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Cultural collapse or art revolution? How Generative Artificial Intelligence displace people

Cultural collapse or art revolution? How Generative Artificial Intelligence displace people 1

AI generated images, based on the text information uploaded by users are gaining increasing popularity online. One of these is MidJourney, which has already sparked outrage among honest hard-working artists who spend their precious time creating unique images by hand, while “artificial” images are becoming increasingly famous among the World Wide Web Users.

The main reason for the discontent is that the spread of AI creativity occurs without a proper note on the affinity of artificial intelligence with the creation of these paintings. There is an interesting discussion here: should there be such inclusion marks?

Cultural collapse or art revolution? How Generative Artificial Intelligence displace people 2

If you seriously think about the mental health of artists and designers, then you can sympathize with the hard workers of manual visual workshops, since the power of AI can really afford to create pictures no worse than many creators, which will certainly strike hard on their motivation. But on the other hand, sooner or later, the availability of AI will become more and more widespread, as the Internet once became available, and it will turn simply impossible in this very network at the legal level (if it comes to that) to stigmatize canvases created by AI.

There are more and more programmers, more and more craftsmen have a hand in creating AI, and the MidJourney project openly declares that these images were created by a computer.

And this picture is also the result of the work of the neural network
This picture is also the result of the work of AI.

Its almost certain that for a long time someone has been secretly using artificial intelligence and slipping machine-generated images to their clients as a result of manual work. It seems that this is a new reality, not yet comprehended by us even for a square millimeter of its entire gigantic area in which we have to live.

It is possible that the legally registered owners of such AI networks will someday be obliged to mark their product as created in a “test-tube” way, but, apparently, this will not make much difference. Even now, not every person can distinguish what is created by an artist from what is generated by AI. And who knows what this will mean for contemporary artists and how they will get out of this situation?

It may be that it is this painful topic for creators that will make it possible to make a visible breakthrough in human art, when it will be possible to distinguish the creator from the artificial “creator” without any problems.

"Theatre D'opera Spatial"
“Theatre D’opera Spatial”.

In September 2022, a scandal erupted when it was revealed that the painting “Théâtre D’opéra Spatial”, generated by AI, took the main prize at the fine art competition as part of the Colorado State Fair.

There is also an assumption that this phenomenon will at some point give birth to a caste of people who are supposedly able to distinguish the art of man from the art of a machine. Their services will be paid dearly, which will create value for the art chosen by these people. In general, such a confrontation is not weak and will undoubtedly be interesting to watch.

A book written by the ChatGPT bot
A book written by the ChatGPT bot.

Books written by AI are already appearing on the shelves of many stores. Would it be bad manners to read such literature? Or perhaps people and AI will form some kind of synthesis by a discussion in which they will communicate through the art creativity they create? 

Nevertheless, it has happened, humanity gives machines their most important and unique function – art! AI could soon replace first writers, then artists, then spectators. AI will create and then consume itself. And people somewhere out there, on the sidelines, will go about their business, stop watching boring sterile works, get tired of the Internet, start doing manual work and live by communication. Well, we’ll be watching.


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