the studio to print them, and then looked at the finished result.


The negative of one of the photographs of the photographer

Mysticism often happens in abandoned buildings , and the case with a man was no exception. In one photo, the Scotsman saw the ghostly silhouette of a woman looking at him from a window. However, the man assures that there was no one in the building, and he was alone in the ruins.

During the shooting, I did not feel anything unusual or anything otherworldly.

Despite the fact that the woman’s face looks intimidating, he is glad that he managed to capture it. Moreover, the hero of the story shared the frame with all friends who adore mysticism and riddles.


Pay attention to the left window

I’m happy that I was able to capture something that looks like a ghost. I am even proud to be able to show photos to people who love riddles.

Many people, according to the photographer, are inclined to believe that this is a ghost, who love to talk to children so much, although the author of the picture himself is in no hurry to draw conclusions. He even looked at the frame under a microscope, but never came to the truth.

You can, of course, speculate, but the human brain makes us see familiar traits everywhere, especially if we look at them long enough.


Moreover, the photographer, according to him, does not really believe in ghosts and other mystical phenomena.

I don’t like the term paranormal. As for ghosts, I don’t know if they exist. I don’t even know how to define them. What is it? Energy?

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Camera recorded an extraneous movement in Massachusetts. And this sight is not for the faint-hearted

A Redditt user with the nickname grandslammer0891 from Mansfield, Massachusetts, posted a video from security cameras at a friend’s house, which scared him and left users in disbelief.

The author of the video explained that his friend left home by the end of August, leaving four huskies in the care of a friend. He usually visited them during the daytime.

One day the owner of the apartment received a notification in the middle of the night that the camera recorded some kind of extraneous movement. At that time there were only dogs in the house.

The video captured the kitchen and part of the living room. A dog is lying on the sofa in the right corner, and you can trace the turns of the head by its ears. When her ears turn to the left, then in the dark you can see the transparent figure of a moving person.

The video puzzled users and caused a mixed reaction from them. Some could not find an explanation for what they saw and panicked slightly. The dog’s head turns towards the ghost, which suggests that it also noticed the apparition.

“What is it, I saw it … with my own eyes. Does anyone else see this? Because it seems to me that I definitely saw something wrong. No no”.

Others decided that a man had walked past the window on the right, and his shadow flashed on the left in the headlights. Some users even believe that a live person got into the frame.

“I hope your buddy has a gun. There was a real intruder. “

Some readers agreed that the ghost video is quite plausible, since Massachusetts is full of ghosts.

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Paranormal researcher warns that Ouija boards can summon dangerous demons

Paranormal researcher Paul Marsters criticized British retailer Poundland for selling Ouija boards as part of Halloween decor. He warned that only professional mediums should use the boards, and ordinary people can summon deadly demons. 

Paul, who is a member of True Paranormal Events UK, was stunned when he saw a £ 1 ($ 1.29) Ouija board in a local budget store.

 “Ouija boards are definitely not toys and should not be available to children to buy in stores on Halloween, let alone adults who are not trained in how to use them. It doesn’t matter if they are plastic or wooden ”, – quotes the words of the ghost hunter Hull Live. 

Paul Marsters explained that people can accidentally summon dangerous spirits that will torment their victim in the future and may even lead to suicide. 

“On Halloween night, the veil on the spirit world is very thin, and people only buy these boards for Ouija sessions on Halloween, so I’m afraid to imagine what will happen when these boards are in the wrong hands,” the expert said. 

Poundland noted that Ouija boards can only be purchased by persons over 18 years of age. This item sold out quickly before Halloween due to its popularity.

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